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Home Staging Mistakes series – # 6

good morning everyone this is Sveta fromHome Staging step-by-step and this isnumber six in my home staging mistakesseries now today I want to addressanother sensitive topic and that is ofwhy people should deep personalize theirspace I get a lot of questions on thatand what does it mean so let's startwith something simpleanything that is personal to you or yourfamily in general should be removed sosomething that is easy to understand isany kind of collection whether it'smagnet teapots sports items you knowplease put it away in a box because itis visually distracting to whoever comesto your house and it's not reallyimportant for sure showing the house offthe other items that should be removedas well is your diplomas or the trophiesthe same thing you know we don't wantpeople to look at who you are we wanttwo people to focus on your house nowwe're moving on to photographs and thatis becoming a little bit more sensitivebecause a lot of people have photos oftheir kids or their families on thewalls yeah that's okay for them but whenyou put the house on this on sale youdefinitely should try to remove them forthe same reason visually distracting wedon't want people to judge or to thinkand who is in the house and why they'reselling not important we want them tofocus on the house so if you do havelittle holes after you remove the photosyou can always put a big neutralpainting instead the last part which isthe worst is anything that has to dowith politics or religionso again you know it's some religioussymbols I know people will not want toremove but just think about it sowhatever religious symbols you do havein the house and you feel comfortablewith putting it away temporarily pleasedo so because you don't know who isgonna come in to visit your house whattheir religious beliefs are and it'sbetter to keep things neutral so I hopethis tip will help you to get your houseready we have a lot more informationavailable on Home Staging step-by-stepcom there is a quiz for you to take soyou know what things you needdo to get your house ready we also havea free ebook for you to download soagain it's Home Staging step-by-stepcalm thank you and have a lovely day

You must remove as many personal items as possible, so people can see themselves in that space!

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