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How to Sell Your Small House | 5 Staging Tips | Huntersville Realtor Sir Ashley

5 Staging Tips for Selling a SMALL Home Faster in Huntersville | Charlotte Realtor Sir Ashley Call/text 704-775-1236

1. Clean and De-clutter
This tip is one you don’t need to break the bank on. If you have lived in a home for any period of time, you know how fast stuff accumulates. Don’t wait until moving day to sort out what you don’t want or need. In fact, thin the house out from knick knacks, extra furniture and countertop appliances. Clear the bathroom and kitchen counters and give everything a good scrub.

Tackling this might be more difficult for some than others. Make a large donation pile and throw out things broken or no longer useful. If you have items you just can’t part with like your favorite recliner, put it in storage. Opening everything up gives prospective buyers the ability to walk freely and feel like a small house has more space than it does.

2. Remove Family Pictures
For a small house, removing family pictures from walls and counters does a couple of things. It further helps to de-clutter the home, making walls and bookshelves feel more open. But it has a different psychological effect on potential buyers.

While you want the home to feel homey and comfortable for a family, you don’t want to skew someone’s view of what a family should be. Your old pictures might date the house and aren’t productive in the sales process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to toss your family pictures. Just pack them early to take to your new home.

You want the prospective buyers to picture themselves in the house, not your family. Along the same vein, remove religious items where possible to open the possibilities of buyers.

3. Open Windows to Light it Up
Remove heavy and dark drapes. This closes a room and makes it look smaller. Your home is already small. If you have blinds, take them down. Even when opened, they reduce the window area that allows light in. If you need to have drapes up, get something sheer that allows light in, at least for the duration of showing the home.

While you are removing drapes and blinds, remove dark area rugs that consume light in the home. These should be stored for you to enjoy in your new home. In the meantime, let the light shine through the room making it look bigger with amazing views of the backyard or favorite landscape.

4. Add Live Plants
Live plants give a home a feel of healthiness and vibrancy. Don’t overdo the plants so that it looks like a scene from Jurassic Park. Keep the plants from covering windows. Place them as simple centerpieces on dining and coffee tables.

Choose plants with lots of green. Be careful not to get plants that produce flowers that are too fragrant or contain potential allergens. Keep them watered and pruned to keep them in check.

5. Clean Up Outside
If you have a small house, make sure the curb appeal and useful outdoor areas such as patios and decks are open and inviting. Where possible, rearrange furniture near sliding or French doors to open an interior area up to an exterior. Highlighting the ability for indoor-outdoor seamless living helps prospective buyers perceive a bigger living space than what might really be there.

Trim plants, clear trash and tidy up storage containers sitting in the yard or on decks. Use minimal outdoor furniture. Make sure what you have outside is in good condition and is functional. Dump, sell or store anything that doesn’t add to the charm of the home.


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