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Home Tips: How to Fold a Towel Like a Hotel

don't you love a laundry day but moreimportantly I have a question for youhow do you fold your towels hey Torihere Tori TOCOM the place to be tocreate a home buyers or anyone for thatmatter will spy irresistible so today Ihave with me a Sal your pal Sal show mehow you fold your towels so I do like 12 3 so this is obviously a very simpleway that you can fold a towel right andit's a very sloppy way to write guyscheck this out do you do it this wayobviously you're trying - here we gohere we go you're trying to skip acouple steps but let me show you a fewways that you can actually make yourtowels look more professionally foldedin our house we don't have a physicallaundry room where you can where youhave a table that you can lay things outand fold them multiple multiple timefrom the dryer what we do is we plop ournewly fresh clothes here inside thischair and then basically we stand herein flow and fold so this is what we doand so I taught Sal how to fold towelsfirst of all take a towel and we'regonna fold it in halfand then we're gonna fold it again inthirds so now there's two ways to dothis depending on the style that youwant for us we'll start with the foldedversion so what you want to do is makesure that if you have a pattern orsomething fancy on your towel that thatstays on the outside of your of thetowel that you're gonna fold and whatyou want to do is just roll it and rollit down your body right because we don'thave a table to do it on so then we comewith a night's rolls full towel likethis you have the accent out on theoutside and then what you do is that youwould highlight this area of the towelversus early this one which isn't asclean and we usually fold our towelsthis way and I'll show you why in asecond because we put them in a uniqueplace in our bathroom the second optionthat I was telling you about again foldit in half fold it again in thirds andif you didn't want a rolled towel andyou wanted to stack your towels insteadyou would just put this again in threesyou can use your body if you don't havea flat surface and there you go youwould highlight this part of the towelagain the nice folded clean lines orthis way to stuck it on here almost asgood as mineso that's basically how we fold towelsinside our house but we were recently onvacation and let me show you a few waysthey folded their towels at the hotelthey started by folding the towel inthrees fold one side into the center andthen the other on top to the center nextfold it in half and then fold it againor hang on the towel rack here is theirrolls version fold the towel in halfthen fold both sides into the centerfinally roll the towel this techniqueprovides folds on all sides no matterhow you decide to fold your towels justremember you need clean crisp lines toshow off to either homebuyers or guessso now it's time to chime in tell mebelow how you fold your towels alsodon't forget to subscribe below don'tcheck out this video next and you canalso visit us at WWE tous accom for morehome tips until next time happy folding[Music]

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Do you fold your towels like a pro? Come learn a few easy techniques to fold your towels to create a clean line that will create an organized look inside your bathroom or linen closet. I even taught my husband these tricks…πŸ˜‚

So, comment below and tell me how you fold a towel…

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