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House Tour: A Grand Home With Parisian Style

[Music]our clients wanted something that was inthe style of a modern French chateauactually and a lot of the details on theinterior have a classic nod but it'svery scaled back and very clean andmodern I think the first thing thatgrabs people when they come up to thehouseare these front doors they're very grandvery European I love the hardware thatwas chosen it's that great Center knobthat you see in France and it just makesthis statement right from the firstmoment these doors lead to quite a grandfront entrancewe chose European oak hardwood floor torun throughout the house and we did aninlay of herringbone in the foyer a theother thing you notice about this hallis the repetition of the lighting one ofcindy and my favorite things to do ischoose the lighting in our designs andthese lanterns are really stunningwe tucked a cloakroom in just past thefront foyer a we've made it this specialroom by adding the glass on the outsidedoors and having the reflection of theantique glass on the inside on thecabinets the front room would be what wewould classify the formal living roomand it does have formal elements to itbut we tried to keep it fun and colorfulbecause that's what our clients are likeone thing about that room that was achallenge the actual window was notsymmetrical in the room and so we choseto balance that out by doing a largecurved sofa which is custom that fitexactly into the space the clients issomething fun when the living room wasdone she said I love it it feels likeCoco Chanel went to California and Ithought that was really fun because in awayyeah I can see that the dining room wewent with a really warm strong grasscloth in a dark blue and the drapes havethe same silvery blue but in an ombreit's very natural and it suits hiscasual formality that this dining roomwas planned to have we also did someinteresting ceiling details in theliving room in the dining room whichalso is a nod to the traditional but wekept them quite simple in style youalways have to have that space thatconnects the dining room to the kitchenthere's a extra food area that's closedoff by door so nobody sees your mess butin terms of surveys and pantries thiswould be a very beautiful one that youdon't mind seeing through that archwaywhen it came to the kitchen design thearchitecture of the house called for alot of symmetry we kept in mind thecenterline from the family room leadingto the kitchen basically the family roomfireplace is right on center with thecenter of the hood which also intersectsthe island it's a very strong view fromthe family room to the kitchen and thereverse from the kitchen to the familyroom we chose to combine two differentdoor styles one being a streamlinedshaker and the other being a flat panelwith a built-in hardware the drawershave a finger slot essentially that yougrab instead of any exposed hardware Ilove the hood and I will take no creditfor this hood I'm sure it was all youCindy but that marble on the hood it'slike a piece of art when you look in thekitchen and being so strong right inthat center of this kitchen it had to beand then you have your classic pendantsthese are a favorite of many but theyfit we chose to do some large sconces oneither side with a shelf below when wefirst chose the sconces the thought wasoh my gosh they're so big but when youactually get them up and place themthey're perfect so note to people whenyou're in large box arrives with yourginormousplease don't freak out okay let us hangit the house called for a lot of customelements because of its size and itslayout one space where this made a bigdifference was the custom banquette it'svery largeI love the fabric on it it's wipeableand you can't even tell what it is untilyou touch it it's actually a high endvinyl and the tufting grabs the lightand it changes no matter which wayyou're looking at it these storagecabinets or what appear to be storagecabinets are built in one side isactually a desk and that's where theykeep their family hub their notices fromschool and the bills just a place forthem to organize everything they needfor the family when designing this floorplan with furniture the client had inher mindmatching almost dueling sofas on eitherside and it spawned into dueling chairsand dueling Ottomans and stools but itallows for a lot of seating place to putyour feet up and be comfortable it alsohas a very unique fireplace surroundwith Calcutta marble which is one of ourfavorites and the beautiful woodsurround it just adds warmth it's nottoo formal it's their casual space butno matter where you look there'ssomething pretty to look at whendesigning a home lighting is always atop priority for us the sconces andpicture lights attach to the built-inallow for books to be illuminated wealso chose to go with quite a largestatement central light within the spaceit's funny the husband said to usrecently I never really understood thislight until now and it was onceeverything was in the room what's a bigchallenge with designing a large houseis making it feel comfortable it hasformal large grand spaces but it doesn'tfeel like you can't kick back and enjoythis home we always feel really at homewhen we come here and we carried thatthrough upstairs to the second floor inthose spaces but you're going to staytuned for that[Music][Music]

Step inside this spacious family home designed by Erin Feasby and Cindy Bleeks of Feasby & Bleeks Design. The grand abode has distinct Californian and Parisian influences — reminiscent of a modern château — thanks to the striking French doors and European oak hardwood flooring in the entry and traditional moulding on the ceiling. You’ll fall in love with the living room’s large curved sofa, the luxe Calacatta marble vent hood in the kitchen and the array of sculptural lighting illuminating the home. This space proves that even the grandest of homes can exude ease and comfort.

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Architectural design, Lorne Rose Architect, (416) 398-9300 or; builder, JTF Homes, (416) 787-1333 or; oak hardwood flooring, Moncer Specialty Flooring, (905) 562- 0100 or Living room: Sofa and throw pillow design, Feasby & Bleeks Design, (416) 233-4567 or feasbyandbleeks. com; chandelier by Visual Comfort, Prima Lighting, (905) 851-1188 or; sofa fabrication, Gresham House Furniture, (905) 412-0362 or greshamhousefurniture. com; coffee table, Crate & Barrel, 1-888-657- 4108 or; rug, Caitlin Wilson,; leather chairs by Palecek, Cocoon Furnishings, (905) 829-2780 or; mirrors, Made Goods,; side table, Prima Lighting, (905) 851-1188 or; artwork, table lamp, bar cart, decanters, brass tray, Cocoon Furnishings, (905) 829-2780 or; bar tools, Pottery Barn,; throw pillow sewing, Patricia Walker, (416) 766-6272 or; fireplace tools, Mjölk, (416) 551-9853 or; fireplace screen, Manor Interior Design, (416) 544-1700; black sculpture (on coffee table), South Hill Home, (416) 924-7224 or See more at


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