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How to Use IKEA’s Marketing Techniques to Sell Your Home (Mar 24/18)

hi they're shuttling Simon here frombeyond the stage homes and I'm coming toyou actually from an IKEA showroom andhere's the reason why I wanted to dothis I wanted to show you guys a littlebit about what ie it doesthat you can be doing in your home ifyou ever go into Ikea you've seen thefact that they kind of sell you on thewhole experience of what it would belike to buy all their stuff to bring itback to your house so I always thinkthat if I buy everything they have inthese drawers at IKEA and I bring ithome I'm going to end up just asorganized as all of these covers righttake a look at these they have so manygreat systems for organizing everythingcheck this out so I feel like if I justbought that tray and I bought thatcontainer and I bought the little slideout thing here I would be as organizedas this kitchen is I absolutely lovewhat they've done with this littleoffice desk here with the pegboard andthe containers here for storing thingsaway so here's the thing when you'reselling your home it's kind of the samething that IKEA is doing you're sellingpeople on how they think they're goingto live in their home not necessarilyhow they actually live in their homemost of us don't live like this but wethink if we buy all this stuff we willlive here that's what we want to do whenyou're selling your house we want to setit up so that when buyers come throughthey feel as though if they buy yourhome they're going to have as beautifulas a home as you're showing them so wewant to make sure we're putting all thefunctional items away you want toorganize all the clauses in thecupboards and all those hidden areas andtake all the clutter out of sight foryour buyers and we want to create anexperience for them so when they comeinto your home they fall in love with itand with the whole lifestyle thatthey're going to have when they move inso take a page out of IKEA catalog andset up your home for success[Music]

Welcome to our Around The House Tip of the Week 2.0!

In this week’s episode, Shauna Lynn takes you on a tour at an IKEA showroom and explains how selling your home is similar. Learn how to put IKEA’s tried and tested marketing strategies to work in your own home.

Video by Beyond The Stage Homes, Waterloo Region’s #1 choice for creating beautiful homes.

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