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[Music]all right so this a little outdoorbalconydidn't really look very appealing themain feature of this unit this was onyeah I think it was the top floor ofthis apartment building and as you cansee it literally feels as if you are inthe treetops so when you actually bringbuyers through the property this is agreat selling feature of an apartment ifyou have a view like this you want tomake sure that people want to sit onyour balcony because it actually addsvalue to your apartment when I looked atthis apartment I could you know I couldbarely see the concrete floor or balconyand the client showed me there was quitea lot of marks and things on it so Ifiercely recommended getting a pressurewasher and to get it really nice andclean and try and wash off all the markssometimes when you do it concrete slabscan actually come out very nice they diduse it to take off all the algae and youknow some you know gern and things onthe balcony so that came up nice howeverthe floors actually you know it didn'tlook fantastic and so what they didwhich was really clever and I'll showyou in the next photo they actuallybought these wooden pavers so they'rekind of like paversyou can buy it at IKEA and what'sfantastic about them they're notexpensive at all and I think they spendabout a hundred and fifty dollars if I'mnot mistaken Australian dollars to justput that together on the littlebalconies and then just got a couple ofcables and a hardware store because itactually didn't fit all the way to theend and you threw it all around and asyou can see it is beautiful I was sosurprised by this it is a fantastic ideayou know do that if you've got a littlebowand for you know 150 $200 it justcreates that sense that you want to sitoutside we just started with these verycute outdoor seating areas is like alittle two-seaterthere are outer space and it just givesthe illusion that you you know buyersactually want to sit here in themornings drink coffee and look at theseincredible trees so spend a little bitof money so that you actually focusbuyers attention on your selling future[Music]

Make-over your balcony on a budget!

Top Tips:
– Use pressure washer to remove dirt and grime from outdoor areas
– Use affordable elegant outdoor floor decking
– Add a seating area to make the balcony inviting

Watch the full video to learn more!

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