How to Move Heavy Furniture Easy

[Music]I am Don Harris with Jamison RealtyKeller Williams South Parkyou know sometimes after you move intothe house you're not certain you've gotthe furniture in the right place and soit's a little hard to move the bigpieces like a heavy couch like thisunless you use these sliders I'vealready put a slider under each of theother three legs and then put put itunder this leg and once you have asliders on the couch you can move itaround in position and anywhere you wantto in the house to see how the furniturelooks you can use this on any heavypiece of furniture including a buffet soget yourself a set of sliders and makelife easy setting up the furniture inyour new house or if you just want tomove your furniture leave your commentsbelow or call or text me because I'dlike to hear from you[Music]

Looking for an easy way to move that heavy couch or bulky buffet? This is THE easiest way to move your heavy furniture!

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