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Home Staging Tips from Design Master, Nicole Burke

[Applause][Music]hey everyone this is michael chan withheritage media network special guesttoday nicole Burt tell us tell us alittle bit about yourself your company[Music]and you really you live this out becauseI've seen the inside of your house andit's like beautifully designed and andand so you kind of not on the staging Imean you do everything from kind ofsmall items that complement thedecoration in a room all the way up todesigning entire interiors that's reallyremarkable and so when I learned thatNicole was doing this kind of stuff Ithought this there's probably a reallygreat opportunity for a partnership herebecause of course some the HeritageMedia Network side we do pictures andthe listings and the videos on your endyou do the staging and so I thought whydon't we do this little tutorial thatmight help people kind of know what todo when they're getting ready to sell itat home so you came with a little listyeah so give us your list what do peopleneed to do to get their home you can youdon't have to pretend like you're notlike you memorized when you walk into ahome I mean if you just visualize it foryour own self if you walk into a homeand it's messy there's stuff all overthe place there's like my office thatwe're in right now your eyes tend tofocus on all of that busyness as opposedto the beautifulness of the house so ifyou were to justmaybe pre-pack a little bit get somethings off the wall get some things offthe shelves just yeah vacuums we do ummaybe even pack up some furniture bagand storage really the the more that youcan showcase your space and make it seemlike that space is a bigger space thanthe better and you know I've often foundit there's some people that they may nothave tons of storage space so maybe whatthey'll do is like the marquee roomslike the living room the master thekitchen they'll make sure those aretotally cleaned out and then they'llfind another room that maybe isn't asimportant maybe a secondary bed andthey'll in a very organized way put thisstuff in it just because really therooms I think that sell houses are thosethree rooms and so you don't mean do youthink that's pretty good if you can'tput it in storage okay so that's goodwhat was the second if you really thedesign of the home when you stage isyour own home also so you also don'twant to lose your own self with yourlisting your house you just want to makesure that you have the clean house whenyou walk in and it's ready for picturesright one thing to really try toremember though too is that when you dohave someone come over and take picturesthe pictures definitely come outdifferent than when you're physically atthe house so maybe he was trying to keepthatyou know I don't know if you allowindependent sometimes there's sometimesthey are sometimes they know if it's notyou know ideal to declutter your kitchenwhen you're currently you know have abake sale tomorrow we're taking thepictures and clear things out for him totake the picture and then you can put itback if you really need that necessitything so here's the questions Nicole Ithink a lot of people will sort of getlike that or get some organized getstuff clean is there anything that couldactually go a step above that tobeautify the house you know that's likesimple not expensive what do you thinkfor me personally when I stage a home Ilike to pick a color and one color and Ilike to have that color throughout thehouse so that it's um it's notoverwhelming and it just ties everythingin and it makes the home feel like homenot like you're either walking into alakethere's nothing there or not like you'rewalking into a home man very hodgepodgeII in your your eyes don't really knowwhat to focus on first so if you kind ofjust make it very simple throughout yourhome and kind of the colors kind oftying in the design magnetizing then theperson who the perspective buyer whosewill actually walk you through your homecan more focus on the home and notwhat's on the walls are on the bed orwhateverthat's a brilliant insight and so youmight walk into a home and say okaywhat's a color that I could use that Icouldn't maybe put place in each roomthat when I provide this kind ofunifying threadso could you that'd do that with thingslike flowers candles those arerelatively inexpensive the repurposinganother thing that you would want tokeep in mind when you're taking up thetime I know decluttering and cleaningall that stuff takes time but you aretryingto sell an investment essentially so themore time that you put into thispotentially the more money you will getout of this so just keep that in mind Iknow that I'm actually currently movingmyself and it is a struggle but the moretime and the more energy you put in toprep your house do we listen and for thepictures to be taken the morewalkthroughs you're gonna get the moreactivity you're going to get online themore chances you're going to have forpeople who want to come and see yourhouse and hopefully ultimately the endresult is that you sell quicker and getmore money for your house yeah and Ithink no I think that's exactly rightbecause really wood when you're sellinghouses in most cases you're