all right you guys I am in HomeGoods andI see some new goodies here in thebathroom decor section so this set righthere I have not seen I don't believe andit is Jake Queen they got the dispenserhereI see they want ten dollars ten I don'tthink this goes with that one but youknow it's a different brand right herehere's the J queen I'm cup six andninety nine so seven and then we havethe cup really nice it's a really nicepink like a rose gold pink I wouldn'treally call it rose gold like throughcamera it looks totally different here'sthe pump though for this pump is ten andthey have you know the tray let's seehow much really nice I like it 15 so 15so this pump over here that way welooked at earlier would go with thissame brandthis one has three then you know we havethe girl bling and they want $13 thetissue dispenser they're asking for 17this is kind of cute here actually sosome things are new and I'm I probablycan't put that back now know how youtake something out and you can't put itback okay I put it back um what elselook at this right here Debbi designpull this one out well this is reallyheavy okay Debbie design genuine marblethis is the stuff I'm telling you aboutyou find this in home goods and on eBayyou're gonna make a pretty good moneyokay this is like super heavy I meanthis is like great great quality onlysee one my fingers okay I got it$13 for this one oh my god put that backthis one's heavy that's like a reallynice let's seenice in the middle of your sink you canput all your things in there I'll reallylike this stuff I'm into this styleright here really good okay um what isoh look we got more Debbie design oh mygosh guys genuine marble handcrafted um$15 okay let me look it up to see howmuch this is okay I was unable to findit on eBay but we have this silver andthen we have the gold one but if you dofind um the pump the pump is selling for$40 and it's $13 here okay so you guysdefinitely like try to find this in homebut keep it for yourself or something ortrying to make it extra dollars um let'ssee see how much the bigger ones aregonna be these are so nice oh my goshlet's see okay for the bigger ones yousee it got one hand they want um 15 so15 for this really nice[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]there is just a lot of new pieces likethis pearl effect when we saw the trashcan this is Mike and Ali and $7 it's alittle two-piece holder Mike and Ali$7.00 for like a soap one if you reallywant to do your bathroom like thatthey'll still have the square one thenwe pulled it out here we go and it'sgonna be eight so looks like a lot ofour different prices oh let me see howmuch of the pump is the pump is in theback I got to pull that out oh my goshlet's see here it's the pump and theywant I believe it's gonna be ten dollarsso ten awesome so we got the wholecollection here they even have the oneback there you know with the lid so theygot the whole collection here this oneis different look at the bottom it'sgonna be six dollars that one is new Ihave not seen this one here here's likethe pearl effect for your soap againseven dollars I don't know if we justlooked at it you guys might be repeatingmyself oh my kids over there distractingmeeight dollars hotel they had the HotelCollection the wooden top and then thisone's gonna have a wet bottom six theseare just very funky I just never seenthat here so that is new they do havethe you know the lid one we get the boxwho put cotton balls cotton swabswhatever $13 the pump has a tassel I'lllook at that tenOh Oh so there anything else we haven'tseen okay okay this isn't burden we herewe goI don't think we've seen this one sixdollars six for the cup and I also havethe in vogue Marge a queen up herethe blinged out Li for your soapeight I did find the tray one with thepearl effect and you know like the gemson itlet me see it's going to be $15 so Mikeand Alex to do has like the entirecollection here and home good to guysdefinitely check that outlook at this laundry basket it's likemetallic and that kind of cool they willhunt $35 and it's very heavy-duty it isnot flimsy you know how sometimes youpress on the basket and they're likethey go in whimsy this is not flimsy atall mere pump I don't have not seen thisone here has a little gem so it lookslike a little crooked you know they want12 so this one looks like it's onclearance really like there are kerlickorganizers at home good Dan Ferlin Isaid oh my gosh you know has a reallygood onesI was just came back from there thisone's going to be 20 okay that's liketwo drawers and the top and the moreorganized in the back I'm you guys go toOffice Depot they got really really niceones like they're pretty pricey butthey're really nice okay this is justthe organizers I have to believe we lookat this before Calvin Klein tells theseare actually really good my husbandlikes a towels like this with thetexture he says it helps him get off allthe waterBella looks makes really good towels tooI see these Calvin Klein's let's see howmuch one is it's gonna be 10 $1 apieceso 10 we pull up the sign for people hmmdon't understand English my Spanish islike really really badso that's why I can't do it these littleones here are going to be oh no let'ssee um six dollars so they do have thelittle ones here more Calvin Klein