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Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Interested in finding out how to maximize your equity and sell in the least amount of time possible? Home staging is your key! Melissa Marro is one of the best known stagers in the US. Having grown not one, but two large home staging companies, one in FL and one in SC, in the last decade, her no-nonsense marketing techniques can help transform any staging business into a top producing local brand. Her company, Rave Home Staging, a Jacksonville, FL based staging and training company.

Melissa is answering live questions and sharing home staging tips, tricks and shortcuts every Monday at 9:30am Eastern Time https://www.facebook.com/ravehomestaging/


* 3 Day New Home Stager Classes – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/classes/3-day-new-home-stager-classes/
** Master Series Class: Vacant Property Specialist 2.0 – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/classes/master-series-class-vacant-property-specialist-2-0/
*** Realtor Continued Education – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/classes/realtor-continued-education/
**** Home Staging Certification – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/classes/home-staging-certification/
Rave Home Staging
3811 University Blvd W, Suite 32 Jacksonville, FL 32217
904-379-5523 | admin@rave-jacksonville.com
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Melisa is in the TOP 100 BLOGGERS:
– How to make the most money after staging your previously listed home – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/blog/how-to-make-the-most-money-after-staging-your-previously-listed-home/

– Top Mistakes Real Estate Fix and Flip Investors Make – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/blog/top-mistakes-real-estate-fix-and-flip-investors-make/

– How long does it take to stage your Jacksonville, FL home? – http://rave-reviews-home-staging.com/blog/how-long-does-it-take-to-stage-your-jacksonville-fl-home/

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