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welcome to my channel I'm Ranjana andtoday I am going to show you how to makethis type of glass it is very easy tomake and you don't need many things tomake it it will increase the decor ofyour room so let's get started for thisyou need something like marker somebrushes and colorsnow you name this type of glass and youcan make the design on your own withthis marker this is the matter I haveused for my glass painting these are notthe colors used for this painting youcan buy this type of colors at shop butyou need glass building color it is notglass painting color so then also I haveused it but it is very beautiful and youneed just to draw it and after itcarefully color it with these brushesthis is brush number 6 I have used thisand I have also used this verse brushnumber 8 it is very useful and you havethis glass it's very beautiful you cansay it from close this too muchbeautifulbut you can't use it I think soI have not used it because I love itvery much and by this instructions youcan make a glass just like this so makea glass and some mittens photo in thecomment section and don't forget to Likesubscribe and share my video Thank Youfriendsand I will convert new videos latter inthis week I have submitted many videosyou can see them in my channel andsubscribe please so bye for now anddon't forget to watch my videos ok yeah[Music]

Worried about your home decor ? No fancy showpiece in your home ? Make one using this video ….

This fancy , decorative and beautiful glass will increase the beauty of your room …

It’s easy to make …

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