Room Colors 

If colors were inverted 3 our room

yeah so the first ever videos on mychannel where colors is colors wereinverted and their color over to night[Music][Music][Applause]good Legos yellow is like dark blue lookat thatif you yellow right now this is yellowright here the green the green is likepink and a pink of green look at thatlook at that the pink is green right andthere is some yo mixing with pink that'ssome turtle eggs yeah it then the pinkdidn't the green the green is peace yougot red but just being awesomewe got audited blue blue it's back herethe dejection yo in yellow yellow bluethis is the Hot Wheels tabHot Wheels connector is a marble allright we did all the other ones in darkin thereit's oh dude right behind let's look atthe Nerf darts DNARyeah we do it we have a big yellow oneit says Aggies Lucy there tangles got ablue paint well this is all right righthere in this extreme give the nerf gunsoh my gosh soonerstart bin is orangeright now it's blue in real life I thinkyou've seen it before right then oh alsoa key state goes right all to a keystrike guns oh my gosh to such firesthis sledgefire just the colors aren'tverted dad hey because there's only liketwo colors look at that get the coat thecolors are just inverted like what I'mtalking about is yeah you know wow youdo yeah this is a filter on a camera andit's pretty awesome I love it[Music]you sort of oranges blue in the bluesarts its legs face this is my Logitechum keyboard this is green right herelime green blue the rest of the wait usethe LEGO City this is the LEGO Cityyeah did we build it after thatearthquakeleast one here's all my stuff fromschool I showed you do yearbook and yeahthis is a pencil bad guy I want your bedhas a giant hole in the plastic well ohthis is Jeff odds tableit's a greed it's greed but it's purpleyour shirt is pinkso ended and a charge of black shot thenI oh my gosh it's all because I died whyI died I died because stop stop openyour mouth wide I died it's right inthere I died because it is stupid[Music][Music]that's all stop talking stop talking Jaylook the shadows are white now awesomeso this is a this is one of the hiddenexpression soldiers or posted hiddenexpression it's the solar system you seeto me that's why I've caught him youcan't really see the name but you doclearly see the earth right there yeahJupiter all you have to broaden bertatwo colors on it phone yeah oh my god Iknow it looks Hey it kind of looksnormal Oh creepy it kinda it kinda looksnormal right what my camera bunch of oddright Oh too late to black your cableswhite green is still no but you're to meVenus to green black wait wait wait putyour camera on mine huh know what it'sthis kind of normal right yeah yo oh mygod yeah Russia largest country in theworld will do itthe US is back wait wait wait waitit's normal yo it's so wait y'all gonnabe it's so right I know it's so brightguys it's so late rightwait wait oh wait waityeah yeah yeah yeah

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