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hi there Amy Parker here for Parkerhouse designs so you've made thedecision to sell your housecongratulationsso I'm here today to talk to you alittle bit about home staging and tooffer you some tips on how to get yourhome and yourselves ready for going onthe market what is home staging homestaging is the art of preparing andshowcasing your home for the market it'sbasically taking some time to preparepre-pack get some cleaning anddecluttering done and to make someshifts and furniture to make it easierfor your potential buyers to get throughyour home oftentimes by the time we'refinished staging a house it doesn'treally feel like home anymoreso why does home staging matter afterall people ask me that all the timewell it's really important because 95%of buyers start their search onlinethey're gonna make a decision whether ornot they want to come through your homebased on the photographs that they lookat a really interesting statistic isthat somewhere around 63 percent of allbuyers and so that's all age ranges saythat the most important part of thelisting are the photos people ask me allthe time you know what our buyer islooking for and they're looking formove-in-ready homes that they can justsettle in unpack their boxes and startliving their lives and also startentertaining friends and family it'sit's tough when people have such limitedtime today so when they can just come inand move in it's perfect they're alsolooking for homes that have light brightopen and airy spaces and you can createthat in any room of your home so withall that being said I have a top tenlist of the things that you can do toget your home ready for the market toget the biggest bang for your buck we'realways talking about low-costhigh-impact items so take a look throughfollow the rest of this video it's goingto give you some great ideas and if youhave any questions beyond that feel freeto contact your realtor at century 21circa 72or contact me anytime my contactinformation will be at the end of thevideo thanks so much so here's the startof our top ten number ten is curb appealyou're gonna want to make sure that yourhome number is visible from the road andon your mailbox also do any yard cleanupthat's needed whether it's winter summerspring fall there's always a littlesomething that we can be doing in theyard to make sure that it's cleaned upand that there is a clear path to thedoor the other thing you can do if youdon't have a lot of landscaping you canalways add some seasonal plants whereappropriate usually on stairs or to markthe path on how to get from the drivewayto the front door number nine the entryif you have furniture that you set outon your porch or your deck to help butfeel more homey and welcoming have thatstuff out there people love it it feelslike they could just sit down and relaxfor a while people are trying toenvision how they're gonna live in ahome and that's a great way to startfrom the entry as a first impression goahead and add some seasonal plants tosome of those areas especially on backporches that's nice to add a splash ofcolor through flowers and things likethat for the photographs sometimesadding a fresh coat of paint to thefront door makes all the difference inthe worldit can look great fresh welcoming andlast but not least to add on a newwelcome mat to that front porchnumber eight is lighting be sure thatall lighting is functioning properlyboth on the inside and the outside ofthe house make sure your bulbs are allfunctioning and all the same color andare at the highest wattage possiblechecking those in lamps is good we tendto put lower wattage bulbs in lamps butwhen we've got the house on the marketwe want all the corners lit up so thebrighter the light bulb the betternumber seven get those closets andcabinets to a fifty percent capacityI know people kind of laugh at me when Isuggest this but an easy way to do thatespecially in your closets is to startpacking up last season's clothes you'renot gonna need themalso with the kids have them save out afew of their favorite toys and pack therestdepending on the age groups sometimesyou can easily pack things awaysometimes it's a lot harder for kids tolet go of their things there are ways todeal with that so having an appointmentwith a stager can really help you tomaneuver through some of those issueswhen using bulk items that you might buyfor your pantry like from Sam's Club orBJ's just don't replace in hugequantities you're gonna want to parethat down and also that means it's lessstuff for you to have to pack and takewith younumber six is all about windowtreatments you'll want to remove longand heavy draperies so that would workcan be seen and that all the naturalsunlight that comes in can be seen myrule of thumb is to make sure that thewoodwork is not covered so you can hangyour draperies wider and taller to allowthat to happen if you don't want toremove them altogethersome people need them for privacy sakeso we certainly work around that also ifyou have an amazing view allow yourbuyers to see it immediately by takingaway any of any distractions that windowtreatments can sometimes create thinkabout the window frame itself framingthe focal point it could be the biggestfocal point of the room or even yourhome so take full advantage of makingthat stand out more than anything elsenumber five complete minor repairspeople want to