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it's melody from living luxuriouslyfellas and today I am so excited to bebringing to you a black and white themedhome decor hall just in time for springso stay tuned the first item that Ipicked up that got me so in the mood forspring you guys know how much I loveblack and white so the first item that Ipicked up was this bunny this black andwhite polka-dot bunny I got it from homegoodsit was $12.99 I could not believe it Iabsolutely had to have it and I'm goingto use it in my home office to decorateand bring in some spring so I absolutelylove this and I am going to pair itbunny here and I'm going to actuallypair it with this gorgeous plant andit's one of those dry planters like thelive flowers that are greenery that'sbeen dried and so I love that and I lovethe black and white striped ribbonaround it and it's gonna pair sobeautifully with the bunny how gorgeousis that King so cuteI'm gonna sit those here the next itemwas actually a gift from very Carey'smom so you guys go down in the commentsbelow and say thank you very Carey's momlike she knows how much I love black andwhite I have such an affinity for it shebought me this amazing tea set and thecrazy thing is I have been eyeing thesepieces and home goods but you guys knowI miss Luxx for less so I'm like I don'tneed that I can't really justify thatpurchase and guess what oh my gosh itwas so amazing that she purchases sentfor me I absolutely love it it has ablack and white polka dots it has thelittle stripes and it has the hint ofgold that I absolutely love and it's bygrace team wear and I love love love thegrace team wear pieces that you can findin home goods so the tees that came withis teapot along with the trays thelittle plates and the cups and she gotme two different styles so how gorgeousis that like so luxurious tea time andyou guys know that in the spring Iabsolutely love doing teas and thisparticular set I'm gonna create a tablescape that is just for some of my adultgirlfriends because they get so jealouswhen I duties with the little girlsthey're like you want to do a tea tooso we're gonna do a teeny with theadults this year and I'm going to invitefour of my girlfriends over and do a teatime so you guys let me know down in thecomments belowif you want to be included so here's theother tea set how amazing like so daintylove it love it so gorgeous I love thesepieces thank you so much very carriesmom you are so amazing you definitelydid not have to do it but I'm so gladyou did so I love these pieces and Icannot wait to entertain at my home thisspring using Tim the next item I have Iactually had this for a little while butI don't think I've ever shared it withyou guys in a haul video but it's justeverything you've probably seen thislike all over Instagram and YouTube alot of youtubers have them but I lovethis book because you guys know again Ilove the black and white and this looksso good in my office in my home officeon the file cabinet because my filecabinet is black and absolutely loved itlook at this oh this whole page thefirst page is just a gorgeousness of thestripes I think like one of my firstvideos I did was a it was a collab withat home with Nicki on your purseorganization and if you guys go back tothat video you'll see that I have likeall these stripes in the background thepurse was blackstripes but I just think this is such agorgeous tabletop book and I absolutelylove itI got it from Amazon and I will leavethat link down below the next item thatI picked up was from Ross and I'm notsure if I share these with you guys in ahome or notbut if I did just pretend like it's yourfirst time seeing it I can't rememberI've been collecting these black andwhite things for quite some time but thenext item that I picked up is a set ofNestle Bowls from Ross I absolutely lovethese and let me see if I can show youguys the inside so that's what it lookslike insideokay these are great for mixing but whatI like to use them for is for servingand this will be perfect for my teabecause what I plan on having for thetea is just like a salad and theneverybody can kind of pick what theywant to put on the salad and I'll usethese black and white bowls for servingdishes this first small polka dot onewas $1.99 at Ross the next one is ablack and white striped one and it was399 at Ross the next one is a black bowlwith white polka dots I think the firstone was white with black polka dots andit was $4.99 at Ross and then this largeone was $7.99 across so I thought thiswas such an amazing deal like forserving pieces and I cannot wait to useit for my teeth and it will definitelycoordinate with the pieces that I gotfrom very Carrie's mom and I'm so superduper excited and I'll use these thingson a table so it's going to be so so soso cute and I cannot wait to share itwith you guys so comment down below ifyou want to see how I set up a tea forthe ladies the next item that I got is aKate Spade tea kettle and I gottaand Bed Bath & Beyond and the cuttingthe handle was a little bit loose all Ihave to do is add a screw there but thehandle is just a tad bit loose theymarked it down from $49.99 to $9.99 andyou can actually get these right now inDillard's our Belk or you know a BedBath and Beyond for the full price Ithought that was such an amazing dealand again it will be great for hot waterfor our tea or if they want coffee orwhatever they want we'll have a stylishtea kettle to match it all so I cannotwait to use this as well for our ladiestea and keeping in the line of KateSpade I went to Dillard's and I foundthese amazing Kate Spade napkins and itjust has the + sign on them they wereI'm 65% off with an additional 50% offso they were 350 and half off to 350 forKate Spade so I got six of these andthese are the napkins that I'll be usingon the table or the tea so that is goingto be so much fun and for invitations Ihave these envelopes liners that I justpurchased at Hobby Lobby they have ahuge sale on their craft items right nowso you guys definitely want to checkthem out the original price on thesewere $4.99 and I got them for 60 centseach and so this will line the actualenvelope so when they open the envelopeit will have like this cute liner on theinside and I think that it will be soskewed to include in their invitationsand I'm so super excited to send outinvites to the ladies team and then justinclude their custom liners and then Iwill probably also use these to createlike nametags for the food or food tentsfor the salad bar and then also forplace for the different place settingsas well so I think those were such agreat dealas this concludes our spring home decorhaul featuring all these gorgeous blackand white items so I'm so anxious to seewhat you guys think about this haulbecause I've never done like a themedhome decor haul so if you guys enjoyedthis please be sure to leave me acomment below and let me know yourfavorite item in this hole like for meit is definitely the bunny of coursetechnically because I haul the bunny andthen tying with thatit's my tea scent like this is soamazing so gorgeousso beautiful so wonderfulI cannot cannot cannot wait to use it solet me know your favorite items in thecomments down below I will be so excitedto hear about what you guys think isawesome in this home so thank you guysso much for watching be sure to LIKEcomment and subscribe if you're notalready a member of the luxe for likefamily we'd love to have you here allyou have to do is click that subscribebutton and be sure to turn on yournotification bill so that you won't missany of my upcoming videos I have someexciting videos like how to have awedding for less than a thousand dollarslike that's coming up I have some moreexciting hauls coming up so manyexciting things coming up so you guyswant to make sure that you stay tuned ifyou aren't already following me be sureto follow me on Facebook and Instagramthere I make daily updates I'm alsoblogging so I will leave the link to myblog down in the description box belowif you'd like to be a part of LuxAcademy I'm having a design school thatwill take place on it's going to beonline on March to 25th 2014 orI'll link that down below if you'd liketo sign up for lux Academy be sure tosign up down by using the link down inthe description box below also you'llneed to stay tuned I have some veryexciting videos coming up next week likethis one about how to host a wedding for$1,000 I think all of you DIY brides andevent planners will find this video sointeresting so I hope you guys enjoyedthis and enjoyedseeing my black-and-white inspired homedecor spring halt thank you guys so muchfor watching be sure to give me a hugethumbs up follow me on Facebook and onInstagram at living luxuriously for lessand until next time it's Melanie Cheers

I have been hauling a few home décor items around our home and noticed that most of them were black and white! So I decided to share a black and white themed home décor haul with you all today! Enjoy!
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