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How To Assemble Metal Dining Room Chairs – Dining Room Update

hey we're gonna call this the diningroom update so finally we have reachedthe point where we were able to upgradeour dining room chairs so previouslywe've been using these folding chairs itworked fine totally fine but finally wehave the actual chairs that we're goingto stay with for the foreseeable futurethese guys so we're gonna show you thequick assembly process which is so easyOly and maple can do this hard job thereyou go Olli here's your tool you need soyou only need this one tool and then youstart by taking out those screws aroundthe edge of the chair the Assemblies onthese things very easy because you havethe top part of the chair and the bottompart of the chair and that's it and theyship these these bolts they're an Allenbolt they ship them attach in the chairand you just have to spin them out yepkeep going until it comes out but thendon't lose itnow these taller chairs here they'reactually barstools and these are gonnago over here next to the peninsula whatwe actually discovered is that they areactually of almost the right height towork as a toddler chair they're a littlebit tall but I think they're gonna workalright they give about three inches ofspace underneath that bottom rail at thetable and these particular chairs arepoly and bark is the company and the barstools themselves were Kristi's homeliving I think that's right either waythough I will link to them in thedescription below the exact same tearsthat we purchasedso you can't take much above there inthese holes only season you have alsowhich it was really easy for me becauseI didn't have to do it then you take theback of the chair alright so then you goahead and take your allen bolts okayyou guys are gonna be needing them in asecond so don't okay can I have oneplease people thank you all right nowwe're gonna putting this one on theother side right here bandit fish do nottighten them down[Music][Applause]come put them in the back I need thosebolts right here on the backsideyep get one - maple alright so righthere on the on the back we got two moreto put in give them a finger yeah let meget started for you maple media startwith your fingers can you turn some workalright go with the tool now oh it'sover there on the table[Music]so you get them all started before youtighten any of them down fully thesedown okay there's one in that bag overthere this makes a great family activityas you can see okay go ahead I reallyappreciate that this end this tool withit just makes the process pretty simplejust to being able to put everythingtogether with one little tool and nothaving to get a bunch of tools it'spretty terrific so that's pretty muchthe assembly process is the same forthese here barstools and the qualityseems better than expected I would sayI'll be around two hundred pounds and Ican stand on the top of these andthere's not much shifting or deflectionat allso I'm pretty impressed and the samething goes for the post for the chairsthey're just really good quality for themoney the chairs were around twentytwenty-five to thirty dollars a pieceand these barstools were a little bitmore I think they were closer to 35dollars a piece but really reasonablefor what you're getting and with metalchairs you're never going to have aproblem with them really coming loosepotentially you might have to tightenthose allen bolts up again in the futurebut overall really solid product and wereally like the look with our distressedtable here so I just finished redoingthis table here week or so ago and itturned out pretty decent I hit thatthumbs up button if you want to learnmore about how I made this pattern on ityou can kind of see anyway it's gonna benice to get rid of the old stuff hereand I just have something that's kind offresh and you know they kind of look oldalready anyway but they are pretty uhprettyI think they'll fit well with what wehave going on here I guess we're goingfor a kind of the modern farmhouselook we do live way out in the countryand so the kind of suits the area welive in the window here in case younotice this this is temporary we do nothave the trim on around the windows yetas you can see so I just took some oldtwo-by-fours that were laying out in theforest or the grove and cut them up andit's our spot for starting tomatoes soour tomatoes are beginning to grow sowe're looking forward to to summer asyou can see it's very summer lookinglike outside actually it's technicallythe first day of spring can't rememberanyway thanks so much for watching andwe'll talk to you in the next video whatdo you guys say anyway yeah thanks forwatching and if you have any otherquestions lots of people have voicesaround here if you have any otherquestions about stuff in the house orthings that we've done herejust go ahead and comment down below andmove do our best to answer thosequestions in a future video okay guyssee you byeokay let's gonna skip that stuff okayalright see ya

Metal Bar Stools: http://amzn.to/2ucUNgO
Metal Dining Room Chairs: http://amzn.to/2pwEXI0

Quick video showing how metal dining room chairs are assembled and an update on our little dining room. More of a “just for fun” sort of video.

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