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[Music]hi I'm Meghan Morris from Meghan MorrisTV and I am here with mark Hayes fromstock worth and we have some really funthings to talk to you about thank youfor having me I'm excited to be onMeghan Morris TV you know I don't knowif people realize it but what you dowhat we do is actually very important Ithink I don't think people realize howmuch real estate impacts everybody it's18% of our GDP it's the number one waypeople acquire wealth and its stockworth we have absolutely integrated youinto our entire presentation from thelisting presentation all the way throughand so thank you for inviting me ontoday I think we're in I think you getinto the thick of it here I don't thinkpeople realize they know you as a stageryou have a staging company they have amoving company of a consultant comedesign company I mean what else I meanI'd like to hear just everything you dokind of summarize well everything we dohas to do with in the home industrymarket and so it started off when we westarted looking like HGTV that's a baconTV I mean what we want to do is make thehome more more valuable and package itand everything is there's so much in inthis world about packaging you can theysay you can sell almost anything if it'spackaged right and people see drawersthere right that's right so you can seethey spend lots of money in the grocerystores everywhere just everything in themerchandising making sure everything'sjust place just perfectly you know it'sfunny out when I think about real estateit's a tough industry because there'sliterally thousands and thousands ofagents right but it's really the 2% thatsell over 5 million a year and and whenI look at the how people do valuationsthey say it's a CMA or comparables butthere's so much more to valuation and asa as a commercial broker for years wejust looked at the numbers right but andyou've taught me so much about theemotional side of valuation give me someways how you bring the emotion intovalue in a house well it's funny youdon't always know what it is when youwalk into the right house you can spendall this money ondoing all the research and and thenpeople walk in and you'll even say Ineed to have this this in this when Iwent to went in this house and you walkin it might not have all those things onyour checklist but just feels right it'sthat this will feel you get when youwalk in a house that's it's just it's astaged right and it might not even beit's the furniture it's the paint colorsit's the it's the ambiance it's the theview the way when everything is placedcorrectly the scale is right the feel isright it just it just seems to be aperfect fit for youyou know it's funny I've seen you inaction you you sold I'm not gonna saywho the person was but you sold one ofmy toughest homes in Isleworth when wewere there and the client was tough andbut I loved about you is when I broughtyou in you interviewed the seller andyou've probably spent almost two hourswith that person hearing how they usedthe house you went into every room andhow they activated a room walked methrough that process I mean you I knowyou worked a lot of brokers in thatcapacity so what tell us what you do inthat in that regard well every house hasa story every house every room has apurpose so I think it's really importantto hear from the homeowner what they usethe room for and that might help youwhen you're staging it because peoplewant to walk in a house and know what itwas for what what its best use is evenif you make it better at least you havea good idea kind of the story behind ityou know what let's let's get past asfluffy stuff let's get to the money yesall right let's talk about the moneybecause I know staging to some people alot of the inexperienced agents theylook at it's just a cost it's expensivebut I've made a lot of money pardon mefor saying this I've made a lot of moneyoff you and your consultants let's getinto the economics of it what are thestats on staging well it's a differentten to thirty percent difference in thehomes that are priced yes yes but I meanin terms of a staged house how much itbrings on unstaged house one of thosestats well your it sells in half theamount of time and the amount of moneyit goes for you had told me and I'mgonna pull this the sheet up and theseare national statistics that you broughtto the table you said that across theboard that 85% of the time a house willbring at least 6% more as much as twentyfive twenty nine percent more right so Idid a little math here on a $500,000house that's thirty thousanddollars yes at the closing table that'sa lot of money do you see that oh yes Imean we see it but I'm you know you seeyou work a lot of other agent not justusyeah that's why station pays for itselfand some so people look at you knowthey're looking at the cost of what theyshould put into their house to factor inhaving it staged is really a bonus andyou you'll make it back and a lot oftimes times yeah but it's not juststaging Megan I would argue you knowwhen you came to my house and I had thatbig partyit wasn't the furniture you brought youliterally rearranged the furniture thatI already had in my house in my wife'slike oh my gosh it flows so much betterand it created conversations and stuffso it's not just the furniture such asthe stage and you really bring anexpertise of how rooms should beactivated and I know a lot of times whenI look at inexperienced agents andthey'll pull comps right they don'treally go out and look at those compsbut you mentioned 10 to 30% that this isa fact that when you look across theaverage buyer they will look at 10 homesover 10 weeks that's a NationalAssociation of Realtors statistic we seeit all the time and when you check withlenders lenders also say the same thinglenders will say you get pre-qualifiedfor five hundred they'll look at 450 upto 550 right so there's a big range it'swar right right and so when I look atthose the pictures and we go look atthose homes there's not that muchdifference but what really sticks out isthe immediate emotional peel you'll seebuyers walk in and they'll either go orthey just get quiet walk around it butto me $30,000 on a $500,000 house that's$60,000 that's just a minimum yet that'sjust a 6% walk me through what it coststo stage a house well typically it'saround $1,500 12 to $50 per room per mono no it's 200 about 200 odd room permonth that's all yesand there's move in move out fee so it'snot a huge investment and and the returnis incredible like you said you know alot of times they don't need a wholehouse staged you know some people mighthave some furniture that's perfectlyfine it's just how it's positionedbecause when you live in a house it'svery different when you go to sell it Iwent through our records and it isaround $2,000 homeright and I looked in our homes do youknow with the market the way it is todayhomes are selling in 60 days in a railsaround two to three thousand dollarstotal but you know we're known forgetting higher prices and I wouldimagine you see that across the boardright right now we contract with youyou're our you know designer of recordyou're you're a part of our valuationprocessdo you offer that to other brokers