Room Colors 

I got a new color wall look ( plus messy room lol)

hang on um you're new to this job thisis kinda another stuff is your nan youwhat come onso um today I knew my friend this is notwhat I saw action my parents roomanyways I'm gonna show you is that um Ipainted my roots and I'm gonna show youguys how it looks very nice and mess cuzI'm like organizing everything buteveryone's like no no I paint them likeyellow but like a little light yeah ohit's so prettyyou can tell all that mess just bunch ofmess it work but don't worryum I'm organizing everything now itlooks it looks horrible right here I'mtrying to I kind of think I'm here atthe sigh right here I don't know whatwhat to do here my hair I don't knowright here looks nice I think it looksnice to me it looks like it's nice thatbig yeah you guys look I found mypicture I don't know you don't see me[Music]right there that's me yeah it was me andI get fat my friend too but um also I donot know this look imagine the walllike cuz I don't want that how like I'ma lot a lot of life okay there's someOrioles for little pink oh now we havethat matter my room I closed it there'sno pain there's nothing there's aballoon there guys to itdamn other guys you can hear me talkweird because I'm I haven't got my mouthso like you can't tell my guys that oncea the way to describe stuff if you likewatching you like this video see younext time orcas are not enforcing ohlook look at my little dog my littlefrench bulldog I'll sit right here it'sso prettyso yeah see mixing fine

Hi I am back with a another video and this time it about my room color change

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