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three days when I'm just this closethat's one we do group that's when we dogroup texts yeah wait there's three ofus maybe four of us that would just belike oMG WTF you know it's just like astring of and then we just like give thename and it's like we don't really haveto say much else it's just like why arethey such a blah blah blah oh it'susually I mean I hate to say it it'susually the realtor really it's usuallythe you know I think Realtors by natureare people pleasers and so they want tomake everybody happy except for us we'rejust a vendor right we're not part ofthe transaction to them yeah and we viewourselves as part of the transaction wewant to be as helpful as we can but youknow they don't understand what it takesto make our business go and so they'llliterally call us like oh by the way thehouse you know they'll tell us onTuesday oh by the way the house closesit you know Thursday at 10 a.m. it'slike we had we had one vendor or one oneagent tell us Friday at 5:30 house wehad the house scheduled eg staged onMonday right Friday at 5:30 said oh bythe way the house closed todaywe forgot to tell you when can you comeand get this stuff it's like dude youknow if the house closed on Fridaythey're moving in this weekendit's the end of the day when do youthink we're gonna get it Paul McCartneyand wings here on WS we're live on arainy Monday it's kind of wet and rainyout there will be all day today butit'll feel kind of summery you know hightemperatures close to 80 degrees MelissaMorrow on this the third day of Decemberit's hard to believe it's alreadyDecember where did the Year go justflies by you're like I am and I'll tellyou as you get older the whole year goesby faster it feels like it wasValentine's Day yesterday well I mean Iturned 50 this year so on 2019 I turned50 so I'm not probably that much youngerbut but yeah oh well thank you I'll takethat um but yeah I do find that timegoes by a lot faster you know it's funnymy my daughter she's 22 and she had a Iwould say probably when she's at 17 shecame up with the philosophy as to whytime goes by faster as you get older andI was amazed by her insight into thisit's because a year as a portion of yourlife becomes less and less so whenyou're little you know you're three orfive or you're ten a year it's such along percentage of your life and thenwhen you know you're 50 it's such asmall percentage of your life that itseems to perceptively go by so muchthat's pretty deep right there I knowshe was like 17 I thought that wasreally impressive for a 17 year oldthinking all sorts of thoughts of Marknearly as detailed or deep right yeah Iknow that's that's good it's a good signyeah yeah I think so well saguaro ishere with us the farm that song they'rejuniors farm from Paul McCartney we everdone a farm never staged one about afarm but like one of those big housesto ten you know that has the barn outback we haven't we've done some ruralproperties out in the st. John's areabut we haven't done any of the big farmwell actually I think we did a big ofharm in Middleburg ones but otherwisenot not too much in the way of farmlandwhat's different when you do that like arural piece of propertyI'll say one of the big differences isthat we have to be clear with ourunderstanding of really who the buyer isyou know if they've got horse barnsyou're gonna put in a more horsey kindof stuff in there you know you are we'relikely to see cows and chickens andrural type accents and the property asto when you're out at the beaches you'regonna see more coastal those kind ofthings and understanding that but reallyit's that the house is likely to sitlonger than then other areas becausethere's such as much smaller buyer poolright there's a certain group of peoplethat want a home that has a barn in theback exactly rightinteresting hey you're just tuning inthat's Melissa Morris she's live with usthis morning and this is the time wespend with her we talk about real estateissues and especially home stagingthat's what she does she's the proudowner of Grave Home Staging right herein Northeast Florida and of course theystaged homes and allows the homes tosell much much faster and sell either ator above you know the asking pricetypically it's an amazing process towatch and it has a great track recordover the last several years and it'salways amazing to when I see all theopen houses like on Saturday mm-hmm andyou walk into and still I mean it's goodfor your business the vast majority ofthem are not staged they are not it justblows my mind and they're not even youknow I'm gonna say they're not stagedbut they're just not even ready readyfor the market there's still dishes inthe sink and they haven't cleaned outtheir closets they haven't done theyhaven't done any prep work it's likethey woke up this morning and