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hi I'm Monica Shah with home soldbeautifully staging and design and todayI'm here to explain to you the benefitsof styling your dining room for aquicker sale on your property buyersaspire to purchase your lifestyle asmuch as your homeso styling your space is crucial so thatyou make more money and sell your homemore quickly so let's go inside and takea look[Music]so welcome to the dining area the diningroom is where memories are made so makesure that yours feels memorable we startour day at the dining table and weentertain our friends and family herefor special occasions so making surethat this room feels luxurious invitingand welcoming is crucial so how do weget started well obviously you need atable and chairs if you have a smallerproperty like a condo you would have atable and two chairs a larger home wouldprobably take a table with four seatsand if you have a much larger luxuriousproperty you would want at least six toeight seats at your dining table solet's get our accessories and see howthe rest of the room turns out shall we[Music]they say that food is life and thereasons why restaurants are sosuccessful is because they usually havethem decorated so beautifully to make itfeel warm ambient and inviting so whathave we added to this room well afteradding our table and chairs we've addeda beautiful linen runner some gorgeouscandles to make it feel a little bitmore luxurious charger plates with linennapkins and some napkin ring holderskind on each plate we've put a couple ofartichokes in the middle we've added aVaz a beautiful star and nice floraljust to pull it all together behind mewe've added a gallery wall of artworkand this completes our setting withfinally a rug underneath for warmth andambience so we hope you've enjoyedlearning about how to style your diningroom and we thank you so much forjoining us today again I'm Monique Shawof home soil beautifully staging anddesign and we hope to see you next timethank youyou

Watch Monique Shaw, Lead Designer of Calgary boutique interior design and home staging firm Homes Beautifully style and stage a dining room for CTV Homes and Lifestyles tv show.

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