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Home theater 7.1 setup and living room tour

hello everyone I will be showing you my7.1 7.1 surround sound system tour of myliving room that is my samsung 55 inch4k TV I don't have the exact modelnumber but I'll write a descriptionbelow if anyone's interested but let'sjust say I highly recommend a CV I goton Black Friday for 750 750 if not I'mnot mistaken but the when I watch in 4kmovies or video games it looksabsolutely amazing that is my centerspeaker the polk audio cs10 I've got$100 for Amazon and I got the cheerioversion compared to black like how itmatches my Tower speaker and my dogcoffee in there those hundred dollarsand it sounds really good you knowdidn't you didn't break the bank so Iwas on a budget so I couldn't getanything more than what I was lookingfor but it sounds amazing $400and these are my tower speakers and theywere on sale for 175 for one duringBlack Friday regular price is 350 I'llshow you that and show you my video gamesystem out of smart 2 Xbox controllersand two ps4 controllers and I have myxbox ex here for 4k gaming and moviesand have my ps4 Pro for 4k gaming andthis is the onkyo TX 676 and it has 1155watts of power I got them on so againI'm back Friday for 250 regular price500 and as a budget receiver I mean he'sdone amazingly how clear and powerful itsounds I would highly recommend thisreceiver if you're on a budgetyou know almost forgot my Nintendoswitch there so I have like all threesystems and people always ask me what'syour favorite you know video games areyou know Xbox fan or PlayStation fan andantennae fan is a I'm a fan of all videogames you know I'm not I'm not biased orprejudiced if there's a great game onthat system then then why not just getall three you know and that is myspectrum cable box for HD and this islike guitar my Fender Stratocaster andthere's my Marshall amp on top of it asmy ring alarm I know where to put it sojust right there and that is my cattrying to get in the video that is myclips reference series so blufor are 100SW and Wow I mean it's pretending so itreally mean it's so powerful it shakesthe room to shakes the walls at thepoint I had to get one of thesesoundproofing a pad basically it willstop from making the wall shake becauseright here is my neighbor's bedroom andI like my neighbor so I don't want themto be disturbed while I'm watching mymovies and games so I would highlyrecommend that if you live in anapartment and like I said have a 7.1sound system so let me show you mysurround speakers the ones on the rightthis is the surround right this is Sonys SC 5 and they were on self at Best Buyon Black Friday for 75 bucks pair soI've bought two pairs and this is theback rightand this is the back left so I all hadit here up in the wall and this is thesurround left and you can see herethat's the speaker wires and I had itall and all the way down there kind ofmake it hidden make it you know niceclean look all around cuz I didn't wantwires everywhere many ways tell me whatyou guys think of my setup oh yeah andthis those are my video game and moviecollection I don't buy as many physicaldiscs anymore since actually it what'sthis I can just buy everything digitalnow and it's so much more convenient somy name is tell me what you guys takingmy setup like it comment tell me whatyou guys staying any recommendations youmuch appreciate it thank you

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