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Home Staging Mistakes series – # 5

good morning everyone this is Sveta fromHome Staging step-by-step and this isnumber five in my home staging mistakeseries now today I would like to talkabout something that most people don'tlike to talk about and that is the odorand a lot of times I get asked by realestate agents to discuss this with theirclients because they are too embarrassedto bring it up and it could it can bevery awkward indeed so each house hasits own particular smell but when youlive in it you don't notice it now somethings can be pretty obvious and can beeliminated rather quickly so for exampleif you have a cat or a dog make surethat the litter is changed every day ifsomebody smokes in your house that hasto be eliminated no more smoking at homeyou have to check for humidity smells orif you have any particular type ofcooking with very strong smells such asgarlic onion fish spices all of that hasto be eliminated but even when you doall that there is still a chance thatthe actual house has a particular smellwhich is kind of impregnated so how doyou deal with this well my suggestion isto have a friend but preferably somebodywho does not come to the house on aregular basis and you explain to themwhat you're trying to do and you askthem to be very very honest so when theywalk in they can tell you whether yourhouse smells and if so what exactly doesit smell off and then you have to dealwith it because if you don't a lot ofpotential buyers will be deterred frompurchasing your house because when thehouse smells funny people don't like itand they kind of tend to forget aboutthe other positive qualities that thehouse might have so this is my tip ofthe day if you would like to get moreinformation please go on our websiteHome Staging step-by-step comm we have afree self-assessment quiz for your houseon the website you can also download ourfreeebook and you can sign up for ournewsletter and get a lot more of thosetips and this is fetter from HomeStaging step-by-step comm have a goodday

Your house odor could deter potential buyers. Beware!

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