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How to keep little kids out of your room

hello everybody and today I'm gonnateach you of how to keep little kidsthat believe in monsters out of yourroom it's very simple you just need aphone and a speaker some paper a pen andsome pillows and dress shoes to stickout of your closet so it looks likesomeone's standing there so first youneed to do to really creep them out isget your phone and then go to youtubeand you need one more phone for thisjust in case so so now you need twophones and then on one of them and oneof them search up on YouTube monsternoises and then go to voice memos on theother phone so voice memos is in heresomewhereno hmm there it is okay go to voicememos they have it on Samsung andAndroid to go to YouTube on the otherone and make sure has a good speakersearch up monster noises I told you thisalready and then find a really creepyone that's like super creepy that'llcreep the heck out of you and otherpeople so I searched it up I'm gonnaclick on this one probably scary it'stestingit's good and then so you just play itand record it with the voice memo on theother phone and then so here we go I'mgonna record it so you can do it as longas you likeand then pause it so then done and thenso just name it whatever the heck youwant I'll name it monsterso then save and listen to it it's kindof soft so it'll be better if you putyour other phone or computer or anythingelse on full volume and then connect abluetooth to the speakerit's a hide behind your door so itsounds like super scary and there's amonster in your room so Bluetoothsettings turn this on blue choose onturn this on jam box is in pairing modewaiting for device to connect jam box soonce you have it connected jam box isn'tvery mind waiting for device to connectokay now it should be connected in boxpaired okay so now you go to that voicememo you just had voice memo and thenplay it on Bluetooth so now it soundslike super creepy and it's perfect sonow you just hide this speaker rightbehind your door like so so they can'tsee itthat's right there and now just play itagain and then it'll be like CreasyI'm gonna go outside of my room and testit see now it sounds super creepy andthere you have it and then if youtotally want to keep them out just ducttape your door like this like I dosometimes like that and then you have itclosed and then you can write somecreepy messages tape it anywhere putsome shoes in your closet and to make itlook like someone's standing there sohere thank you for watching my tutorialon how to keep little kids out of yourroom

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