we dowe do we have some we have some Realtorsand some brokers have just Deauville notput a house in the market until we'vegone through and looked at it becauseit's a really important process of thepre marketing tool it's if to do itafterwards is it's a it's a bigdifference you want to get the mostimpact when you put the house on themarket you don't get that you know youonly get one chance to make that firstimpression right you know I look at youknow we all of our agents in the top 1%and they all they sell 5 million enoughif you think about 10 homes and 30,000each home I mean that that adds upquickly right yes that's a lot of moneyI was kind of trying to justify the costand play devil's advocate looked at amillion dollar house and I thought aboutall the spaces that you really consulton right you got the front yardcurb appeal the living room dining roomthree or four bedrooms there's 10 spacesright so if you think of a milliondollar home that's $100,000 per roomright mm-hmm and you're saying that ifyou get the least amount of upticknationally that's 5,000 per room rightand you're saying that you can stage thewhole house for less than 5,000 that'sright it's crazyand so walk me through like I know whenyou look at a room there's differentareas of the room the floor walls andwalk me through like what you thinkabout when you're choosing how a roomshould be laid out well we're looking atthe houses the homes architecture andits best features what what are the bestsellable features in this house is itthe view of the lake if it is we want towe want to take anything that blocksthat lake and we want to remove it wewant to show that that's a picture whenyou write all that out for the agent wego through either they write it out ofthe home what we have yeah one way orthe other but we make sure it's thatthere if it's a architecture if it's theceilingif it's a detail you know whatever thedetails are we want to make sure that'swhat's accentuated and a lot of timeswhen you're living in a house you have alot of extra stuffit's very common you know but when yougo to sell it you want to minimize itand and that includes sometimes takingdown those very expensive heavy drapeswe might want to either draw them allthe way or remove them when we'reselling a house because we want to showthe home and it's and as you know whatwhat is still in the house and a lot oftimes we're competing with newconstruction and new construction ispackaged perfectly it's new it's got allthe new bells and whistles so what canwe do to make this house compare to thathouse and a lot of times that isdecluttering and neutralizing and makingit more more sellable package that wayyou know I hear all that but as a guyyou know I'm a CCIM right and we we tryand apply commercial standards to theresidential market it's talk worth butthey don't anywhere teach you aboutthese things in real estate school oranywhere else and it's fascinating Istill can't get over the numbers heredid some quick figure in here you knowthat's an extra 150,000 a year to thebottom line for these agents and and youhave a program where you will lock ontothe broker and do all the homes rightyou do that for like no no right yes sotell us the services you provide LakeNona because they're wildly successfulover there yeah they do a wonderful jobwe just we go and we we look at thehouse before they're the Blissett and sowe give for before we list it I was onour house the other day and we walkedthrough and but you're doing that onbehalf of the Lake Nona firm correctright so the seller sees as as extrabonus yeah I don't pay for that do theyno no okay so it's a great throughmarketing tool and it helps them getready to help it on that like we saidyou don't put a house on the marketuntil it's perfectly ready so thepackaging is so important and sometimesit's really easy fixes I'm pink goes along way you can even paint of our wallpaper if it's done correctly so Megan Iknow you have you you have books you'vebeen on national television I believeyou're the largest staging company inthe world or Americaand I know you have a moving company youdo a lot of things so we're gonna we'regonna cover that in future shows tell mewhat your vision for for Megan Morristelevision is we would like to show allaspects of of the industry everythingyou do to make your house more sellablemore valuable more more beautiful morehow to entertain all kinds of tips andall kinds of things you know what got myattention I hear all that the numbers Ihear all that I have you know we're asmall firm you know 20 agents and I lookat they're closing in every single timeyou're involved our clients make moremoney we get better referrals it's amore enjoyable process the house sellsfaster I make a lot of moneyall I do as an adviser and I consideryou a home advisor evaluation expert notjust a stager I will tell you yourentire team blows me away every timethey come to one our properties aredressed right they're articulate theyreally add to the team and I actuallytell people you're a part of our team sothank you for all that you're welcome sotell me about the show how often yougotta do Megan Moore's TV and once aweek once a week okay yeah all rightwell thank you for having me all Societythank you for being here let's have youagain[Music]you[Music]

Home Staging Tips with Megan Morris, of MHM Professional Staging, LLC and Megan’s Moving. Follow Megan for more home staging, design and moving tips!

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Megan Morris, founder and CEO of MHM Professional Staging, LLC, is an accomplished home staging and design professional, outstanding business leader, and best-selling author with a multitude of accolades to her credit. She is an Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®), a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®), and a member of the Interior Redesign Industry® (IRIS®). Having worked in the professional staging industry for over twenty years, she has accumulated a host of tributes for her award-winning designs. Her expertise in visual displays and space planning has been recognized and honored in several design competitions. She has been responsible for production design on numerous television commercials including Nikon, Toyota, Nike, Acura, Werther’s, VH1, New York Life, and ESPN. Her designs have also been featured on BRAVO, HGTV, A&E, FYI, and The Cooking Channel. Her expertise has received national attention and she is considered one of the leading designers in her industry.

Working very closely with other professionals in the real estate market, she has been a valuable asset to home owners, real estate agents, banks, builders, and real estate investors by helping them make their properties stand out from the competition and make a valuable first impression. Morris earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and is a member of the National Association of Women in Business and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Additionally, she is a member of the Junior League of Orlando and supports the local arts including the Orlando Ballet, Opera, Philharmonic and Broadway series.

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