How to make Lego furniture!

hello friends what's up YouTubetoday I'm when you're posting anothervideo and this time it's gonna be on howto make two kinds of Lego furniture andyeah sorry I've been posting very littlebut um yeah I've been busy but yeahusing video that we're gonna make todayso we're gonna make a cabinet and aspinning chair and here's gonna make thechair we're gonna put one of thesespinny ups there's actually two piecesand yet it's really cool it can spinwe're gonna put it on this piece wishyou can also use as a bottom set up fora TV but we're gonna either the chairand we're gonna put one of these pieceson top of the spinning objects like thisas you can see it can spin in here we'regonna use that really cool LEGO Technicwe're gonna make these tops at this Legopiece stick cities like this yeah pushit hard and there you goand a person can sit on this piece asyou can see here and you can spin aroundit's really cool and now we're gonnawe're gonna get started on the cabinetsand here's how you do the cabinet sofirst we're gonna put two of theseshapes glue them togetherthis will make a 2 by 4 block and you'regonna put these plates on top of eachtwo of the holes on this block and we'regonna put these two pieces on top ofthis and we're gonna put these red platejust like that and after that we'regonna put one white block on top and I'mgonna put this orange top with a smoothtexture I'm gonna put it on top of thisyellow Lego block and on the bottomwe're gonna put these brown blocks andwe're also gonna put this shape too tomake the bottom even and after thatwe're gonna put this gray figure on thebottom yeah there is the cabinet butregulan made the can it stand that'ssomething so we're gonna put these twolittle wedges in the bottom on the edgesand yeah there you go there is yoursupercool cabinet make sure to watch thevideo again if you confused and maybeeven pause the video thank you forwatching I hope you liked it subscribefor more and share with a friend goodbye

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