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How to Renovate a Living Room – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

the living room is a multifunctionalspace that connects the whole house it'swhere you come to relax and entertainwith family and friendslook at this bright open living roomwith clever design and plenty of lightit's a contemporary space that connectsthe whole home right from the frontentry like what you see then watch thisvideo follow these steps to create yourown contemporary living room this was adark uninviting space and not a greatplace to hang out with a new open planit's fresh and airy with beautifultimber finishes it's a perfect gatheringspace the key to a modern living room isfor it to connect all areas of the homean open plan extends the living room andentertaining zones and with cleverdesign it can bring the outside in andvice versa think about how you want thisroom to function and whether you want totake on a complete remodel or justupdate what's already therethis will help you establish a budgetthe creative use of timber in thefloating shelves and bespoke wraparoundstorage unit tells a story through thehome the bi-fold doors help connect theinside to the outside and extends theentertaining area making this space feelbigger we've purposely designed thisspace so it can be one or two roomswe've done this by adding shelving onone side and a gallery wall and bulkheadon the other sideour bulkhead also acts to hide our stripwriting and our blind this design givesyou flexibility over all the neutralcolor palette allows the natural Timbersto become the highlight we've paintedthe walls the ceiling and the trim invarious strengths of the same color withlow ceilings this was a deliberatechoice and we've used flushed mount downlights to keep the room feeling largefloor lamps add style and complement theoverall design retaining the originalhardwood timber floors was a must herewe've added an oversized textural floorrug warming the space and addinginterest planning and clever design area big part of a living roomtransformation the layout needs toconsider what you plan to use the spacefor family activities relaxation TVand entertaining factor in the size andplacement of your existing furniture andwhether or not you may need to add somenew things take inspiration from placeslike your friends homes galleriesmagazines and remember to make the spaceyour own structurally consider whetheror not you might need to move a wall toadd more light or space to your zoneremember you might need to ask aprofessional for help you've got yourdesign you've got your layout so now thefun begins head into store to chooseyour colors your finishes and yourfixings first up think about color thiswill be influenced by the shape andlayout of the room when it comes to ourpaint department there are so manychoices when it comes to color you cantake all of these swatches home to seewhat they look like plus we also havelook books remember that color can helpyou soar in a space so don't be afraidto go bold and before you commit grab asample pot wallpaper is on trend and isan awesome way to individualize a roomour easy flick through display makes thechoice even easier lighting can helpmake a room if you've got the spacependant lighting is a great way to addstyle and ambience table and floor lampsare also a great cost-effective way ofquickly updating a space and adding tothe design two styles that helpcomplement your existing furnituredressing the windows helps regulate thetemperature and also looks goodwe've used concealed roller blinds inboth blockout and translucent finishesfor a softer finish look at sheers solidcurtains give a heavier more formal looktie these selections in with the overallcolor palette and room furnishings rugshelp add style and soften your spaceremember when choosing your rug thatproportion is key try and choose a rugthat's large enough to see underneathyour furniture this helps anchor yourspace keep the colors and textures ofthe room in mind when you make yourchoice the secondary color in a rugshould match the main color in your roomwhile we're able to keep our hardwoodtimber floors if you don't have thatoption there are plenty of choices instore to achieve that look like alaminate timber look flooringremember you can make a space your ownwith a DIY project we've done this withthese beautiful timber floating shelveslearn how to make these in our DIYadvice section and there you have itthat's how you create a beautifulcontemporary multifunctional living roomperfect for the family thanks forwatching you plant everything you needto complete this project on our websiteor keep watching for another video

An open plan living room is a multi-functional space that connects the whole house. We’ll show you how to use clever design to transform an outdated living room into a bright, open, contemporary space to relax and entertain.

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