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hey guys buying here from Viacom and fortoday's video we're gonna talk about howto change the energy in your home andspecifically how to clear energy this isa relevant topic for anyone that feelsbored with their interiors stuck may besomething just doesn't quite feel rightbut you can't put your finger on it youknow that you want to change but you'renot sure what you should buy or what youshould do the advice that I'm gonna givein this video is really the first stepof what you should do when you're inthat place III if you've watched any ofmy other videos I never advise to justgo out and buy when something does itfeel right you I think there's a lot ofvalue in taking time to intuitivelyunderstand what your room needs and alsokind of create a plan so that when youdo actually spend money you're gonna buysomething that is gonna work it's gonnabe the right scale it's going to be whatyou actually want not being tempted bysomething that's on sale but like youdon't really love it we've definitelyall done that I live in Los Angeles andI've been here for about I thinkhonestly it's coming on seven years andjust LA it's a great cityI don't really plan on moving anytimesoon so I have to figure out how to makethis work if something feels a littlestuck or stagnant I've got to change itup and this place has already been likerearranged a million times but there'sdefinitely at least ten things that youguys can do right now after watchingthis video to take change up the vibeand the energy in your home so if youguys aren't already subscribe to pleasedefinitely subscribe and some of youguys have told me that you're notgetting the notifications to my videosso please go ahead and also click thatbell in the right-hand corner so thatyou will get updated notifications whenI post a new video so I kind of want togo through the 10 steps that I gothrough just to kind of get energyflowing right in the right direction thefirst thing that you need to do issimply notice that things feel off and Icould just be a little feeling like Idon't like my living room anymore I'vebeen going through that personallybecause I've really been ready gettingready to let go of my sofa it's like myprized possession if you guys see my youknow other videos like it's a verycontroversial sofa but I love itso beautiful but I've been getting thatcreeping feeling that is not reallyworking for me it doesn't really worklike in a couples situation because wecan't smell it like that's a feelingthat has been brewing up inside of meand so the first thing you need to do isjust acknowledge that something is alittle off and I always like to takethings on a room-by-room basis if youtry to change your whole house you'rejust gonna be completely frustrated sostart with a room and notice what iskind of feeling off what is it aboutthis room that does not feel like meanymore and that's our indicator ofwhere you should focus your attentionthe second thing you want to doobviously you don't want to just go outto the store and immediately startbuying things you want to edit you wantto take away and I recommend editing inlayers so the first thing I usually dois I start with the obviousare there cardboard boxes in the cornerfrom right over there theyneed to take down to the recyclingbroken items things you don't needthings like that that's quick you guyscan do that at like a half an hour 45minutes the next layer that you want tokind of focus on as you want to move onto the symbolic so items in our liveshave meaning we pick them for certainreasons they remind us of certain timesin our life if somebody gave them to usthat person's energy is associated withit these things are not seen it's justfeelings that triggers a memory and ifit's not something that you know reallyneeds to be in your everyday presencetaking away you can actually give you alot of freedom and it's so amazing howquickly you will forget about thingsthat you get rid of the next thing youwant to do is not sexy and it's not anymagical thing you haven't heard beforebut you just want to clean even if youdon't know what sofa to buy even if youdon't know where to put your TV or whatsideboard again or whatever cleaningyour space is a way to clear the energyafter nice beautiful cleaning is I'llburn some sage and I'll just take thesmoke and I'll just run it around all ofthe room at the corners up along in thewalls everything and neutralize itnext thing is kind of weird and this issomething that my mom always told me todo you can clap in the corners claparound theowners of your room energy can get stuffespecially if you haven't changed yourroom for years some people literallyhave the same chair and table in thesame location for like 20 yearsso clapping clapping around that energymoving the chair out vacuuming under itwiping everything down that is gonnaenergetically clear the energy and it'sgonna get you reinstate the next thingthat you can also do want to clean allof your doorknobs burying your doorknobsto me kind of represents newopportunities I just think about howmany times you just touch that doorknoball the people that have come in just asweaty home forward just like you know Igot again like cleaning your doorknobsis almost like your reinvigoratingyou're like neutralizing who you arecoming in that door every day for likeseven years you know and you're clearingit I also like to clean the doors liketake a little spray and just cleanaround because it can just be like allthose hand marks on your door and I knowit sounds like a probably isn't gonnamake a difference but I'm telling you itactually really does thing I want youtwo guys to do set an intention settingand attention just means like what doyou want your life to be and my lifecurrently is this intention of like asocial place