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How to Whitewash Cedar and make a Modern Dining Table

today we're gonna make a whitewashedcedar table now this table has kind of afunny shape but that's for a reason it'sgoing inside my shipping container houseshipping containers are rather narrowand this room is only about 7 feet widea rectangular table would eat up a lotof space that we need for walkways Iwanted a table that could sit forcomfortably and six people in a pinch soI made it about 34 inches wide at itswidest point with ends there about 20inches that way there's enough width fora big platter in the middle but there'sstill room to walk around the edgesall right onto the building we got abunch of cedar two by sixes and rip themdown into pieces that were two and ahalf inches widethanks to laser lion for the starwars-themed push stickI used the thin scrap pieces from thetwo by sixes to lay out the shape I useda chair to make sure there is plenty ofroom and then hot glued the piecestogether I placed the rip down stripsover the template and then cut them tolength with my circular saw this premiumkiln dried cedar is a joy to work withit's dry and lightweight and waystraighter than typical two by sixes Igot all the pieces of roughly laid outthe way I wanted them but now I need toput clamps underneath so I drew a coupleof lines with a drywall square so that Iwould have reference marks to place thepieces the same way on top of the clampsthese are the maker brand key bar clampsand they're perfect for this sort ofapplication they're incredibly strongand have a ton of travel I'm gonna usegorilla brand wood glue for the glue upnow the reason I chose it is because thecolor is more beige than yellow and I'mgonna whitewash this table I don't wantyellow streaks that might show inbetween some of the boards I applied theglue spread it around and then placethem back on the clamps even though thecedar is straighter than typical two bysixes there's still a lot of space thatneeds to be squeezed out and I'm reallyglad these clamps have all that travelsome of the board's want to slide upjust a little bit while you applypressure so I had my buddy Mike come andstand on the table I then applied a fewmore clamps on the ends just to minimizethe amount of gapsafter letting the glue cure I removedthe clamps placed a template over thetop and trace the lines with a pencilthe slab just wasn't quite wide enoughso I had to glue on one additional pieceall right finally ready to cut I used aruler to go over the lines one more timeto make them nice and dark so that beeasier to follow with my circular sawthis slab is just slightly over two anda half inches thick and my circular sawisn't cutting all the way through but Iwas really impressed with how farbattery-powered circular saws have comeuse my Japanese pull saw to cut theadditional 1/8 of material all the waythrough the slab is surprisinglylightweight which bodes well for theshaping and sanding process this isgreat because I don't have a planer bigenough to put the whole slab through andmy glue up isn't perfectly even I'mgonna use this power carving disk on myangle grinder to remove the high pointsfrom the top and to round over the edgesthis thing is an absolute beast watch inreal time how much material it canremove in a single pass I put about aone-inch bevel on both sides of thetable all the way aroundI then switched to a belt sander andstarted flattening the topdesign-wise I wasn't sure what I wantedthe edges to look like so I started byflattening them out to see how it wouldlook with a faceted aesthetic eventhough the glue up was a little bitmessy it only took about half an hour tosand it all flat I felt that the facetswere a little bit too aggressive evenfor my tasteso I started rounding over the edgesjust a little bit I switched to anorbital sander smooth them out a littlebit more and then sanded the whole tableto 150 gritit's important to wipe away any excessdust on the tabletop before applying anysort of stain or finish I'm using verythin stain in antique white my sisterJessie was also working on a cedarproject and we both applied the verathane with foam brushes i like to applya very thick coat let it sit for aboutten minutes and then wipe away theexcess with a rag what I like about thisstain is that it tones down the rednessof the wood but you still see the grainnice and clearI waited 24 hours for the stain tocompletely dry and then apply two coatsof Vera Thane water-based polyurethane Iwent with the crystal-clear matte optionthe legs for this project are comingfrom table legs com they have a ton ofdifferent styles and options but Ireally was struck by this modern profileI got them both in raw steel and instainless steel I'm gonna say thestainless steels for an outdoor tableand I'm gonna paint the raw steel onceinstead now these legs could be used asthey are but for this interior designscheme I need something a little bitlighter in color now I don't have apaint sprayer but this is the next bestthing that I have found I'm using therust oleum turbo cans and they have waymore pressure and spray the pain aboutfour times faster and in a really widepattern I paired these super-sized canswith the rust-oleum handle which givesyou a little bit more control these legsare quite sturdy and they have sixdifferent holes to screw through overallreally impressed with the quality so besure to check out table legs comm I'llput a link in the description box belowit's not uncommon for me to sit at adining table and work on my laptop sothat was one of the reasons why I wantedthe edges to be so contoured I love howthis table came out and it fitsperfectly in the container house now ifyou want to see the process of buildingthe container house I put those videoson a new YouTube channel that I createdcalled the modern home project if youwant to see what we're working on nextbe sure to follow us on Instagram checkout some of our other videos and don'tforget to subscribe to this channel ifyou haven't already thanks bye

This video shows how to make a modern dining table for a small room out of whitewashed cedar. I used pre-made steel table legs from TableLegs.com use this link
and coupon code HOMEMADE10 for 10% off any order.

The unusual geometric shape is because I made it for the dining room in the shipping container house I built. The room is really narrow and a I didn’t want a boxy rectangular table to eat up all that floor space. Here is a link to the video series that shows how I built the shipping container house: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnoUKype0fVkWtCleYWBT1w

I made the table top by ripping cedar 2x6s down to about 2-1/2” and then gluing them together. The MakerBrand T-bar clamps that I used are perfect for large table top glue ups. Here is a link to makerbrand products: https://makerbrandco.com/collections

Gorilla wood glue is my glue of choice for projects like this. Not only is it super strong it is not as yellow in color as other wood glues. https://amzn.to/2SBfmui

The table top wasn’t perfectly flat so I used my Ryobi Angle Grinder with a power carving disc to take down the high points and bevel the edges: https://amzn.to/2SCK9qq

Paints and finishes:
I used Varathane Antique White Stain: https://amzn.to/2Hc7vkv

And 2-coats of Varathane Water-Based Polyurethane to seal it: https://amzn.to/2SBgoGG

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