said heylet's sell our house and did nothing todo that if you were to sell your car youwould at least wash it and detail itright shouldn't you do as much with yourhomeI remember going against the one time inMarsh Creek years ago to look at it andthere was a dirty laundry everywhere thevents weren't made and the realtor wasso put now he was like he kept callingout the name of the owners you knowbecause he thought they were still therebecause it was so nice right like thetoaster oven was still odd oh my gosh Iliterally had just run out the door youknow yeah and it's just it's you knowthere's a part of you that you knowyou're interested in how to see otherpeople live but then there's you knowthe sort of voyeuristic part that someof us have but then there was thatreally that uncomfortableness it's likeI've violated somebody's space you knowit was so not ready to be shown wellthen you know when when you do that andyou have that feeling that you violatedsomebody else's space it it's virtuallyimpossible for you to then turn the dialand think of it as your space that youare going to imagine you living in thathouse and if you can't imagine yourselfliving in that house you will never makean offer felt like you were breaking andentering which is just not the mindsetas a realtor you want your potentialbuyer to happen right well and I've seensome houses staged by other companiesand I walk in and I chuckle because theykind of set it up so that it looks likeyou just walked in and you interrupted adinner party or something like literallyI remember the one house that sticks outin my brain is there was a dinner tableand they had like fake steaks and bakedpotatoes and stuff like that on onplates of dinner table and then therewas like a a cloche with a fake cake andcupcakes and things like that and we'lldo the cake and cupcakes and those kindsof things in the kitchen sometimes andand make it seem warm and friendly youknow like you're getting ready to haveyou know you've got a nice big kitchenit's great for baking kind of give thatkind of signal but you don't want it tolook like somebody just left dinner sothat you could show the house oh I leftmy steak dinner and baked potato at thetable come on and see a house there's nolimits freaks office yeah well what'sgonna just lots of things that make adifference this is you know when yousell something especially one of theone of the more expensive assets thatyou'll ever own there's a psychologythat goes into all of that and that'swhat really what you do it is we'rewe're masters of psychology in that wayand it's fun because I get to teachRealtors to how to start thinking alongthose ways one of the things that I findso interesting about the real estateindustry is this state teaches Realtorsthe law and the brokers teach them howto fill a pipeline of business butnobody ever teaches Realtors actuallyhow to sell a house there's not classesfor we're actually creating classes forit the beginning of the year to startteaching locally and then nationallythat process because we have found overthe course I've been doing this for 14years and whether it was in CharlestonSouth Carolina or down here in st.Augustine Jacksonville Florida Realtorsdon't understand the business becausethere's nobody that teaches them what itactually takes to understand the buyerpsychology of the business and you wouldthink - well if we ever have a slightslowdown in the housing market that'sgonna become that much more important Iguess at this stage people think oh themarket is booming and I guess alsobecause of that they think oh the marketis booming houses sell really quicklywhy do I need to stage my home wellfirst off I'll say the market might bebooming in some areas but right now weare actually starting to see pocketswhere the market is really slowing downI have one house that we have staged andI'll say that right before it went onthe market like the comps were greatwhen it went on the market and literallytwo houses were listed within a week ofit hitting the market and one house waslower than that and the next house waslower than that so we're actually seeinga decline in market price in some areasbut whether the house whether the marketis going up or down the reason to stageis because you're going to have a betterpresentation to buyers which creates theperception of value I don't know we dida blog post last week on our Facebookpage and Payless Shoes did an experimentand they called it pale SE and they tookover an Armani store that was going outof business and it still had all of theprops in the armystory and so they actually set up aPayless store in an Armani for theprevious storefront with all thehigh-end props inside of it and theyraised their payless shoes prices tolike six hundred and fifty dollars for apair of boots and people came in and sawthis store that was set up