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Home Staging Works – Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

your home is likely your biggestinvestment so when it comes time to sellyou want to realize the greatest profitpossible in the shortest time in arecent survey by the NationalAssociation of Realtors buyers reportedthat the online photos were the mostimportant information that went intotheir buying decision there are somequick and easy things that you can do tomake sure those photos look their verybest and that they appeal to buyerslet's start with curb appeal make surethe front of the house is clearlyvisible and street numbers easilyidentifiable clear the yard of any toystools and yard art all landscapingshould be neatly trimmed and wellmanicured rake leaves and clear any snowfrom walks and driveway remove parkedcars and hide trash cans out of viewadd fresh dark mulch to flowerbeds andneatly coiled garden hoses inside thehome we want to maximize every bit oflight we can replace any missing bulbsand use the same wattage and type ofbulb throughout the room for showingsturn on every light and lamp includingthe one over the stove clean all windowsinside and out and remove any furniturethat is blocking windows from the insideor shrubs blocking windows from theoutside the kitchen is the heart of thehome tidy the kitchen and clear the sinkof all dishes address any leaks underthe sinkas well as any other known maintenanceissues scour the sink and wipe down allcountertops remove appliances and anyfood mail paperwork etc particularly anypersonal information should be neatlytucked away clear everything off of thefridge including magnets calendars andjelly smeared fingerprints leave only afew decorative accessories on thecountersuch as a plant or a bowl of fresh fruitcarefully sweep and mop all floors pickup any clutter such as newspapersmagazines and clothing neatly fold anyblankets and fluff cushions and pillowsdust everything from the fan blades tothe furniture to the baseboards if thereare pets in the home remove all tracesincluding bowls leashes toys and pethair for the safety and security of yourpets and the prospective buyers removepets from the home during showings if atall possible manage cords of computersand electronics keeping things as simpleas possible bathrooms should besparkling clean with the toilet lidpolitely down hide all cleaning suppliesout of sight and put out fresh towelsand toilet paper in the laundry roomneatly store supplies and remove alllaundry vacuum all rugs and carpets andeven furniture if there's pet hairpresent everything white glove clean allbeds should be neatly made with freshbedding white sheets and towels convey ahotel spa feel clear the nightstands ofpersonal items and tuck away anymedicines and photos and remember thatprescription drugs can carry a highstreet value so they should be out ofsightanything that is a value especially ifit can easily slip into a pocket shouldbe removed and locked away put away allpersonal toiletries hair dryers scalesand cleaning products leaving countersclear except for a very few decorativeitems avoid the temptation to stuff allof the extra items in the closetsstorage space is high on the wish listfor most buyershang-up all clothing clear the floor toshow maximum space and neatly arrangedshoes empty all trash cans and recyclingbins over all the homes should be cleanorganized and inviting the key is forbuyers to enjoy their time in the homeand visualize making it their own all ofthese general recommendations apply toevery home there's so much more that wecan do to make your particular home evenmore appealing staging is the process ofhighlighting your home's unique featuresand distracting from or eliminating anynegatives whether your home is occupiedor vacant our team of staging designprofessionals will turn up the wowfactor and create an ambiance that willconnect with buyers on an emotionallevel our our in-home consultationcovers everything from the front curb tothe back fencewe will provide recommendationsregarding paint and color selections tocomplement the tones of the flooringcounters and woodwork in your home willreveal the optimal layout of yourfurniture to maximize the square footageand facilitate the best traffic flowwill make appropriate recommendationsregarding needed updates and repairswill show you the correct placement foryour art and accessories and create aplan for editing the furnishings we'llshare strategies for improving theperception of each room if your home isvacant we have the perfect furnishingsthat will enhance your home and get itsold quickly we are masters at playingup the charm that made you fall in lovewith your home in the first place giveus a call and let's get your home soldso you can move on to the next greatchapter in your story[Music]

A quick video to show how HSW can help you prepare your home to sell as well as what is included in our consultation and staging!

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