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How Reality TV shows create a skewed perception of the Interior Design profession to the public.

[Music]reality-tv design shows art everywherepeople all over the world have beenwatching home Renault shows with theappreciation of beautiful spacesexcitement occurs with the notion of newpossibilities because well what's notlove about being surrounded by beautifulspaces however reality TV is said to bethe Photoshop of the design processcreating an array of misconceptions fromthe public about the profession ofinterior design and the design processthose undertaken with any projectsprobably the biggest thing that we findis that people are watching the blockand you've got a whole transformationthat happens within a week but the thingthey don't realize is behind the scenesyou've got ninety five trades that areworking around them around the clock itreally does create a unrealisticexpectation of what is achievable andhow long things do take on reality TVshows are carefully constructednarratives that involves groups and aplanned out storyline they present anextremely condensed version of thedesign process so behind oh I guessevery design there's a lot ofpreparation it goes into it so you'vegot all of your drawings all of yourplanning your architectural drawingsprocess like I can take anywhere betweensort of three months to twelve monthsjust to do a a planning stage of it youdon't see any of that or any of those TVshows in 2014jalinda grams from curb appeal the blockstated that an architect designersketched the planned improvements priorto any shooting instead shows crampweeks and months worth of brenardsall within one hour when in realityprojects can take months even years whenincluding the initial stages of clientconsultations and planningif there's something more like a softreefer that can take on sort of three tofour months if it's something whereyou've got kitchens and bathroomsinvolved it can take sort of six totwelve months and if it's a fullrenovation it can take anywhere twelvemonths two years the simple fastaffordable design packages that TV showspresent create a skewed portrayal of thedesign process making the average viewerbelieve that projects can be donequickly we have a lot of people that docall them they expect they can call andsay we want this done and they expectthey're gonna have it that week probablysay it's quite an ongoing issue with ourclients that's a complication from TVshows they watch TV shows put anunrealistic cost on projects bystripping away the price of labor whichis a massive part of the budget thereare also just one big advertisingopportunity where sponsors help fund alarge portion of this budget and youalso have a lot of people that didn'texpect they can just do it themselvesthere is an ongoing trend of designenthusiasts labeling themselves asdesign experts after a little bit ofexperience inflicting the professionhowever they lack an abundant ofknowledge and it undermines the skillsof professionals were four years ofstudy behind them[Music]so being an interior designer isn't justchoosing finishes colors and fabrics itinvolves an extremely in-depth processthat reality-tv chooses not to displayto the public[Music][Music]

How Reality TV shows create a skewed perception of the Interior Design profession to the public.

Professional Studies, 2018.

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