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INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Home Design and Decoration. With 47 Design and Decor Basics. Part 2.

hello to you my name is Jesse Johnsonthis is part two of interior andexterior home design and decorationhouse floor plans along with 47 basicsthis is part two part a part part onepardon me part one showed a whichincluded main rulesthis is b-47 basics we'll start withzero design and decorate all sixsurfaces of your house floor ceiling andall four walls and if it's a singlecircular room decorate that room all theway around excuse me number one do notovercrowd your living space with thingsnumber two symmetric um a major key toboth interior and exterior design alwaysuse cementery in all rooms number threecentralizing is also a big key this iswhere a main things of french are someof item where main piece is surroundedby lesser important pieces number fourlighting accents natural ambient ambientmeans is the surrounding environment usenatural ambient light such as sun andcandles artificial light also such asbulbs and so on but use only 100 andwatch 300 watts soft lighting you don'twant to be a stringent to the eyesnumber five use woodsthat's WOD and warm colors number sixrooms must have a cohesive look asthough everything in it belongs witheach othernumber seven use mono mo momonochromatic mono means one usemonochromatic colors such as a black andwhite TV with black and one in white andthe other end with not much shadegreat all through it use monochromaticcolors if you're gonna use green uses adeepest green to the lightest green inall the different colors greens betweenit but remember use it only sparinglyI'll show you I'll tell you in a littlewhile use monochromatic colors colorsvery simular in some rooms now let's goto eight use poly poly pol Ypolychromatic colors remember this usethree to five main colors and three tosix sub colors of those main colors butall but making certain all go along witheach other in the form of patternsnumber nine design and decorate forcomfort and mobility in all livingspaces number ten have more organicpatterns such as trees flowers animalsetcetera than geometric patterns in mostrooms number elevenmake all non personal rooms and familiesand gifts oriented number twelvefamilies and individuals get healthierin clean well decorated and designedrooms messy houses are unhealthy filthyhouses and rooms are a direct healthhazard number thirteen make sure thescale and items that you're using fityour living spaces number fourteenminimized the number of things forsmaller spaces and do not overcrowd yourlarger spaces number fifteen all colorsand items must have come outcommonalities all colors and items musthave commonalities that says this roomis definitely a living room or a kitchenor a bedroom or bathroom etc numbersixteen balance is a matekey to how the single room and all roomsas one must look and feel let's continue17 another big key used to two six maincolors maximum as an average in everyroomdo not use seven or more main colors inone room too much of a good thingnumber 18 if you put furniture or itemson a rug let the road be larger than thefurniture pieces number 19 eclecticthat's b c l e TI c eclectic that meansvery personal but complementaryfurniture items and colors that says mein e number 20 create a focal point forthe eyes a focal point where the eyes gostraight to that that main piece thatmain complex of pieces first and thenexpands outward number 21 have smallspaces in a room you like do to do andhave an area for it roughly maybe 2 feetby 2 feet or something like that for itto decorate to set the total room offnumber 20 to have an extremely safeplace and very secure and safe area forall for all poisonous and toxicsubstances in the house and for thehouse use 23 have no clutter in anyrooms number 24 if you're a woman wo man have something that says woman in mostrooms if you're a man ma n if you're aman have something that says man in mostroomsif youa family that will point me number 26 ifyou're a family then this will usuallytake care of itselfnumber 27 have a sense of direction ineach room hold on pleaseand let's continue excuse me now number28 with exterior decoration and designdo not plan every single thing 100%roughly 90 95 percent let there be alittle randomness with its exterior orinterior design number 29 in the bedroomuse mainly organic textiles that ATEXthe house and three-dimensional texturedbed coverings and dressings that can befelt and seen number three in the diningroom have cream where silverware highlydecorative plates in a case or two casesstatues and flowers real or artificialbut extremely clean for field number 31have guests use personal traffic spaceand use number 32 paintings havepaintings that represent organic realliving things life things mountainsforests trees animals you name it andlife more than sterile looking thingsgeometric things that's pretty togeometric is beautiful and pretty in itsown way but it does not give you a senseof a sense of life now let's keep ongoing number three pardon me number 33an organic house is more alive as a morealive house it represents life now 34 ifusing wallpaper use life representationsover geometric representations if at allpossible number 35if bedrooms use in bedroomssheer lace cloths mirrors double drapesone behind the other number 36 inbathrooms maximize your space byminimizing the number of items in thosethat space number 37 have only a fewelectronic items of need in your housesuch as house security electronics whileaway etc only a few number 38too many things in one room producedsubtle conflict too many colors too manyitems etc 39 don't put furniture againstthe wall physically leave one inch maybetwo inches and the maximum clearancenumber forty circular rooms are not tobe decorated exactly and designedexactly like rectangular rooms on thewalk rooms or cube-shaped rules number41 decorate and design all six surfacesonce again number 42 in main rooms usemirrors for accents number 43 in allrooms use soft but bright enough lightwhere the sunlight candlelight orartificial lightnumber 44 what era e are a what era offurniture and items do you like what canyou afford a big gigantic key what canyou afford a gigantic Keith now tocontinue number 45 if if your wishes touse ethnic accent forms because that'swhere your ancestors are from such asfrom the continents of Asiawhich has Nahyan countries Africa whichhas 54countries Australia which has threecountries North America which has 23countries South America which has 12countries which is a total of 190countries Europe is not a continent itis a political boundary only number 46use furniture from any area above mefrom any era er a era you like todecorate your house with that can befrom 1500 to 1600 69s 1779 to 1800 1800to 1900 and 1902 2020number 47 the last one will you have mehere use displays for specific rooms butuse sparingly I want to thank everyoneand please share this video subscribefor all my videos right Jesse Johnsoninto YouTube be safe and stay safe andhave a fine day

Share video. Subscribe. For all videos write Jessie Johnson into youtube. Interior and Exterior Design and Decor. Home Floor Plans. With 47 Basics. This is part 2 with the 47 basics. Of which there are more of course. Interior and exterior design comes out much better when you have a natural feel within your self for it.

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