like inArmani and the name was pale se and Iguess they just didn't say it out loud Idon't know but they actually werewilling to pay six hundred and fiftydollars for a pair of payless shoesbecause the value perception was insidethe store it is it's it's it was a greatshow of how staging can create theperceived value in something I meanthink of how much money every marketingcompany spent every everybody who has aproduct to sell spends on marketing tocreate the perception of value for thatproduct and if you're not doing thatwith your home then you might as well bea discount company at that point whenyou're selling your product and in thatcase when there's a sign in the yard andthere's a price tag affixed it is aproduct it is no longer your home it's aproperty it's house it is a product andit's time to be marketed it as MelissaMario she's with us live and of courseshe is the proud owner of a brave HomeStaging she and her team of courseoperate all around Northeast Florida youcan learn more by following them onFacebook a lot of great informationthere just like their page rave HomeStaging that's rave Home Staging you canalso call if you have any questionsmaybe you're going to be listing yourhome at some point in 2019 haven't doneit yet you're just kind of kicking itaround she would be a great person totalk to pick her brain a little bit youcan call her at nine oh four three sevennine five five two three and that's nineoh four three seven nine five five twothreeso there is a question good morningeveryone I've got a lot of people tuningin this morning thanks okay so do youwear what I stage very modern I don'tthink there's a lot of areas inJacksonville that I would do very modernbut if I were it might be some points inthe Riverside area or possibly down somedowntown areas I think there's some newloft spaces downtown and those might bevery modern but in Jacksonville we'renot gonna see a lot of super modernmodern there are some mid-century modernproperties that were built in the 70s ofcourse here that still have theappearance of being very mid-centurymodern and so I you know I would addmid-century elements to those I wouldn'tgo you obviously country or anythinglike that but generally speaking we finda transitional look where you're alittle you have some modern elementswith the traditional vibe to it being agreat lookin most Jacksonville areas whether it'sthe burbs or downtown transitional typestaging is kind of what we're known forand what we find really works in thisareanice to see so many people on out of myday maybe it's cuz it's rainy outsideand nobody wants to go out there get tosleep in although mainlyso what other questions you guys got forme on my brakes while the radio isplaying unless you just want to see meyou knowbebop to the music again does thisweather slow you're moving people duringSousa it can if it's really bad today ismore dreary than raining drizzly whenit's super super rainy outside and it'spouring rain yeah we're not gonna havethem move furniture in the pouring rainso usually they'll try to get to andfrom of course at the warehouse theythey've you know they're not going toget wet coming and going there but whenwe are actually a location usuallythey'll just sort of sit in the drivewayor sit at the road and hope for a timewhen the rain is gonna stop pouring downso much and then of course they takeprecautions to make sure the housedoesn't leave any dirt or mud oranything as they traipse in the house sothey will have moving blankets down toprotect the carpeting make sureeverybody's wiping their feet as they'recoming and going so they're not bringinganything into the house well I got thismoney from Canada join me who's hereI Susie niceAdrian you're in candidates who aren'tyou feel like you are maybe not but Ifeel like super in my brain you are butI'll say that those from Canada theirwedding impacts they're staging a lotmore than it impacts ours here mighthave some rain but we're not gonna havefreezing cold although everybody fromCanada what a probably appreciated overfrom the north probably would haveappreciated that last week while I wascold here how cold was it here last weeklike in the 50s that pretty mucheverybody on the staging team when theywere in there picking up work bundle uplayers deep hot chocolates everybody's awinner that's certainly the case ifyou're selling real estate and youchoose to stage your property as opposedto just putting it on there and sayingthat didn't sell for the first few weeksso let's knock that price down ten orfifteen grand right that's one of thosethings that burglars teach them aboutfilling the pipeline is constant pricereductions if the house doesn't selljust knock the price down it they don'tbelieve it has anything to do with thehouse itself that you know the the priceis king and the reality is that we canoften save