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hi guys I'm Todd welcome back to mychannel thanks for visiting again todayand today we're going to be talkingabout a way to make more space out ofour lower cabinets in our kitchen nowI've got this product called Revis shelfand it's two levels of drawers they'restrong stainless steel wired metal cagestyle drawers with ball bearing hingeson them that come in and out of yourlower cabinets when you open the doorwe're going to be installing thoseyou'll see some of the product righthere I'll just put a little picture upthere stay tuned with me now I'm gonnalook at these products install them giveyou some video of some quickinstallation on it and then we'll reviewthem and see how easy they are toinstall and if they're really worth themoney[Music]okay guys this is before this is one ofthe the cabinet's I'm going to installone of those units in the Revis shelfwith slide-out drawers and I believe onthis one I'm going to install the doorso that the whole door will slide outwith the bottom drawer and then I've gotanother one over here and I'm going toinstall one on this side of the cabinetright here I've already got a it's notorganized but not being used the way itshould bebut this is a pullout lid rack and thenthat side we'll put the Revis shelf onthere we'll have to make sure these lidsare in there the correct way so thatdoesn't interfere with the read Michellenow I did have another one here and thisone here is going to come in handy I wasgonna be excited about doing this onethen take that top shelf out there cuzyou have to reach way under there and Iwas gonna pull make the pullout chefhopefully the top shelf you can put downlow enough so that the toaster can fitup here so you pull out the top shelfand just reach down a little bit for thetoaster but this one was missing thescrew and instruction pack theinstructions be the same installing itbut there's no screws installed orthere's no screws included they musthave fell out of the box so we'll startputting together this one up here on thecounter out I'll let you view along[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]alright guys the grab a shelf drawersthey were really easy to install take alook at them appear on the this is a repa shelf trash can't kit we've used thesein all of our houses so far we lovethese we've become used to them it hidesyour trash can you don't have a separateunit out on the side of your cabinetstripping over it and this is our newheavy-duty shelf drawer set no morereaching down to the bottom to get atrash can out or a trash pack outanymore I should say but you do havestorage down here that you can reach now[Music]so there you have it now I wasn't ableto do the second one over here as wellnow that's a lid rack right there thatpulls out I'll leave the links to allthese book below in the description ifyou're interested and I just did thisone on one half and it does work withthis door shut just opening this onedoor you can pull the Shelf out so likeI told you I was going to do this otherbig one one whole unit shelf pullout butthey left the hardware out of the box itmust have fallen out on while it wasshipping to me so we'll do that anotherday but I'm happy with these two I'mhappy with my slide out trashcanyou guys got to get one of these anywaythat's about it guys I hope you liked myvideo today with the rebel shelf drawerfor cabinets these things will save yourback in a long run and make very usefulspace instead of those shelves that areat the back of the cabinet that you haveto get on your hands and knees to getdown there to reach down there or justto even see what's in there so thecabinets were easy to install or thedrawers were easy to install and mountinto the cabtook over all about 12 screws for eachunit and it went very fast quick andeasy highly recommend good guy that's itfor now I'll see you on the next video[Music]

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Thank you for watching my KITCHEN STORAGE Ideas/Solutions. In this video I will install and review the REV-A-SHELF Cabinet Drawer System and after the EASY installation, I highly recommend this product!

I also have LINKS Below for the Trash Can Pull-Out and the Pan-Lid Drawer . . .

$50 -Lynk Professional Roll Out Pan Lid Holder:

$87 -Rev-A-Shelf – 5WB2-1222-CR – 12 in. W x 22 in. D Base Cabinet Pull-Out Chrome 2-Tier Wire Basket:

$95 -Rev-A-Shelf – 5WB2-1522-CR – 15 in. W x 22 in. D Base Cabinet Pull-Out Chrome 2-Tier Wire Basket:

$48 -Rev-A-Shelf RV-12KD-18C S – Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container:

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