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How to use a design mockup | MINIMAL GREEN | Stock & Mock Design Set Tutorial

hello everybody this is Anna from Annaand Ivy and today I will show you how touse our stocking mock files so I justopened a file from our very new set andas you can see you have on the layoutsection the Smart Objects where you canchange the cards now simply double clickon this and new PSD file will openautomatically and now you can put layersand designs or layouts or whatever youlike inside of this document so I willmake a simple white background and thenI will just paint something veryartistic so you can say final I do itwith commonness you can save it likemanually save leave it open or close itas you like then switch back to yourbase file and now you can see it'srefreshed automatically so let's try itwith another card double click throw 5brush switch to color and then you cansee this is like counting days to ournext set will be released command s forsaving and going back to the base fileyou can see it's refreshed automaticallyyou can change these as long and oftenyou like you can put text on it likeHello with come on T you can move itaround like transform it let's make thisrightso you have this more artistic you cantreat the H let watch so let's paint ohrightso here we go come on s4 safe let's goback you can see it over here so this isit you can play around try differentthings yeah that's all I know I hope youhad fun it's really hard for me to speakin English sometimes but yeah I will tryit again so many visit us on creativemarket at our shop and on Eddie or AnnaIV calmsee you there bye

Hi everybody,

our new set is here! We combined greenery like palm leaves and tropical flowers with paper items. Hope you like it!

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