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How soon should I start working on staging my home before selling?

when's the best time to start thestaging process of a home when you'rethinking about selling a property you'regonna want to watch this to find out[Music]well the sooner in the process thebetter on that one unfortunately I'vehad circumstances where sellers haveundertaken really expensive projectsthat they probably didn't need to doknow I which nobody wants to do that sothe best approach are the one that Ilike to implement is take a look at thebudget how much money do we haveavailable to prep a property for saleand then let's prioritize projects basedon that the other thing that I'dstrongly encourage though early on is apaint consultation paint color is isvital a warm neutral not white but awarm neutral is essential to creatingthat invitation to buy when yourproperty is coming up it's an activelisting it makes absolute sense and soguys we're going to give you a couple ofexamples of a property that Lynne stagedhelped with the the shots are of theliving room and the difference thatstaging can make so hang on one sec herethey come up first you're going to seethe unstaged room and you know that's apretty typical our MLS photo that you'llsee when looking at a home and if wejust change that out next you're goingto see what happens after it's beenstaged and in how warm and inviting inopen it feels totally the same room it'sthe same dimensions it's the same carpetthe same paint but it's been staged andit's much more inviting and let's showyou the other example here from adifferent angle there's the on stageroom let's switch over to the thestate's trim and you can see it'snoticeable how I'm much more inviting itis so that's Lynne's handiwork she's anexpert at it she knows what she's doingand you know as soon as you guys thinkthat you'restart to consider the idea selling it'sa good idea to have Len come out and youneed to get a hold of me so we can getLinh out there and I'm going to giveLinds contact information in a commentbelow then it'll be a link to get to ourwebsite so you can contact her click onthe commentslook for the link when you're readyreach out to Lynn but do it soonerrather than later because the more timeLynn has to work with you the better theresults are going to be and thank youfor watching we hope this wasinformational please call or email textwhatever if you have any questionsthanks very much[Music]

When exactly should someone start working on staging their home to sell? Check out what Lynn Stanek of Ambience Staging and Design has to say!

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