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[Music]how by stalling the second bedroom witha double bed you can actually increasethe perceived size of a bedroom now whenI walked into this second bedroom therewas a cupboard straight ahead so as youcan see here like you can see but thedoor is right here so walking instraight ahead you see the built-inrobes and basically a window and thenyou've got these walls first thing whenyou look at this room because it's sofull and cluttered it's really hard toassess what size bed you can put in herealways measure your space don't justmake you know get to a conclusion basedon what you see when I looked at this itfelt really tiny and small but then whenI pulled out my measuring tape and Imeasured it I actually noticed that youcan easily fit a double bed in herebecause the Komet actually goes in youknow the cupboard stands out so there'sa lot of space here from that wall tothat wall it's big enough to fit adouble bed in and also the length of thespace from here to the ball it's longenough to fit a double bed and what adouble bed would do in this space itactually would just make it feel like abig room if you put in a small singlebed in the space it can easily tellbuyers that you can only place a littlekid in there and it's not functional asa guest room so if you can withoutovercrowding the room or without makingthe room feel smaller try and put adouble bed in a space or you space itout though now let me show you the afterphoto okay so this is the after what doyou think superb it surprised me as wellthis is a double bedand my colleague actually placed the bedon this side initially I thought the bedwould actually work on that side howeveryou just opened up this whole space somuch more there's still room to walkopen up your windows and this just makesthe space feel incredibly big we put aslight table with a lamp and if you'resoft and buyers can walk in and look atthe space and see that you can put adouble bed in for a guest to sleep hereor you can even put you know bunk bedsand there's enough space to kind of havea functional second bedroom so I lovethe space[Music][Applause][Music]you[Music]

Tips on how to style your Guest Bedroom:

– A double bed can increase sense of space in a room
– You should always measure the space before styling
– A single bed makes a room feel like kids bedroom
– Placing the bed against the window opened up the floor space

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