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Home staging mistakes series – # 3

good morning everyone this is Sveta fromHome Staging step-by-step and this isnumber three in my series Home Stagingmistakes so so far we have looked lookedat a couple of very important things oneof them is that you need to beemotionally detached from your houseonce you decide to put it on the marketI realize that it is not an easy thingto do but you need to be objective andcritical the other thing is you need togo and do some really good competitiveanalysis and market research you have tolook at the other properties on themarket in your area what have sold whatis selling now what are the prices whatare the conditions of the properties andthat is crucial in being able todetermine the proper price as well aswhat kind of staging and preparation youwill need to do the other small thing Ido want to mention mentioned today ifpossible please have your Realtorscoming in only after you have done yourstaging because when the property looksamazing chances are in your Realtorswill recognize that and will give you ahigher valuation on your property themain focus of this video though is todiscuss a difference between homestaging and decorating and that's aquestion I get all the time so thedecorating is something that is personalwe decorate based on your own taste andas far as the environment that you likewhere the the staging is completely theopposite in fact we are decorating notfor yourself you're staging it for thepotential buyers who come in so becauseyou don't know who it's gonna be it hasto please as many people as possible andtherefore it has to be neutral and warmand spacey and something that looks likea model home as much as possible ofcourse if you would like moreinformation on this and as well as getsome free tools and information that'savailable please go to our website HomeStaging step-by-step calm you will findin a self-assessment quiz there we alsogive a free e-book on how to stage yourhouse on a tightand a lot of other good stuff is comingalong we will have an online programavailable soon which will teach youeverything you need to know aboutstaging your house like a pro andselling it for top dollar so stay tunedhome staging step by step calm thank youhave a great day

Donโ€™t decorate please! The difference between home staging and decorating ๐Ÿ™‚

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