move-in-ready home theseare some of the small things that youcan do so we talked about low cost itemssometimes it's just yourtime to go through maybe in an afternoonor a weekend to get things ready to gothings like touching up paint on yourwalls in trim especially in high-trafficareas makes a huge difference and whenweather the house feels fresh or tiredclean or repair your grout and caulkingin the bathrooms these rooms are used somuch on a weekly basis that there'sbound to be little areas that can betouched up things that we would addresspretty much on an annual basis if youcan do that ahead of listing the houseit makes a huge difference you may alsowant to repair or replace lightingfixtures faucets exhaust fans anythingthat could show as a dated item orsomething that just might not be up topar it's not working well maybe anexhaust fan that's making a lot of noisewhen you turn it on it's well worth theinvestment to switch out for a new onebecause your buyers are going to beexcited about how ready the house isnumber four remove personal items andcollections this includes family photosexpensive collections things that areout in the open that people can see thatcan become a distraction when they'rewalking through the house we really wantto keep buyers eyes on what they'rebuying so that's typically flooringmaybe great countertop what about ifyou've done updates we want your buyersto pay attention to that and not getcaught up on your personal items tuckingthem away ahead of listing is reallygreat and it helps your buyers to havekind of a clean slate to look at thehouse and visualize themselves there theother thing to be really mindful of isif you have any medications whetherthat's for you or any pets in the homethat you would have all of your personalinformation on the label what Irecommend people do is go ahead and putthat all thosemedications into an opaque box with acover on it and put it into a closet ora cabinet maybe even in the kitchen justdepending on where you normally housethem to protect your personalinformation so here we are at the topthree items that you can do that willhelp you get the biggest return oninvestment when you list your homenumber three is lighten and brightenremember those lightbulbs check them outmake sure you've got them light andbright in every room open up the windowtreatments nice and wide letting in allyour natural sunlight the last thing onthis list is all about paint colors ifyou have really dark rooms or brightbright saturated colored rooms you mayreally want to consider changing over toa warm neutral color so that buyers caneasily see themselves in the room thatit's approachable and warm and relaxingsome bright colors can actually makepeople uncomfortable so it's importantto keep those neutrals in the mix sothat your buyers feel comfortable number2 home staging when you work with aprofessional home stager you get a freshperspective on your home we basicallycome in with the eyes of your buyer andhelp you to see the things that youdon't necessarily see when you're livingin the house day to day we're going toaddress form function design and allthose special focal points that aregonna help to sell your home through allthe marketing we want to sell your homequickly and for more money and worktogether in conjunction with yourrealtor to make sure that we'readdressing all of those items for youand appealing to your target marketnumber one is cleaning and declutteringclear all your surfaces to remove anydistractions that might show throughphotographs or when people are comingthrough the home show them how muchcountertop space they have by gettingthose areas cleaned off both in thebathrooms and in the kitchen anything ontop of cabinets or refrigerators shouldbe removed people tend to think youdon't have enough storage if you've gotthings out in the open and on top andyou're stacking throughout the housewe've reduce all of those assumptions byremoving all those distractions do a bigspring cleaning right before you go onthe market some people will hire thisout so that they can have a company comein and take care of it and then they'lljust deal with the maintenance you knowweekly tasks while they're on the marketmake sure that the house smells freshand clean but please don't useartificial scents like Febreze candlesor plugins some people have horribleallergies to them so it's good to nothave them in place for that but moreimportantly if those scents arethroughout a home and they're reallyreally strong people wonder if you'retrying to hide something if there's anissue where you've got some odorshappening in the house you'll want toaddress that and then just do regularcleaning so that you're not having toadd in these extra artificial scents soyour the biggest return on yourinvestment with anything you can do iscleaning and decluttering according to ahome game survey your return is eighthundred and seventy two percent valuableinformation to help you know exactlywhat to do with your home when you getstarted on the process of selling youwant to understand who your buyer is andmake sure you play right into their handthey want to come in and get excitedabout your home to fall in love withyour home through the visual photos allof that so help them see which you'veloved aboutyour home for all these years as you'regetting ready to pass it on to its newowneryou

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