How To Prep Furniture To Paint

hey everybody it is sir on fromrestoring to new today I'm going to showyou how to properly prep a piece offurniture for painting so many peopleout there are just slapping the paint onand they're not prepping the piece andmonths later the paint is flaking offbubbling up and they have to redo it soif you do these seven steps I promiseyou your paint will last the test oftime so the first two steps I've alreadydone you want to take off the hardwarethat's step number one and in anotherclip I will show you how to clean yourhardware but I have got two or threedifferent ways that I use and I'll showyou that in another clip and step numbertwo you want to vacuum your piece youwant to vacuum the sides the top insidethe drawers as well all of it if youhave an attachment vacuum it out reallyreally good the next thing for the nextsteps you're going to use paper towel donot use a rag because if you use a ragyou're going to keep adding the cleanerfrom the last step into the new step andjust smearing the stuff back into yourpiece so you don't want to do that youwant to use a fresh piece of paper towelfor each step so step number three we'regoing to use an all-purpose cleaner andI'm just going to show you the steps onthe top of the piece to save time butyou want to use an all-purpose cleanerdo not use a cleaner that has oil in itbecause at that oil is going to leave aresidue and it's going to sit up underyourin your paint and it's not going to spitso use a cleaner that does not have oilyspray it on and whatreally goodand throw that out step number four youwant to use a degreaser I like k'rudKutterthat's one of my favorites but usewhichever one you like and you aren'tgoing to wipe it down with a fresh pieceof paper towel just like thatstep number five I'm going to use a 100grit sanding sponge and you're justgoing to go over the piece and justrough it upjump it up really good don't have tostand into the vein but enough to whereyou just rough it up enough where yourprimer and your paint will stick reallygood[Applause]next step TSP and you can get this atany big big box hardware store HomeDepot Lowe's it's this works great I usethis to clean kitchen cabinets when werepainted our old kitchen in our oldhouse the cabinets cleaned it with TSPand it was the best thing evermatter of fact I say if you're gonnarepaint your kitchen cabinets you mustuse TSP to really give it give it a goodcleaning as you want that paint and thatprimer to stick there's nothing worsethan having your paint come upif you have a piece by the way if youhave a piece that has like a high-glossfinish or the lacquer finish the 100grit sand paper may not be enough youmight have to use liquid sander toreally get that shiny finish off sothat's that primer can adhereall right after the TSP you don't wantto paint over this because you may notsee it but there is a residue of cleaneron here so you want to go over the piecewith water and I broke my spray bottleso I'm going to have to pour the waterinto my paper towel and you can use alittle vinegar too in the water if youwant like a 50/50 vinegar water if youwant to do that and this will get offany cleaning residue that's on yourpiecenow you think I'm gonna say you canpaint now you can't because even thoughthis piece may look dry to the eye it'snot it's not at all and you don't wantto get water trapped under your primerthat'll be a nightmareyou gotta let this piece sit overnightand fully dry out especially if you havea piece that has intricate detail likethis one here because when you get inthere with your little brush and cleanit out with the cleaner and everythingin the water that's not going to comeout by going over with a paper towel todry it it has to literally dry out ofthose those little crevices so let thepiece sit overnight if you can 24 hoursto fully dry out then you can startpriming and painting your piecethose are my steps I'm telling you ifyou do those seven steps you will have afinish that last the test of timethanks for watching please like themsubscribe my channeland I appreciate your time

Saran from Restored Into New shows you how to prep a piece of furniture for painting so the finish will last!

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