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hey what's going on everyone thanks forcoming by and checking out today's videolet me get this out of the way so now Ican see you and you can see me so happyto see all your smiling faces especiallyyou over there thanks for coming by andchecking out today's video I know Inormally do these on Tuesday today'sThursday had a morning meeting today andso I figured I'd sit down in front ofthe camera and get this to you folkshere on Facebook or if you're watchingthis as a replay maybe on parts of it onInstagram or YouTube but today we'regoing to be talking about staging yourhome with a purpose now there are somenumbers in this for you analyticalpeople so hopefully that will satisfyyour needs when it comes to showing youwhy you should list or why you shouldstage your home before you list it nowyou can go to the website and you cansee the full article on this you canalso see it on LinkedIn but let me getinto some details here and you will beable to see for yourself why is itimportant to stage your home before youput it on the market now according to asurvey conducted by Coldwell Banker andthe National Association of Realtors astaged home spends 50% less time onmarket than an on-stage home now that'shuge if you're coming into the marketlike here in Connecticut with springtimeeverybody's getting an seeing it intheir homes in the market and they wantto sell quickly and for a good price youknow they don't want to give their homeaway so that's very important you don'twant to spend too much time on marketbecause the longer you spend on marketthe more it seems that there might besomething wrong with your home when itcould just be maybe the advertising orthe price point having a staged home isgonna help you spend less time on marketalmost 50 percent more or 50 percentless time rather the second thing hereis a staged home sells for almost 6percent more above the asking price sothat's huge too as a home seller theseare things that you want to know becauseif you could spend a little money andhave your home staged whether it's usingthe furniture that's there or maybeyou've already moved out in the house isvacant and you have a staging companycome in and they bring in some furnitureand they make it look really nice andinviting you're gonna actually get up to6% more for your home than if you leftit vacant and unstaged or if you leftyour home as in the condition it is likeright now if I was to sell the housethat I'm sitting in nowwith my family and all this stuff thekids have kicking around here andeverything like that in the the clutterthat's out and about because we haven'tpicked up yet today that's gonnadecrease the value in the price becausesome people can't see past that sothat's number two number three is astaging investment cost between one andthree percent of the asking price andgenerates return on investment betweeneight and ten percent so that is huge soyou're only spending maybe one two threepercent and if you're working with agood agent you might be able tonegotiate maybe a little less on theirCommission to cover the cost of hiring astager to come in and stage the home soyou might want to write that down alittle side note there that you canalways negotiate the commission of therealtor and if doing so you might beable to compensate or to make up that 1%mm-hmmexcuse me might be able to make up that1% to be able to pay for the stage orthree percent depending on what yourcommission is with your Realtor and ifthat's gonna help you get eight to tenpercent back on your on your investmentthat's huge that that's a that's a hugepoint right there so make sure you youkeep that in mind and number four out ofmy my four reasons why you should stageand these are all like I said right fromthe National Association of RealtorsHome Staging prior to listings soldseventy nine percent faster than homesstaged after the listing so if youhaven't put your home on the market yetand you're just watching this videomaybe you're watching the replay of itor you're watching it live you want tomake sure that you have your home stagedbefore it goes on the market becauseyou're gonna sell it faster you're gonnasell it for more money and in the endthat is your goal as a homeowner as aseller you want to make money on yourinvestment hopefully you bought it at agood price and now you can sell it for alittle bit more so that's important youwant to make sure that you have thatdone now getting at the staging a littlebit more you want to make sure thatweird I put my notes yeah so you want tomake sure that you have a coupledifferent rooms in your house everybodyknows what it's kitchen is everybodyknows what a dining room is maybe youhave three or four bedrooms maybe onebedroom really isn't being youin a bedroom there's some workoutequipment in there make sure you havethat staged as a home gym or maybe ahome office make sure it's you knowcleaned up declutter and stuff like thatyou basically want each room to tell alittle story about what that room is forso you might have a guest bedroom andmaking you know you know towels nicelyneat and folded in the guest bathroomand you know so they can see that it's aguest room and that it's not used allthe time or you know that one extrabedroom is being used in office and thisis how it would be staged if they wereto use it as an office so you want tomake sure that you have that stuff doneand if you have a great room and aliving room like a formal living roomyou want to have that separated sopeople understand that hey this is afamily room with a great room this isthe formal living room where people meetfor cigars and cognac or whatever youwanted to do in that room but you knowyou want to make sure that it's stagedproperly for each one now to keep thisvideo kind of short you have two optionson what you can do for when it comes tostaging your home option one isdo-it-yourself a DIY er you can probablywatch some youtube videos maybe a videoon Facebook or a Facebook group thattalks about home decor Home Staging youcan go give it a crack yourself youcould also ask your Realtor for someadvice or what I would do option numbertwo is hire a professional home stagernow like I said earlier that's gonna bebetween one and three percent of thelist price but again if your house isvacant and you just have massive roomshaving somebody come in with somefurniture and putting that furniture inthere and rearranging it and puttingsome wall art up or wall hangings stuffto really make it look inviting becauseyour home staging is the equivalent toyour curb appeal on the outside of thehome just that it's on the inside so youknow you might have a fantastic yard andthat's what's gonna get people andinitially they're gonna drive by youknow their agents gonna say hey drive bythis house check it out you're gonna belike wow this yard is manicured niceit's nice and flat it's got great gardenbeds the flowers look beautiful you knowit's early spring then you get insideit's just a big open oasis becausethere's nothing in there and these theselarge rooms and every is like wellwhat's this room this the living roomwhere is this the great room is this afamily room is this a you know should apool table be here or maybe darts on thewall or whathave you so you want to make sure thatyou have either option one do ityourself do some research put in thetime the energy in the homework to makesure it's done rightdon't try to wing it or spend that onetwo three percent and have aprofessional come in or if you askmyself or even the realtor you'reworking with if it's not us they will beshould be able to give you a goodrecommendation on a home stager andagain you're gonna spend maybe one tothree percent on that purchase orpurchase price on that list price forthe staging cost but if that somethinggets you an 8 to 10 percent return it'skind of a no-brainer my book let me knowwhat you think that's it that's all Ihave for you the importance on stage inyour home if you want to see the fullarticle you can go to the website I'llput a link in the description below youcan also check it out on my LinkedInprofile page if you want to see it therebut again staging your home with apurpose there is a reason for it it'sgonna get your home sold faster lesstime on market and for more money andfor a very small amount of money out ofyour pocket up front which you probablycan be able to negotiate beat yourRealtor up a little bit to reduce theircost so that you can have the money tohave the stager come in so thanks againfor watching today's video if you guyshave any questions please comment downbelow or wherever you're watching thison social media because I do take bitsand pieces and put it out there on otherplatforms let me know what you think letme know if you think you would use astager if you were thinking of sellingyour home and if you needrecommendations feel free to give us acall at eight six zero three three threeeighteen forty three or just send me aDM or a direct message and or just evencomment down below if you don't mindputting your business out there on FrontStreet and I'd be more than happy to toanswer that and give you somerecommendations thanks again forwatching today's video it's actuallypretty nice out right now here inConnecticut so get outside and enjoy theafternoon go for a brisk walk get insome of that sunshine and we will seeyou on the next video and again I doapologize for not getting this outsooner have yourself a great week in agood weekend we'll see you on the nextvideo

Hey, what’s up everyone today we talk about the importance of staging your home before you put it on the market. This strategy is effective in any market. No matter what type of home property is being listed, this approach works. It applies equally to single-family houses, apartments, townhouse, and condos. Agents and sellers using this tactic have a greater chance of selling the property for more money.

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