you a lot of equity simply bystaging and it's much less expensivethan a price reduction yeah I was likelooking at the real estate sectionnewspaper down here on Saturdaysfollowing this house there were Pelicanbrief a very nice upscale neighborhoodover on the island that's fairly new andit has gone from in the 700s and youknow down to like 629 I think matter ofjust maybe three or four or five monthsthat's a big ol head I mean you can youcould stage that home for a couple ofgrand at least give that a whirl becauseyou can tell when you go online nothinghas been done to stage this place youknow it's nothing yeah well a coupleweeks ago we actually staged a housethat had been listed last year and whenI say last year I mean 2017 it had beenlisted and it was listed I want to sayfour five forty-nine something like thatand it was on the market for over eightmonths and didn't sell and so they tookit off the market and then earlier thisyear they put it backon the market it was on the market forsix months and it was not selling andthen they staged it and it went undercontracts within two weeks Wow andwhat's key about this this is the storythat Melissa can tell you over and overand over again with very specificexamples of homes right here in st.Johns County in Northeast Florida whereyou know they're staged they sell andthey sell for either at or above askingprice yeah we don't know where thishouse is going to end up selling and andof course if we had been brought in fromthe beginning there was a much betterchance it would be closer to list pricebecause understand the one thing that wecan't change is saging is how long it'sbeen on the market so if you've waitedstaging now is better than just doing aseries of price reductions because thetruth is that price reductions don't doanything to make the house moreappetizing to a home buyer if anythingit actually makes the home lessappetizing because they wonder what'swrong with it why did nobody else wantit it's already been rejected multipletimes it's sort of like buying things onclearance you can get a great deal on itbut do you always love it when you getit or you just find it because it'scheap right yeah you talk about thepsychology this whole home buyingprocess - that has changed sodramatically if you remember you knowmaybe it was before the Great Recessionor even coming on afterwards but as themarket was starting to dial back up youknow if a home is on the market three orfour months you didn't think that washorrible now if a home has been on themarket for four or five weeks you'relike well what's wrong with itoh yeah absolutely why didn't it sayyeah what's wrong with it um is theimmediate question really and not that'shitting right around 14 to 21 days sothat's 14 to 21 days you can guaranteeif your house is on the market yourrealtor is ready to talk with you abouta price reduction and my philosophybecause it's it's a proven strategy wesee it over and over and over again isthat rather than reduce the price get usin here so we can help you stage yourhouse if buyers if you're getting peoplewalking through your house it's not theprice now if you're not getting peoplewalking through your house it probablyis the price it's either the pictures orthe price or both so they're not meetingbuyer expectations where they evenwant to come and see your house at thatpoint but if they're coming to yourhouse it's not the price it's thecondition of the house and that's whatneeds to change it's not meeting by ourexpectations when they're inside of itright well once again tomorrow knowsfirst stuff when it comes to helping youor a friend of yours a family membersell their home I find it hard tobelieve that she won't know someone inyour circle of friends people that youknow during 2019 are not going to be atleast considering going into the marketand selling a home or perhaps a rentalproperty that they have so get in touchwith Melissa with any questions that youhave you can always find her on Facebookthat's a great way to connect with raveHome Staging just search rave HomeStaging on Facebook like their pagethere's a lot of great information ofcourse a lot of us are just plaininterested in the real estate world isjust a lot of fun it is fun and learningthe psychology is really a lot of funand seeing how much the real estateindustry has changed thanks to theInternet and thanks to cable TV yeahyeah Lissa Morrow is here with us andonce again check her out on Facebookwe'll be back so I'm gonna write anarticle this week about hmm pair ofLissa I guess a listener sisters one ofthem lives here locally one of themlives in another state their mom passedaway and they had to sell their mom'shouse and they called us in because theylistened to the radio show so I'm gonnayou know tag the radio show and stuff onthat but give a little give a littlestory behind all of