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How to Know Which Home Stager to Hire

[Music]when I started staging 13 years agoI usually received the question what isHome Staging now most people understandor have used a home stager but I do getthe question how do I know which homestager to hire that's a great questionand one that is important since yourhome is one of your largest assets youwant someone that understands theimportance of protecting that asset andreceiving the best return on investmentfor any cost you put into selling youwant to sell your home for as much aspossible and in the shortest amount oftimehere are some key questions to ask yourpotential home stager how long have youbeen staging and what range of listprices have you worked with thisquestion is important because someonewho has a lot of experience will knowwhat the buyers are looking for whatsells and what doesn't a home stagerneeds to feel comfortable working withthe price level of your home buyers arelooking for certain things in a home atdifferent price points a home stagerneeds to know what those differences areare you insured a home stager shouldcarry liability insurance if you arehiring a stager for just a consultationit isn't as important as the chances ofthem breaking something near home ordamaging a wall are slight with hands-onstaging services or vacant stagingservices however it is critical what isthe average days on the market on thehomes you work on most stages can makeyour home look pretty but can they getit sold there is a difference betweendecorating and staging I would also takea look at the home stagers website awebsite can tell you a lot about aperson and the type of work they do youalso need to feel comfortable with yourstager are they responsive to yourinquiries and questions are they gettingback to you in a reasonable amount oftimedo they feel kind and compassionatemoving is stressful enough you wantsomeone who isn't going to compound thatstress Home Staging is a must whenselling your home and the right homestager will be invaluable in the process

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