not it's notabout the facts actually it's it's aboutthese kind of stories that people tellthemselves about oh I want to live insuch and such a kind of house and I feellike part of our role as marketerswithin the real estate world is that wehave to we have to think about like whatare the kinds of stories for people inthis kind of housing bracket whatstories are they telling themselves andhow can I do photography and staging ina way that encouraged them to say likethat's the kind of place that I couldwe're in and I think the staging doesthat can do that the photography can dothat and we know I mean this is theresearch has been done on this but likephotography digital photographyphotography complemented by staging hashas a measurable I mean if you just lookat listingsgreat you can tell who has taken thetime to precinct none evenand just decluttering being clean all oflike if you see a listing like Irecently just saw one there was apicture taken of a bathroom and thebathroom just had bottles and makeup andit just like not put together and from Idon't know how everybody does but for meme me I focus on the mess and not theactual Oh was there double sink Icouldn't even tell you because I know meremember all I looked on with the stuffon the counter so that's the kind ofstuff I'm talking about is deep flutterclean and the design is fairly the easypart because you could just reuse thestuff that you already have I'm justtrying to be cohesive throughout thehouse and visualize yourself as someonewho's walking into the home and beingand if you obviously you've lived thereso you know what you appreciate of thathome so highlight that part of the housenow one of the advantages of hiringsomeone like Nicole to come into designwork or consultation work in this ditchwhen we live in our own house or NAR ownmess we don't see its problems or it'seasier to overlook them and so Nicolething come in and say hey this I thinkcould potentially be a problem I knowyou need the couch there because youknow sort of the patterns of life I meanwe can adjust it for the next two weekswhile people are coming to see it andI'll probably make the room look largermaybe we can put some flowers over herelittle brighten things up and you havethis kind of objective eye where youknow maybe you've never been in the roomthat's was that that was your third oneright yeah so then that was all I Iagree with all of those that I thinkit's it's invaluable that kind of adviceand its invaluable to have someone likeNicole who can come in and maybe offeradvice on how to rearrange currentthings maybe bring in new you knowpieces that could unify the house andjust make it really pop because I thinkin in the current market it's the housesthat can rise potentially to the top arethe ones thatwe've a remarkable impression not justlike a good impression but they areremarkable and I think that's reallywhat you try to do right is make a houseas remarkable as those little thingsthat help draw the buyers eyes to thosedo those great things and let's just beclear it's not about like hiding like ifyour house is a problem you should nevertry to hide it back okay you need todisclose it and all that stuff in thephotography we don't do you know likecrazy Photoshop work to hide faults ofthe house we show the house as it iswhat we're talking about is exactly whatyou said like what are the strong pointsof the house and how do you thenaccentuate those through you throughthings like staging or photography nowthere's one other thing sometimes wecome across empty houses you know wherethe worst vacant nobody's living thereand so there it's like cavernous it'salmost and we've come across situationswhere it's been beneficial we're notable to physically stage anythingbecause maybe there's no furniture inthere there's nothing in there but whereNicole threw some really interestingprograms conditionally staging it givesa sense of dimension to the vacant spaceyou can see what size table would thinkin that space and it just helps youvisualize yeah and you have a lot ofcreative control over the kind offurniture you put in there you can youcan do all that kind of colorcoordination right right but then againI think it's about helping peopleimagine oh I could live in a place likethat and so you put in this kind offurniture that really complements thespace and I think it again just helpspeople in that storytelling imaginingprocess with like wow I could live hereif I could make it look like that welland speaking of hiring so Ted talk to uslet's just conclude now say how couldpeople if they wanted to get in touchwith youis Burke designs and cocom you can findme on Facebook you can get to my websitefrom my facebook page to shoot me aprivate message and great thankseveryone Nicole thank you so muchawesome advice and yeah yet get somedigital staging together some realstaging done is definitely going to makethat house look remarkable so thankseverybody[Applause][Music]you[Music]

Nicole Burke (Burke Designs and Co, http://www.burkedesignsandco.com/) discuss tips on how to stage a house well when it’s for sale. We also offer a digital staging service, which can be ordered at heritagemedianetwork.com

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