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one of the most important rooms in thehome to stage is your bathroom are youstinking it up[Music]my name is Gary Wong from Gary WongRealty calm the author of the book onVancouver real estate and today we'retalking about home staging for yourbathroom you've been shooting a seriesof home staging videos and today we'rehere with Hans from mixed interiorswe'll be discussing more about stagingyour bathroomwelcome to the show again hunt helloGary okay so for homes taking yourbathroom it's not as simple as justthrowing up some towels on the rack andcleaning up the counters is it mm-hmmnormally people put on towels by thesame time what kind of towels are hardgonna put it and why are you puttingthereso towels we always suggest a cab ridecolor don't dump it black towers buy cutwhite towel would be like the best thingthat you can do okay over and it's cheapto get to if you're applying to stay toyourself yeah so towels normally wewould either roll them up to like howyou see from in the house oh yeah itwill create a more spa-like feeling whenyou're in the bathroom so we wouldnormally like real to two towels and putit on a counter top and then havingthree layers of towels hanging on theside toookay like what do you mean by threelayers so normally like if you if you goto Home sense or IKEA by a set of towelsyou should like the bigger one for yourhome and like this medium and it issmall so instead of like separating onthem put them all together and then putthem as layers so it looks more volumeand thicker when you hang it there andthen like I've seen like some developershow homes they have like the bathtuband then they have like a platter thatalmost oh yes yeah how is that play youdon't do that in every home do youwe don't do that in every home when doyou know when to use it so sometimeslike when when it's a separated tubthat's not like leaning against a wallwe would usually put that and when it'sin the center off the bathroom we willput that because that's really nicethat's the focal point yeah that's afocal point so you want to make it as asthe attention of all the buyers comingin their bathroom use as an asset sothat actually creates a really nicea more lively atmosphere when you walkinto it and you normally will also put abook on top of it okaynaked look look books always makeeverything looks and then what else doyou put on that platter we would putwine glasses so as you can see peoplenowadays always drink wine in the sametime in a hot tub realistic yeah okayand then so there do you put the platteryou put a book and you put a wine glassand then you'd fold you said for thetowelstriple-layer yeah Tripoli okay and thenwhat else so there are things thatexample that if there's walls that youcan't really like deeply clean it orthere's always like stains on the wallsI like the mildew the mold yes yes andnormally if you can't clean or you youdon't want to hire anyone else toactually like try to scrub it off weekyou can always cover it up with any kindof paintings or frames are normally likewe want to put a big painting in theocean we would rather put a three orfour different frames and put it likethis small gallery wall yeah or evenlike a consecutive for same paintings tomake it either first of all to cover outthe same the same thing to make this notjust boring bathroom yeah and then mostpeople they they have their own sparfsoap and then the other sponge and abunch of stuff like what do you do withthat then yeah so as the same thing wealways wanted to personalize the thingsso take away the things that are alreadyused but if it's a snoo soap you canhave it even if it's nice shaped you canalways leave it there and then you canalways buy two new soaps on the side andnot not just to make this more completeat the same time to make this look likeit's it's it's a practical and usefulevery other you can put things there tokind of fill in the creativity for thebiters okay okay and then what do you dowith the chemistry the counterspace wewould that's a summer that you can putsomething that may maybeof an accessory there so we would putlike a fake flower or maybe would putsomething that a diffuser to make thebathroom smells better okay okay yesthere may also be things that you wantto have a like Center can dollars ascented candle or is that like aslippery slope yeah that that may be notideal because you wouldn't like that upduring the showings and you even if youleave it there if you don't know aboutit you kind of lose a purpose ofcannabis as well okay so we would userather replace that as a vase orreplaces as a those diffuser with alllike those yes and yeah yeah ratherreplace like that and stuff okay cuzthat does like look more luxurious yesthat kind of a and then the cos I look Iwalk into a lot of homes where theystick their toothbrush on the on themirror and yeah goes mute like what doyou do with that you just tell them totell the homeowner to remove all thatyes it's actually interesting that wedid a partial project so as youmentioned that people who stick on theirteeth and then their toothbrush on themirror and then we actually walk intohis washroom and realize that everythingin there as theme like it's all aboutyellow baby ducks baby and yellow babyduck so I'm assuming they have childrenit's just I think it's just for is therehis wife I it's quite a baby duckfeather yes okay and you're walking thebathtub the curtain is about baby duckseverything's doing we just walking likeamazing so if you like baby dark orcommitted this so of course weunfortunately we have to explain andtell her why baby ducks are not a goodthing to stage it out and then we have atough time there but finally comes insorry to take everything off and then sowe put on other neutral blendings andsince it was so personalhaving all the baby ducks in there andand to touch both was on the mirror soas you just mentioned you will want totake those all things off because firstof all their useand then there your own stuff we're notsaying that it's dirty but it'ssomething that before it's reallypersonalyeah we're the buyers to watch ohthere's somebody else's toothbrushexactly yeah ice a brown but I guess butit's not necessarily the baby ducksbecause some people have a Hello Kittybranded kitchen exactly or not kitchenbut bathroom or like Carol Carol COPI orsomething like thatright yeah or Pororo or something likethat yeah but it's more like to try tohave no specific brand exactly to thatthe hunts you know I go into a lot ofthe washrooms and they have like thesefloor mats there and the homeownersfloor mats is like what do you thinkabout those so the format's they'rereally practical you know when you stepout you always want your wet feet onsomething at the same time it's it'sdisgusting that you don't want thebuyers to walk in and see like those wetand crunchy eyes on the bottom so alwaystake them away and make sure that thefloor is all clean and there's no seatcovers there's there's no things thatthat may seem practical and they use butnot as aesthetic and in the room likerugs and stuff like that it's like somepeople I know in the kitchen they putlike the soft spongy little things andsay and then I see the same thing inwashing - like in front of where peoplestand in front of the mirror they putlike a soft spongy memory foam kind ofyeah yeah you say no no I don't knowthat's a no-nobecause especially if it's like whiteand then there's like some black boxthat's not appealing right yes okay soit's better to just have it like justthat simple that's clean yes okay greatgreatI think that's a lot of information Ihope you have found a lot of value indeal and if you have more questions makesure you put them in the comment sectionoh you haven't done so already subscribehit the notification bell and stay tunedfor more videosrouting home staging so I'll see you inthe next video I know you're watching myvideos to learn about real estate you'vegot real estate questions I've got realestate answers so put your questions andcomments in the commentsbelow I do read all of my comments andif my team finds a particular comment tobe really goodthey'll pin it to the top and perhapswe'll make a future video on it so ifyou haven't done so already subscribeturn on the notification bells whereyou'll be notified of future videos andI strongly recommend to watch my othervideos over here[Music]

How to stage your bathroom? In this video, Operations Director of Miix Interiors Hans Teng joins Vancouver top realtor Gary Wong to discuss some of the best bathroom staging tips every homeowner should know about.

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