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Home staging – the DIY options – Part 1. Decluttering

one of the hardest things to achievewhen staging your home for sale iscreating an open airy uncluttered feelhere is a surefire method to declutteryour home and have it looking best foropen homes and option day in every roomcreate three piles or if you have thembring in three big bins one is to showone is to throw the last one is to stowif items are too big to add to a pileyou can label them with post-it notesthe throw pile here it is your chance tolighten your load when moving objectsthat have been jamming up your freespace things you haven't used for agesthe snow pile typically this willcontain personal items that preventpotential buyers from picturing themliving in your space but that you simplycan't bear parting with these your snowunder the house or in another locationuntil your sale is complete finally theshow pile is the one that contains itemsthat present each room in its best lightfor example single pieces of furniturethat anchor the space so now you knowwhat are you going to show throw andstow once you decide that you'll havethe space of mind to begin staging yourhome for a successful sale
One of the hardest things to achieve when staging your home for saleis creating an open, airy, uncluttered feel.Here is a sure fire method to declutter your homeand have it looking best for open homes and auction day.In every room, create three piles.Or, if you have them, bring in three big bins.One is to Show. One is to Throw. The last one is to Stow.If items are too big to add to a pile, you can label them with Post-It notes.The throw pile. Here it is, your chance to lighten your load when moving.Objects that have been jamming up your free space.Things you haven’t used for ages.The stow pile. Typically, this will contain personal itemsthat prevent potential buyers from picturing them living in your space,but that you simply can’t bear parting with.These you will stow under the house or in another locationuntil your sale is complete.Finally, the show pile is the one that contains itemsthat present each room in its best light.For example, single pieces of furniture that anchor the space.Now you know what you are going to show, throw and stow.Once you’ve decide that, you’ll have the space of mindto begin staging your home for a successful sale.

Feedback suggests that having a professional stage your home for sale typically has a positive impact on the sale price. However, the cost for these services can add up. Not only are you paying for professional advice, there’s furniture rental to consider, and it can be a prohibitive line item on your listing budget.

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