I'm relationship likewhatever it is for you maybe it's likefamily place so this is my kids room andthey just like learn and play and it'sso invigorating and like peaceful andlike my kids are calm and happy likewhatever that is for you set anattention for what that room is andthat's actually kind of like your designbrief of like what you're gonna do withthe space next thing you can do is usesense the sense of smell creates anambience I mean that's why people loveChristmas because like there's a lot ofsmells associated with Christmas bakingcookies and cinnamon sticks and pinetrees and we all love that smell youknow that smell makes you feel all ofthese other emotions family vacationgets fun break from work so using eitherscented candles or incense or whateverit's like meaningful to you is a niceway to kind of like refresh after you'vecleaned your space and yes you're doingthese things you're actually reinvestingin your home and you're sort ofreinvesting in yourself by now you'vecleaned you've noticed what feelsweird you're like something other workyou could cleared some things that holdweird energy for you you've cleaned theheck out of ityou've clapped and broken up the energythat you cannot see and it smells goodso now we're gonna take one thing andwe're gonna place something with meaningin your space so I always like to referto the future wall which is basically ifyou're standing in the doorway to anyroom in your home look at the wall thatyou see right in front of you and that'syour future wall and that's pretty muchlike your reputation your things thatyou want it's your it's the first wallthat people see when they walk into yourroom and that's telling the world andyourself what you want it doesn't haveto be on that wall but puts something inthat space intentionally that isreflecting what you want in life and youknow why it could be anything just putone thing in that room that you like itmaybe it's a lamp in a corner and itfeels right don't do the whole roomdon't worry about making a whole roomperfect just do one thing that isenhances that space but do itconsciously something that also reflectsback to your intention we've only gottwo left guys I want you guys to get anew perspective use this one withcaution um what I mean is sometimes wecannot see in our space what we needhelp with we cannot see what may beobvious to other people because we havebeen living in that space myselfincluded so ask a friend ask a neighborask somebody to just come and see thespace and say what do you think what'syour perspective on this and see whatthey say I literally just had thathappen to me I was trying with myneighbor I went to his place he kind ofwas showing me some projects he's verylike DIY and I was like come over myplacejust want you to wanted him to advise meon this um hanging mounting my TV and wewere just discussing air conditionersbecause it's hot up in my place it's hotI've got air conditioning in my bedroombut none in the living room or diningroom because I have in dough's with alot of window panes they're all casementwindows and so there's like I can'treally put a like a air conditioner inthem and then I was we're just in thedining room and I'm like he's like oh noyou can just breaklaughs and put the air conditioner inthere just like in a bedroom so when Imoved in it was already in a bedroom Iwas like oh my god oh my god you justliterally changed my life I'm buying airconditioner tomorrow and it's going inthe dining room and I'm gonna be livinglike a queenso getting a fresh perspective whetherit's working with a dead interiordesigner working with me having a friendover and just saying you have any advicefor me what do you think or how does itfeel that can actually introduce newideas that you never concerned before sothose new ideas are new fresh energy andthen you can do something new and funthat's gonna change your life okay andthe very very last one is notice whatyou like and I love to use Pinterestthat is a huge tool for me just to keeptrack of ideas that I have examples andalso like resources when I'm looking fordifferent furnishings for my room we'vegot some beeping outside for some stupidcar alarm but just start noticing whatare the trends if you I like to usePinterest because you can put a lot ofideas into one location and then you cankind of notice if there's a theme likedo you keep being attracted to the samestyle of furniture are there similarcolors like are all the walls superwhite like when you start to notice whatyou keep choosing that's gonna give youmore insight on your long term goals forchanging your design and doing a newplan that it's going to suit the new youI hope this video was interesting I hopeit's useful and I hope you guys willactually try some of these maybe evenafter watching this video if you guyswant to check out some my other videos Iwill link them at the end of this soplease definitely subscribe if youhaven't already and remember to hit thatnotification bell so that you guys seemy new videos and I don't know if youknow I have a freestyle quiz which Iactually put a lot of time and effortinto it and it will tell you what yourdecorating style is and on top of that Icreated a custom Pinterest board foreach style that's gonna haveinspirational images and product imagesof things that fit into that style alongwith like stores that your style isgoing to be associated with so if you'rea person that does want to make theirhome look better and you do likeinterior design but you're not reallysure where to startit is honestly a good place to startbecause it's it'll help you understandyour style how to create a cohesive lookso let that be a great first step if youwill and thank you guys so much forwatching and I will talk to you againsoon I

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