How to Repair Black IKEA® Furniture Using Mohawk’s 3 in 1 Repair Stick

hi I'm Tasha and today I'm going to showyou a quick and easy way to repair IKEAfurniture with Mohawks three-in-onerepair stick mow Hut's 3 and 1 repairstick is really easy to use there are afew different parts this is the levelingcap under that is the fill stick and onthe other side is the paint marker youcan see I have two colors black andbrown because today I'm repairing apiece of furniture IKEA furniture thatgot damaged during assembly which is notuncommon and it's a very popular finishwhich is black brown so for that youneed two colors they're both excellentmatches to use the repair stick you wantto shake it to mix the paint make sureyou shake it for about 30 seconds toensure it's really well mixedafter you've shaken your paint and it'swell mixed you want to depress the tipto release any gasses and then depressthe tip on a rag just to ensure that thepaint flow is coming so I am working onthis scratch which occurred duringassembly not uncommon and this is on ablack brown piece of Ikea furniture sothere is some depth to this imperfectionso the first thing I'm going to do isuse the fill stick and to use the fillstick you just want to rub it againstthe surface of the scratch at about a 45degree angle and fill it really well youwant to err on the side of overfillingrather than under filling and once youhave filled the scratch in then you canuse your leveling cap to ensure thatit's nice and levelthen wipe off any excess from thesurrounding areas with your rag and youcan see that I still I have really gooddepth coverage but I have a little stillbit of color that needs to be filled inthere so I'm just going to do that withthe marker portion and after you rub iton just blend it with your finger andthat's it easy and quick

The 3-in-1 Repair Stick is a quick and simple way to repair scratches, nicks, dents or other minor imperfections in any wood surface. It is ideal for touching up furniture, cabinets, trim, doors and even wood floors. Used together or individually, this 3-in-1 Repair Stick provides you with the three essentials needed for the most common wood touch-ups and repairs. Quickly fill deep scratches, nail holes and other damaged areas in low traffic areas using the Fil-Stik®. Push the Leveler Cap across the filled surface to clean and smooth your repair area. Replace color on furniture edges and scratches using the wood stain Mohawk Marker.

With this 3-in-1 Repair Stick, color matching is made easy. Different colored repair sticks can be blended to create your own custom match ideal for any wood surface. For example, you can easily repair Black-Brown IKEA® furniture by mixing our 3-in-1 Repair Stick in black and brown during your repair.

Mohawk Color M319-3000 Black is a color match for IKEA® color Black.

NOTE: IKEA® is a trademark of inter-IKEA® Systems and the use of the IKEA® mark is intended only to inform you of color compatibility. Mohawk is not affiliated with or endorsed by IKEA®.

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