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How Home Staging Can Make or Break a Listing

in this video you're going to learn theinside scoop about Home Staging anddesign from our expert raychel Borelliof diverse designs today's tips areactually must dues in today's marketwe're also going to let you in on thefastest-growing home trend that can helptransform your space and impact yourenjoyment whether you're thinking ofselling or not[Music]Rachel we're all about deliveringmassive value here so let's just jumpright into question a lot of people aregonna have how does stagers either helppeople save money or make them moremoney okay we do both we can help peoplesave money and we can help people makemoney so the way that we help peoplesave money is by coming into the homeright before they're about to sell andwe can tell them exactly what they needto do did prepare the home so they don'twaste any time and they don't wastemoney fixing things that maybe aren'timportant to the the buyer at this timewe use the example of the kitchen whereyou get the best rate of return ifthat's what you update or that's whatyou change and they often use theexample of handles sometimes you don'thave to change the cabinet doorssometimes you just need to change thehardware so for $20 at Home Depot orsomething like that the rate of returncould be you know 20 30 40 50 percentyou know on the house just with all thelittle bits not just that so that's theexample on the saving side on that whatabout on the revenue side so on therevenue side the statistics have shownand I although the statistics do varythey range between six and twentypercent an increasing value of theoverall price of the home when you bringa stager in yeah yeah that's incredibleand we can certainly attest to that aswell our stats for calculus Tate Boardwere polled and they found that we sellmore than 96 percent of other agents andour home sell forty eight percent fasterand for one hundred point seven percentof the purchase price that a big part ofthat reason for that is working with youas a state church so it definitely worksyeswe're believers so we're gonna launch aproperty we're gonna put it on to themarket before we take pictures or doopen houses or anything like that webring you in what's what are you lookingfor when you when you step into thehouse so there's a couple of things thatI look at okay look at the best featuresof the home and try and look at thespace and see how are we going tohighlight that so that the potentialbuyer is going through a home will seeit rightas well and I looked at what's in thehome if it's a furnished property thatwe look at what we already have to workwith and what will highlight thefeatures I look at the space itself andhow will the space look as spacious aspossible in the MLS pictures in all themarketing print and on online and Ilooked on how to modernize it if that'swhat's necessary as well so sometimes itcould be a senior that's moving out thathas all their treasures around them butwe want to try and modernize it so thatthe buyer can see that they can updateit as well so that's the things I lookat okay so is this something people canjust do themselves well as aprofessional trainer in stager as aprofessional stager we stay educated westay part of an association which helpsus to continue our education andlearning what's important to the buyersyou know what was important to a buyerten years ago it's not important to abuyer today the other thing we look atis who's moving into the neighborhoodwhat demographics are moving into theneighborhood and you share that with andso I always have that knowledge which isgreat so we staged that that person andso a millennium might not want the samething as someone who older or someoneyounger so we look at those kind ofthings as well mm-hmm so as far as doingit yourself you know we stay updated onwhat's what's modern we stay updated onwhat the buyer wants we continue oureducation all the time we work reallyclosely with yourself the Realtors tomake sure that we're working togetherand making sure that the buyer gets themost value out of their home as possibleso if someone wants to do it themselvesbecause they don't want to do even aconsultation then they can look online Iguess and try but I think they have moreimportant things to do than try andlearn how to be a stager a professionalstager exactly yeah even even whether todo staging or not sometimes we getpeople pushing back and saying wellcan't people just imagine what it's likeoryou can see past all this Kathy yeah I Ido you hear that and again I'll give youanother statistic 77% of all agentstruly believe it's easier on thepotential buyer when they're walkingthrough the home to see how the room issupposed to be used and if their largebed or large dining room table can fitin the room if it is staged properlyvacant rooms look smaller mm-hmm andwhen you leave a home they can it alsoleaves you to look at all the flaws ifthere are a right that's why I'm one ofmy favorite expressions is don't tell meshow me yeah so they don't need toimagine it here it is yes and the buyersspend more time in the house to in astaged rate that's right statisticsagain up to eight times more and theycould spend up to forty minutes walkingthrough a stage Talman and stand in eachroom and talk about how their furnituremight fit or what they might want to buythey might like the furnitures theymight talk about that so once they're atthat point they're they're falling inlove with the home and people buy onemotion mm-hmm so that's what you wantyou want to show them how they can livein the home you know and how it worksfor them and their lifestyle yeahpeople buy an emotion and then justifyirrationally afterwards they fall inlove and then they say oh it's becauseJimmy's school is so close by and thatwe did it so what about people thataren't moving what can they do to enjoytheir homes even more any of you areseeing any trends or anything absolutelythere's many trends out there and thebiggest one this year is outdoor andactually it's been building over thepast I'd say 45 years but outdoor spaceis really big and you'll notice yourselfas you go through the department storesor hardware stores or even lookingonline there's so much that you can dooutside now there where you can spendlonger days outside you know in the firepits and mm-hmmand that type of thing there's sothere's living rooms that you can putoutside and kids and barbecues that looklike whole kitchens with counters andall that kind of stuff so we're allwanting to spend more time outside andof course itthe space of your home yeah rightenjoying weather nature's suckin some ofthat vitamin D that's proven to increasehappiness so thanks Rachel for sharingyour knowledge with us thank you if youwant to know more about Home Stagingfeel free to contact Rachel directly andif you're looking to sell send us a noteor contact us via phone and we'll sendyou a free prepping your home guide andalso if you enjoyed the video rememberto like and share it subscribe to ourchannels and check out our other videoswe've got some great content in thereuntil next time I'm Eric Mortimer yourreal estate agent and agent of changehelping you solve your problems andrealize your dreams[Music]

Today I have brought on special guest Rachel Borrelli, Owner of Diversa Designs Home Staging and Redesign to talk about how home staging can make buyers fall in love with your property. While some wonder whether staging is worth it, it would be a major mistake to go without it when listing your home. Not only does staging help sellers net more money for their listing, it also helps them save.

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