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Hotel kids room tour

every day we should be awesome kind ofnice and what is up my unicorn lovertoday we are going to be doing a roomtour I love room in a hotel my firstvideo in your hotel exciting so beforewe get on to the videoif you guys like hotels click thatthumbs up and if you guys well unicornsthen go subscribe to my channel so makesure you click thumbs up subscribe andcomment down below comment down belowwhat your favorite hotel like PalmSprings or not hotel but like where yousleep and have all that fun you gohere's your weather is it probablySprings Las Vegas Texas where is it atright now I am in Palm Springs I lovesinging so let's get on time so here isthe front door turn luresthat's why I can stop before we get onto the video we have two doors justsaying so it's the first door but it'sweird because right here it has a knobbut then when you come in there's noknob so we keep that door[Music]so you know I don't want to get lockedin sorry I'm not gonna get locked intojust for now so we can get it open againlet's go so when you come walk in youSteveAbed it's for Mike but um cousin he's aboy who sleeps on you a little tablewith some pepper and salt if you want toeat here just a Palm Springs LIFE thinkyou know some heady advance then there'sa some drawers my side I have asked themI'm this diapers on the wire and thenwhite and then like right there and thenright here and my first or I have mypuppy journals fromtarget for hmm I don't know like Turkicmeasures Ross um for a couple dollarsthere was just two dollars $2.99 andthen I pin damn these are all my pajamasI got the moon socks I think it's reallycold[Music]second joy I have found my jibba pajamasof the top three I bring in my bathingsuit I got it from justiceit's Beach five one then ma bed or Eveand my cousin for this but this is mysize that's hard if you're wonderingwhat these arts from justice a unicornstop comfortable blanket basically likea sleeping blanket but we just use thatbut she is that we both have room that'smy cousins and then that's mine then ITVlet me watch again the TV channel andthat in their drawers my drawer okaysome underwearfor some socks and shirts address andindeed these two are black and thencloset long time these lights so I don'thave to do it okay this any mirror hey[Music]we have like a little and entrancebecause there's one next door over therethey tourists but then there's this onebut this yeah then little kitchen BB andthen I have my suitcaseso all my clothes are in that drawerjust showed you I don't know that isfunny bathroom toiletyou know shower bath tub a top bathtubexam eerie hello guys again some lightsthat's why we have in our clicker verybright but yeah they're cute brushes andall that yeah so oh I'm like that's theend of the log but it's not becauseeverybody she gotta shows about balconyum the balcony so I can't really get outthough so I'm gonna try to get outbecause I really want you guys to seehim since this is my first video Ireally want you guys to see itit's like a hundred so there's like alinks over there but yeahcome inside I got a kind of a chair it'sI'm not going back okay it's hot morethan hundred degrees in Riverside iscold though so thanks for coming gowatch into my video Africa really thanksfor watching my video I hope you guysenjoyed it make sure you smash up like abutton subscribe to my channel and yeahif you haven't subscribed cuz it's onlymy birth log so if you haven't subscribeas well every video I'm gonna be doingthat by down a five countdown for youguys to smash that subscribe button andlike so let's go in five four three twoone zerostop thanks for coming to my video makesure you subscribe and make sure comingdown below what it was for your part ofthe room it doesn't anyone and that'shappened to be to come into more thanone give me the whole room and and thencumbersome below make sure you guyscommentif you like the these big ones for thelittle ones but yeah awkward questionbut make sure you subscribe click thelike button and see you guys therewait a second I forgot to do my questiontoday so I don'toh I got one good one would you ratherbe in Las Vegas or Texas I said thatbecause I'm actually going to Las Vegassoon I'm in Palm Springs I am I'm gonnabe busy this yearcuz it's also almost my birthday so makesure you guys just click that thumbs upand you know yeah it's almost mybirthday my birthday is in July thisafter fireworks and then bubble wrap tocelebrate on July 7th so yeah and thequestion of the day if you've been hereLas Vegas or Texas which one would yougo to you can't pick but because I knowa lot of people travel there so yeah andI have another question for you anotheroneonce we go do it only one questions thatI have one question because today I wentto the movie theaters or not like it'slike a play area with the movie theaterbut yeah um I saw hi Jude would yourather see him Despicable mean 3 or thegreatest showman yep see you guys laterbye

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