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How Do Students Feel About the Satellite Being Closed? + Updates From Dining!

hey Cougs rahmatu Cena here without youa snooze I am here at the Student Centersatellite where you can see that it isundergoing construction now let's go seehow students feel about it being closedokay Patrick um how do you feel aboutthe satellite closing I'm really sadbecause I like Taco Bell and I can't goto Taco Bell Taco Bell Pizza okay sowhat other places on campus have youbeen eating really just using coupons totry to eat places like chick-fil-apretty much mainly the UC or I try tofind some off-campus options like likenearby like Eminem grill or like youthink the lines have been longerdefinitely like in the UC I try to stayaway from there because the lines are solong that my brakes my entire break timeare like taken up by standing in lineI've been resorting just to findingthings in my pantry at home but I'dreally like to Taco Bell again satellitehad more options to bring to the tablenow that it's closed we only have the UCand Einsteins and Taco Cabanathere you have it Cougs I'm Ron medicinanow back to Andrea Lopez in the studioluckily the satellite won't be closedforever we got the opportunity to sitdown with David Whittle the residentdistrict manager of Chartwells to learnmore about when the satellite will openand what to expect upon reopeningsatellites underground and of courseduring our last major flood here inHouston a lot of water went into thesatellite so the flooding related toHarvey caused us to temporarily close itlast fall semester we were able toreopen it in the spring to provideservice and we'd hope to complete theproject over the summer but once we gotin there and really started doing theworkit was far more extensive than wethought sothere's a lot of remediation andyeah so they're closing in on wrappingit up and we expect to be open inJanuary the same concepts that werethere before are coming back I think thebiggest difference is it will look a lotfresher a little bit cleaner because wehad to take walls down to the studs sothere's a lot of new paint and new tilework a lot of new counters so it'll looka little bit more up-to-date than it didbefore but still the same concepts andmore or less the same footprint yeah sowe just completed working with theUniversity a five-year vision plan fordining and that's exciting because itgives us a good roadmap and I think thewhole goal of doing a vision plan is tomake sure whatever investments we makecomplement the whole instead of justperhaps one building or one particularpart of campus so it's really helps usguide us to really good smart decisionspart of that plan that five-year visionplan and perhaps one of the mostexciting things about it is there is areplacement for the satellite so being50 feet above sea level doing foodservice underground is not somethingthat the university is willing to relyon much longer it's we need to make surethat we always have food serviceavailable for students and so the planis to move it up and perhaps in anotherlocation but it'll be a brand newbuilding we hope to get that done in thenext five yearsour hope is that we are able to build ina different location close but butdifferent so that we could run thesatellite all the way up till the daythe new buildings ready and then there'sno disruption of service for students[Music]

Our field host, Rahma Adesina went out on campus this week to find out how students are feeling about the dining location, The Satellite being closed this semester. But don’t worry, we got the opportunity to sit down with Chartwells Resident District Manager, David Riddle, to find out what’s in store for The Satellite and when to expect its reopening.

Hosted by: Rahma Adesina
Field Segment Directed and Edited by: Madeleine Willars
Interview Directed and Edited by: Sarah Rolen
Crew: Derek Dziedzic and Leo Huynh

Special thanks to David Riddle and Chris Stipes!

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