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Home Staging ~ Redesign Handbook, Harmony Tales Episode 1: Helping people. What does that mean?

hi welcome to Harmony Home Stagingincorporated it's very first webcastthank you for being here my name is MaryLuckman and I've been staging homessince 2006 I've written a book calledthe Home Staging redesign handbook Icreated the book to help other homestagers start their own business as wellas if you have a business and you feellike it could use maybe a little morestructure this probably be a good bookfor you within the book I share somestories I call them tales from thetrenches some of them are prettyhumorous I share the stories as well asthe lessons that I learned from thosestories and I thought it would be fun tocreate videos that kind of does the samething so that's what I'm doing today andI believe that every project has alesson in it and I'd like to share someof those with you and hopefully you canlearn the lessons along with me today'svideo I wanted to talk about helpingothers I talked about that in my bookand I know it seems like common sensethat were out there to help others but Ithink that sometimes well my ownexperience sometimes I can get a littlelost in my own rules and recommendationsand the process and I forget what I'mactually there to do I can tell you whenI arrived to a property as soon as I getout of my van I go to the other side ofthe car I open the door and I go to getmy briefcase and my thought is I'm hereto help this person and but helpingpeople can mean a lot of differentthings it seems like when I'm walking upto the door I'm thinking my idea ofhelping them is I'm gonna help them selltheir house right now me isn't that whatI'm there to do yet the minute I walk inthe door the idea of what's going to behelpful to them can change it canactuallychange throughout the appointment andthat's kind of something I wanted toshare with you today some people willneed helpdisconnecting emotionally from theirproperty that's something I had tosomething I was able to do for a clienttoday some people will need more helpjust getting organized organizing thatto-do list figuring out priorities andsome of those things have nothing to dowith what I'm going to be doing for thembut this is how I can help them and somepeople might need help working throughthe loss of a loved onenot everybody is moving for happyreasons so the lesson in this it is thathelping people can make take manydifferent forms and sometimes it's justsupporting them emotionally through theprocess of selling their house homestaging is a service to others and Ifeel like it is my job to make myclients life easier as well as theRealtors that I work with my job is tomake their lives easier to write my nextvideo thank you I hope that I hope youfound this video helpful in some way andmy next video I plan to share a littlebit of an experience that happened todayand I'm going to call it don't losefocus even when you're getting a littleattitude so thanks for joining me andget out there and stage those houses andget out there and help others thankshave a wonderful day

Home Staging ~ Redesign Handbook; A book designed to help Home Stagers start a business or improve their business. The book is available through HarmonyHomeStagingInc.com website.These videos are “Tales from the Trenches” based on real on-the-job experiences.

This video talks about what it means to help your clients. It may end up being in a way that you didn’t expect when you arrived.

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