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honey Susan brasov Susan Barossacoast-to-coast interior's I'm here inone of our stage properties in DamascusMaryland at the property that we did forone of our regular realtor's RhondaMortensen and it sold pretty quicklyit's a really cute flip up here inDamascus and people really like thingsgo - ready move-in ready so this one'sall pretty quickly for us I just wantedto talk to you real quick about some ofthe terminology when you're calling tomake an appointment with us there thereseems to be a little bit of confusionand you know we can get through theconversation a little bit quicker andget what you need it the sooner we allare on the same page so I just wanted totalk to you a little bit so first of allyou might want a home stagingconsultation home staging consultationswe go through the property and we give anice checklist but that's not somethingall stagers do but we take great pridein our checklist here as Susan BarossaCosta Cousins interiors and ourchecklist includes anything from keepthe toilet seat down some some stagingsuggestions for the kitchen how to maybereduce some shelving that you might havethat's always a tough one betterfurniture layout and even we'll go asfar as providing some suggestions foryou to to do any updates you might needto do to a bathroompaint colors light fixtures flooring ifthere's anything like that that you wantto do we'll be more than happy to helpyou out if you don't know where to startwith that the other thing that we do iswe do a preview so preview is what a lotof people seem to call me up it's ahandy and consultation then I mean youdon't need a consultation your house isvacant excuse meyou really just need me to come outthere and give you a preview excuse meso what we do with our previews is I'llwalk through take some pictures takesome notes discuss which room to mycondo stage and go from there and thenI'll give you an estimate so I do mypreviews for free I can also seepictures and and and get a good ideafrom that point and go forward and giveyou a free estimate so the other thingwe do of course is home staging but Ican't tell you how many people call meup and say hey I need some home stagingand they are really just looking for ourconsultations so home staging weactually come in andcome in whether it's an occupiedproperty or it's a vacant property andwe'll be more than happy to bring insome furniture maybe some - s arees orwhatever it needs to do the interiormarketing get that house sold appeal tothem to the local market appeal to themass market you know every property isdifferent and we we really read thatproperty and and highlight its bestfeatures at selling features for all tosee so just give us a call anytime we'llbe more than happy to discuss with youand and get you what you need to getyour houses sold here in the DMV thankyou so much and we'll talk to you soon

What to ask for when you schedule your home staging needs.

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