IKEA Bathroom Storage Ideas

[Music]every bathroom needs storage solutionsand this is especially true if you havea large household between everyone'sskin care products toothbrushestoothpaste hair care products towelsbrushes and other necessities of lifeeveryone needs somewhere to put it allhere are eight bathroom storage ideasand designs for 2018 number one butcabinet doors to work don't neglect theback of your cabinet doors keep flatirons blow dryers and brushes of handand out of sight and a space-saving binnumber two stack your shelving createstorage where there once was none byadding some hide these stat shelves cometogether cheaply with only a fewmaterials number three find vertedbrackets install shelves with invertedbrackets for a sweet look that alsohelps wrangle loose items like a pile oftowels number four but sliding drawersunder the sink take advantage of all theroom under your sink and save yourselfsome stooping and reaching with slidingdrawers number five stack bins big andsmall stack bins to use up every inch ofyour cabinets height and save space fororganizers hanging on the backs of thedoors number sixbring on the baskets uniform hangingbaskets add polish and hidenot-so-pretty bath items we were lookingat you extra toilet paper number sevenand jars for vertical storage her rusticpalette is the perfect skinny surface onwhich to hang jars that house makeuptools plus it acts as a design elementfirst storage second number eight bybonus shower caddies next time you'reshopping for a shower caddy pick upthree one for your tub and two for underthe sink they are the perfect size ofcourse for extra bottles of shampoothat's all for nowdon't forget to Like subscribe and giveyour comment if you like this videothanks for watching and see you in thenext video[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]

IKEA Bathroom Storage Ideas

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