that and see it wasa very successful sale my understandingis they were very happy was house is alittle over a half a million dollars soI think that'll be a good little a goodlittle story about the success for oneof your radio listenersyou know we could do it all remotelypretty much and even even if it's whereit's well beyond and it needs to go tosomebody that buys homes cash orsomething like thatwe know all those people so we canconnect those dogs yeah usually it'sbest for them to call us before theyeven contact the realtor yeah that's atough message to get across but yeah Imean we're referrals yeahflippers are our number one customerbase but Realtors will be their ownsource of referrals yeahand the reason flippers our biggest baseis because they only care about the ROIyou know they're used to making aninvestment in something to get money outof it yeah I mean more money they canget them for their Commission is yesthey buy em yeah so I just don't it's aphilosophy that I don't understand andthe only thing I can think of is most ofthe time they're it's one of the reasonswhy I do so much educating is they don'twant to bring us in because they'reafraid that they're gonna get askedquestions that they don't know theanswers to and so they would rather justnot bring us in why would your defaultbe price well and it's so bad for yourbrand I mean when I when I see onInstagram and you know Facebook andwhatever and I see you know Wednesdaysare the typical price reduction day asthey hear it exactly because I wanted togo in the hot shoe for the weekend andto see listing after Lisa listing afterloosing it says price improvement priceimprovement it's like what you didn'tknow what you were doing the first timeyeah bring any offer seller motivatedplease stop doing nodscan you just believe girls an offer Ijust did it offer I mean right I knowthat's what it feels like sometimes holycowd I love that idea I will talk toCameron and see if he wants to come onlook maybe I'll see if Kyle wants tocome on at some point toohow are you[Music]oh yeah okay what do they call that whensomebody comes behind you like that um Inobody gets a run for itso what's that called she does it allthe time they're like 20 meters orwhatever yeah so we'll know the answerif she's on here yeahcreeping this no no that's somethingdifferentum so why does that call when somebodyjumps a no picture but they don't belongin they don't belong in because it's apicture with somebody else I meantotally fine with Kevin being in thispicture but what is that call that'scalled something I'm just gonnaphotobomb you're gonnayeah see we're almost the same oh wellI'll take it I turn 50 in April thankyou you know my thought keeps this goodnice and puffy thanks I'll take itno yeah 150 and a century babemy husband turns 50 in January and wewere discussing what he wanted for his50 party and and sort of something thatI said I was gonna invite my sister andfor his party and I says well wait mysister lives I've won two sort ofMichigan and one Kentucky maybe I shouldwait for my 50th to invite them becauseif they come for yours you're not gonnacome for mine it's like I said wellmaybe we should just like do it in likeFebruary or March and Jill combined thatsounds scary to 50 year olds that havebeen together for over 30 yearsyeah and basically it's 30 so it'sreally a 160 party oh dear dear heavenshe didn't have a lot of edits but thatwas a big one back from the mid-70s AlanO'Day he run W so s four minutes downbefore at 10 o'clock wet and rainy allday today but lots of sunshine tomorrowbut cooler temperatures tomorrow about10 to 12 degrees cooler than what willexperience stay close to 80 degreestoday and of course we are with MelissaMauro from rave Home Staging rave HomeStaging typical Halle range might be2200 square feet what's it gonna cost tostage that home the right way the rightway so if it's occupied we're gonnastart off with a consultation and that'stypically I'm gonna cost right around225 dollars and we're gonna give you aroadmap of everything that needs tohappen in the house and we can help youwith that after that or you can DIY atall we're going to give you enoughinformation that you don't actuallynecessarily need us be on thatconsultation phase if it's a vacanthouse than the typical is between oneand one and a half percent of list pricedepending on whether you pay up frontor pay up close there you go veryaffordable obviously it's going to makea huge difference in how quickly you cansell your home you're going to make moremoney it's such a you know a neutralinvestment right at the least and it'sprobably going to make you money yeahwell I mean the typical price reductionis anywhere from three to five percentso if you consider that even at the highend of one and a half percent that'shalf of the typical of the low end firstprice reductions