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Are you thinking about selling your home?Maybe you've heard about staging and howimportant it can be in getting you topdollar for your home, but you'rewondering, 'Where do I start?'Well, don't worry the Wise Move AZ Team hasgot you covered!Today we're running through the basicsof how to stage your home, and we'restarting right now!Hi everyone! I'mLindsay and I'm a REALTOR® with the WiseMove AZ Team. My team and I serve theNorth Phoenix Metropolitan Area with afocus in beautiful Anthem, Arizona. Ifyou're new to our channel hit thatlittle subscribe button in the cornerhere. We put out new videos everyThursday and Sunday, with tips and tricksto help you navigate the wonderful worldof real estate! Alright, let's be real,pretty much everywhere you look you'llfind people harping on the importance ofstaging. So, I'm not going to do that herebecause I want you to stick around and Iwant to dive into the more fun parts ofstaging. So, suffice it to say thataccording to the National Association ofREALTORS® (and they do track this stuff) byfar, most agents said that homes that arestaged sell faster and at a higher price!That's what we all want, right? Todaywe're starting with the basics ofstaging. If the basics just aren't enoughand you're thinking, "No! I really wanted anitty-gritty breakdown of how to stageeach room in my house!" Don't worry, we'vegot you covered!We'll be posting room-by-room breakdownsnext so you'll find all of those videosright here! You can also hit thesubscribe button and you'll get anotification when those videos go live.Let's start with the difference betweendecorating and staging your home.Decorating your home is all about YOU, itshould reflect what makes you feel happy,comfortable, and at peace. This could beanything from a hot pink wall to littlecat figurines on every surface. You doYOU, when it comes to decorating. But wait!Staging is almost the complete opposite.It's the unselfish act ofdepersonalizing your home, to give itbroad appeal. You want something thatappeals to a broad range of potentialbuyers without looking stark or feelingsterile. It should feel warm and inviting!There are several inexpensive thingsthat you can do, that will have asignificant impact. You can get startedon these as soon as you decide you'reready to sell!#1: Decluttering andDepersonalizing your home. A good start todecluttering and depersonalizing isto remove all items that you won't needor use between now and when you move.This includes those little cat figurinesI mentioned earlier. I know from personalexperience that of all the stuff we own,there's actually very little that we useand need on a daily, weekly, or evenmonthly basis! Now, I'm not saying youneed to get rid of things that you lovebut you need to pack your stuff to moveanyway, right?! So doing it now will helpwith staging and make things easier whenthe house sells and it's time to move!When you're doing this, pay attention toremoving all mementos, family photos, andmemorabilia. Potential buyers need to beable to visualize their own items inthat space. That can be a little hard todo with a portrait of your great-grandmaon the wall staring at them! So, asdifficult as it may be, remove anypersonal evidence of you and your familyfrom your home. #2: Consider afresh coat of paint. Relative to theprice of your home, painting will giveyour home a fresh look and theimpression that it's well cared for.Paint that's dull, old, has chips, or isout-of-date gives the impression thatthe home is not cared for.#3: Keep it neutral! If you decide to paint,keep the main color neutral. That's righthot pink wall, you gotta go! You can stilladd a touch of color and personality tothe walls but keep it fairly neutral. Youcan always accent the touch of colorwith pops of more vibrant color, usingthrow pillows, cushions, flowers, andartwork. #4: Repairs! Make surethat all necessary repairs have beencompletedespecially minor repairs. That includesthat leaky faucet you pretend not to seeand that squeaky door you ask yourhusband to fix a year ago! We generallyrecommend that you hire a home inspectorto check your home for defects that maybe discovered by the buyer during theinspection period. This gives you theopportunity to make the necessaryrepairs so that they don't become anissue when you have a signed contractand during the closing process.#5: Thorough cleaning. Be sure to haveyour home deep cleaned in all theobvious places, but also those places youcan't see, like the top of cupboards,appliances, light fixtures, fans, and tallfurniture. I know, I'm WAY too short tosee up there, but some potential buyerswon't be! Windows and wall coverings areimportant too. When your cleaner hasfinished, your home should be dust anddirt free. Okay, so that's more thanenough to get you started, right? Startingwith our next video, we will begin aroom-to-room examination of the thingsyou can do to stage your home to improvethe length of time it takes to sell andthe price you'll get for it! Our firststop is the bedroom and Carolynn will betackling that one with you! That's it fortoday! Thank you so much for watching. Ifyou want more information on this topicmake sure you click the link below toread the full blog post on our website.We put out new videos every Thursday andSunday, so make sure you hit thatsubscribe button to stay up to date onall things Anthem and real estate. Andremember, if you or anyone you know islooking to buy or sell their home, pleasegive us a call! It's always the righttime to make a wise move with the WiseMove AZ team.

With all the information available on the internet, in the press, in blog posts and virtually everywhere you look, we don’t need to harp on you about the importance of staging your home.  Suffice it to say, according to the National Association of REALTORS® by far the majority of agents said that homes that are staged sell faster, and at a higher price.

Today we are starting with the basics of staging and going forward will post additional videos and blogs that go room by room through your home and even into your outdoor spaces to help you get your home staged for a faster and more fruitful sale.

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