Ifeel like they're really stocked hereand um home goods and then you knowthose aren't all gonna be shower caddiesand organizers in front of me you getmay have all colors here I say Tommymore DK andjust like towels huh huhtowels and like kitchen in my favoritetowels because I like to designs on themand sometimes I just want people to nottouch the towels like in my guestbathroom but you know that never happenslet's see oh this one has little cats onit that's cuteeight dollars look at this one with theflamingos oh my gosh they're gonna bethe same price this one has like theeyelids here I believe it says gorgeousin the middle I'm eight all over thisone has like a little perfume bottlesten oh my god oh my gosh look at thesethis is really cute if you're a catperson okay look at these ten then wehave the dogs I believe they're allgonna be the same price yet more dogsmm-hmthis one says she leaves a littlesparkle wherever she goes and that's thesame price here's a flamingo one dadthat's made in Turkey 25 this is newthis one is going to be eight hundreddollars eighty dollars for the long oneand the Tahari Mir oh my god look atthat that is a hundred isn't that reallynice I want to say we've seen thismirror before and one of my walkthroughsit's gonna be $80 here really nice ohyeah love a good mirror I see someclearance $30 for this mirror so yeah 30I don't think there's anything elseand the mayor section going on um okaywhat is this one all that one'sdifferent that's gonna be 11[Music][Music]I found these book and here with the gemyou know if you're into this they'regonna be 28 dollars a piecelook at this box this is brand-new thisis $13 it does have a cheetah cheetah Idon't know who's by I don't know but Iknow a lot of them are made by likeTahari Nicole Miller we have a zebra umlet's see who is buy sometimes they gofind the maker key lime and coconut ohit's this sachet I was like this is whatum seven okay let's see what else isgoing on here they kind of pick here youknow that's kind of funny this is stillhere oh look at this book it's calledshell chic the ultimate guide todecorating your home with seashells ohthat's really cool look at those babiesin that tub has shells all over it ohthat's cute let's see let's look forthis oneoh look at that bag oh my god thatmakeup case I'm twenty dollars twentycan we open this up you guys cansomebody help me okay I need handspleaselet's see it's hard decorate withshelves all right let's take a lookthrough it what is it oh that's cooloh look at that stuff in that so coolhow you can make a lot of art with likejust like ordinary things that's acooler case look and what is thatnecklace that's neatI like mosaic oh look oh that's apainting I was like oh look at thatlaughs you know the flat reminds me of aGreek ready remember she had the lampfrom Greek that she made and she gave itto the to the dry toast parents whatevertheir names areoh when Riley Riley sat on it yeahthat's from a Wimpy Kid movie oh that'sme that's pretty creative I like thatmirror I think I can do stuff like thatoh look at that oh yeah loud I needstuff going on here we've got some newbathroom decor look at that oh that'sweird like a spine miss look at thatbirdhouse that's guys crazymhmmm and expect like a cramping AmandaI did find another Audrey Hepburn bookand words and pictures and $13 so I'vebeen running a lot of her books latelyhere my husband's a tawdry fan I'm aJames Dean girl look at that oh I thinkthis was a cover to another book thatwas a character lottery in the sixtiesoh the 60s book yeah okay I seen thatpicture before more geodes I believe Ishowed this one before I can't remember15 and it's a purple one they do havethis pink one let me see if I can pullit out 13 - that's what it looks likeit's beautiful huh beautiful and thenthe one where you put a candle in itsgoing to be 17 I do not think I've everseen this piece here this is kind ofinteresting let's see20 there's this pineapple handcrafted inIndia I think that one said 15 at thebottom and a couple new vases back thereburied more of these funky designsthey've got a butterfly the shapes moreof these sea urchins I always call themsea urchins let's see a look at theyhave a bike on a marble slab more rocksboxes with gems on there I do not thinkI've seen this one actually so we canget this out this one is going to be 20so this one is new all right you guys Ithink I'm gonna end the video herehere's the Tahari look at that the lasttime I was here they had a a glass oneit was very stackable it was huge and Ithink most like maybe close to 40dollars but this Tahari one is um 20they do have the Eiffel Tower you knowthat's really huge right really nice Istill see a lot of Buddha I still see alot on the same pieces here but I thinkI'm gonna end it here so thank you somuch for watching and I will see all ofyou in the next video oh that's crazythat cat we see my cat like that at Rossactually[Music]you[Music]

Come shop with me through HomeGoods . We see new bathroom d├ęcor. from J Queen, Devi designs marble slabs so beautiful . You can sell these on ebay if you are looking to make some extra money. Just keep in mind some sale and some don’t . New books are in . Here is a walk through of homegoods.

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