yeah well we're justtrying to get people to think about thisunbelievably it's relatively cuttingedge to stage your home we're not quitesure why this didn't become the norm 30years ago right yeah you wonderespecially why it didn't become the normand then stick when the downturn in thereal estate market when it really I knowin Charleston we were making itmainstream there when we were therebecause what we would find is that ifpeople had to make a choice betweenstaging their house and making anothermortgage payment the truth was if theystaged the house they would save thosemortgage payments and they would get 10to 20 thousand dollars at least more atthe closing table and so we were able toliterally kind of show that in black andwhite and deal after deal after deal andwhen the real estate market changed andstarted going backand then here in Florida real estateprices started going back up the hardtime that we have is people believe thatall you have to do is put a sign in theyard put it in MLS and you're donebut the thing is is that by ourperception is still buyer perception andactually because real estate prices havebeen going up the what buyers expect tohave in a house has gone up right rightso when they're paying these higherprices they expect a better house andthere may be less competition but theybut their expectations have gottenhigher think about the shows thatthey're watching on TV and they'relooking on house and they're looking onPinterest and they're doing all of thesethings before they even start to look atthe very first house when you'rethinking about buying a home you tend tooccupy your time with watching theseshows and going online and looking allthese beautiful pictures and then theywalk into somebody's house that'sselling and it's like what wall and it'sa total letdown everything is a messthey have paint colors they haven'tchanged in 10 years and there's smellsthat aren't good it's a mess and it'sjust not meeting what they wanted to seewhat they thought they would see basedon their pre research which of courseour TV shows that show staging pin andphotographs that show staging that arethe highlights and when you can meetthat they're willing to pay more for itbecause it's what they were hoping forto begin with buyers only buy up unlessthey're looking for a really good dealyeah so true it's amazing too becauseyou would never imagine going to a newhome they would say hey here's our newcouple of model homes here totallyunfurnished on stage sheetrock andflooring and a few appliances sure andif they're paying you know I would saythe average investment in a model homethat you see it for the builders isprobably around fifty thousand dollarsin decor if they're spending that kindof money why do you think they're doingthat yeah it makes a lot of sensewe're just trying to get the word out asbest we can we would hope that you mighthelp us by spreading the word to yourfriends and others who you know may nothave your good taste or may not be alisteneron Monday mornings have them check outthe rave Home Staging Facebook page likethat page I get a lot of goodinformation it's also a lot very easyfor you then to share that informationwith your friends and others once againrave Home Staging on Facebook and if youhave any other questions or you knowsomebody here in North Florida who isthinking of selling their home have themgive Melissa Mauro or one of our teammembers a call you can do that prettyeasily nine oh four three seven ninefive five two three and that's nine ohfour three seven nine five five twothree Thanks thanks everybodyvirtual staging I hate virtual stagingis bait and switch basically um it looksgreat online well sometimes it looksgreat online cuz I've seen some reallybad virtual staging locally but usuallyit looks good online you get there inthe house is empty and buyers totallyfeel like they've been duped into seeingsomething that they wouldn't have seenhad they not been lied to in thepictures in the first place so Scottthat's how I feel about virtual stagingI hope that clears that upso I am wrapping up I will see you guysagain next week I'm doing some otherfacebook videos so be sure to tune in toour page for other videos that all havecoming out later this week thanks

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Interested in finding out how to maximize your equity and sell in the least amount of time possible? Home staging is your key! Melissa Marro is one of the best known stagers in the US. Having grown not one, but two large home staging companies, one in FL and one in SC, in the last decade, her no-nonsense marketing techniques can help transform any staging business into a top producing local brand. Her company, Rave Home Staging, a Jacksonville, FL based staging and training company.

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