Kid's Room 

Homeless mother with six kids forced to sleep in waiting room

I spent last night in the police stationand Tyler and I come into smiling - andwhat would he do for me and it's hardlybasically nothing just said I run awayand list that waiting list doesn't seemto be getting any smaller doesn't seemto be moving at allwait mister still the same for the lastyear so basically don't nothing I'm notbeen on the homeless list a year I'vebeen on the housing list 11 years you'veno idea I'll tell you until it happensto yourself I'll tell you actually Godshowed a hold harmless think you'llnever know what it's like not knowingwhere your kids are going to be from onenight to the next it's how every wakingup next morning and just having to walkout and leave not only where to go overtoday waiting on a phone card back fromFarkas Island they can't get youanywhere present yourself in the policestation it's justice however just thekids are wrecked I'm going even or whatam skilled what my kids into I don'tknow nothing you know life is on holdwell it no one has been in hospital shewas only discharged yesterday yesterdaymorning on last night dissenters had aPlayStation to sleep in her place -after being discharged from Tallahasseeafter the morning as they could be it'snot much that they could do with theironly lecture years right now yeah thatwas it yeah you're not a man it's notmore than we could do but I couldn't donothing that's right yeah and in termsof the homeless problem like how do youfeel about the fact that you're one ofthose people like your statistic like Isaid you never know until it happens toyourself you know many others imagineare when you hear about homelessness youthink junkies you think this you thinkthat but until you're actually in thatsituation you never know how hard it isto not man especially on the childrennot mad they don't get enough sleepdon't get enough food you don't get muchnothing no skilled is coming up and Idon't know my skill to put my kids -where do I enroll my kids you know itman I don't know what to do after aminute no because what's the point whatI don't know where to stackedyeah I don't know what you know farmseven - got my don't know my skillthey're gonna be gone - yeah I don'tknow where they're gonna put me if notgonna put me anywhere you're not manthey're only for tonight Dublin City youknowwhatever helping homeless and I'm theflailing I think his demands now he'staught me to go in the town today to mealong with him and he said he might beable to help me for tonight but thecouncil is doing not council is doingabsolutely nothing and what have theytold you told you they don't limit okayalso you're not in to preserve notenough we can give you there's nothingup we can offer yeah until then I hopecomes available for two said we don'thave one doubt to be probably next monthfor the next year but they don't know nobeside that self accommoda well you'regonna get a hotel room with seven kidsshe's not man family a nine it's likeit's just it's impossible you're not manit's just impossible it's just not gonnahappen so why are for me that I reallyare from you nuttin you know I made anorder already if it was that easy Iwould have been in a hotel months agoit's not like I've just come home as I'mhome last year I was in town last nightand I got a call to say there was a ladyway till Drance sleeping on a GardaStationI left her near this morning couldn'tget her and I finally find her with thehelp of an affluent from inner cityhelping homeless we find her we wentinto the council and they just robbedher shoulders that their hands are tiedthere's nothing they can do and I askedthem was it acceptable for children tobe in a Guard Station and I want tocoach in the garbage station at themonth I believe the detectives gatheredup their own money this morning andgiven hot food so fair play to thosethere on the pressures well we and butin the council they handed a sheet weself accomodate I see the sheet everyday of the week and these hotels arebooked at the eleven o'clock and aspeople ended open and emerge to come orGarda stations are on the streets I hada couple last week actually that slepton this car park in a car because theycouldn't go anywhere and they slept thenext night in the garage station wefinally got them sorted for three weeksin hotelInka there

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