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the views and opinions expressed on thefollowing program are not necessarilythose of the staff and management of KLAwhy for those who advertise theirproducts or services on this stationthis is Debra watching from camera thankyoustate sherpa pinky while i'm Perrinwalker with fairly independent mortgagethe program this program is a resourceof information for all things related toreal estate we'll be talking abouttalking with industry leaders about avariety of topics it's important to keepin mind that every situation is uniqueso please always seek the advice of aproperly licensed professional beforeapplying any of the information sharedhere and in no case should anything wesay be interpreted as legal advicefairway independent mortgage corporationand MLS number two to eight nine as anEqual Housing lender this is not anopportunity to an agreement not allcustomers will qualify information ratesand programs are subject to changewithout notice how products are subjectto credit and property approval PerrinWalker and MLS number 173 529 okaywelcome and you're listening to lockingit in with Devon pair today we have inthe studio with us lien it's she's ahome stager and of course we're talkingabout that lovely topic of home staginglast week we had Nick Baker avoid homeservices and he spoke about we wediscussed with him about the benefitsand maintenance of carpet after the showwe added a pull to our facebook page atlocking it in to see your opinions ofthe carpet you weighed in and theresults are an 80% are at eighty percentin favor all right Nikki turning thetide toward carpet all right so thismorning we have some interesting news[Music]there was a hijacking near SeaTacAirport and that was on the I catchmentisland and so of course this was acuriosity for me I hadn't heard ofKetron Island I don't know have youheard it or not I have I had not yeahwell apparently it's near AndersonIslandso that's southwest of Tacoma and it'saccessible by the Anderson Island ferrywhich only runs four times a day andit's a privately owned Island it's inPierce County right yes Pierce Countyit's according to the 2010 census it hada population of grand total 17 theislands about 221 acres and yes it'scalled Ketron island but it's originallynamed for William Kitson apparently hiscartographers misspelled his name sointeresting there's no gas station nostores mail delivery or even garbagepickup on the islandthat's a curiosity most of the residentsget there of course with their own boatnow I guess the Pierce County ferry goesthere like four times a day yeah that'sthe Anderson Island still a comb ferryyeah so the island was purchased theentire island was purchased in 1946 byJC Morris a entrepreneur from Anchorageand he had originally planned to put 200homes on the island including a retailcenter and some churches at schoolapparently though the cost of installingsewer lines was going to be major dealkiller more recently the mansion hismansion was sold for two in 200 and 2015for 1.1 million dollarsit's a 5,300 square feet with five acresof land so not a bad little piece ofreal estate yeah so some place I mightwhen I check out one of these days youalways wanted to buy an island didn'tyou honey yeah I did I always wantedprivate island I haven't quite been ableto afford it yet so I guess we're a longways from that aren't we yeah well yeahgive us another year or two we'll bethere all right so we have some numberson the market from Julyso in the across the entire NorthwestMLS which is I believe mostly the stateof Washington that there are sixteenthousand seven hundred seventy threelistings and so less than July 31st andthat's the highest number since 2016 sothat's encouraging in King Countyinventories doubled since March and Julyended with 5116 listings which is twelvehundred thirty three listings more thanthe number of pending sales so it'sgetting better for buyers isn't it yesthis is definitely good news for buyersa lot more inventory to choose fromthere in kink and competition lesscompetition though sellers they're stillin a good position prices there they'restill holding and the sellers they'rehaving to give up a few you know of theperks like multiple offers and we'vecontingency inspection contingenciesthough Pierce County yeah we have adifferent story in Pierce Countyinventory dropped three point fourpercent and we had 1919 new listings inJuly 1990 1990 and there were 2012 salesso we're still seeing a little bit ofbuyer competition you know the number ofmultiple offers has gone down though I'mseeing quite a bit of it below themedian price range still so what doesthat have to do for Pierce County forthe next few monthswell Pierce County and King County ingeneral some projections are that now isbetween now and the next three months isthe best time for buyers because of theinventory and and after that it's it'ssome think the inventory may start towane until next Marchyeah the the winner type yeah and thatwould be totally typical of course so ifyou're thinking about you know buying ahome earlystay home and now is probably the timeto get moving unless you know it will bea little more difficult in the as thewinter yeah and it's interesting thoughto look at the numbers at the nationallevel inflation inflation is projectedto hover around 2.4 in 2018 and in thelast year wages hourly wages haveincreased about 2.7 percent so this is alittle bit of a problem because homeprices have gone up about 6 percent andto me this seems a little bit offbalance now I'm not an economist but itmakes sense maybe a little bit of acorrection as ahead we'll just have towait and see what happens I'm gonna getall my refinances in before then I don'tthink that's that's prone to the weatherbaby alright something something fun Istumbled across this week so we allremember that funny sitcom family theBradys well if you don't remember theBrady Bunch you're probably 10 years oldand most likely you're not listening I'mwilling to bet most of us remember thescreenshots of the Brady house whichtouched our screen every weekwell that home in Studio City was listedin July the Brady's aren't moving thoughthis house is just 2,500 square feetseems a bit small for the breeze it'sit's a split-level home and it has thegarage was converted to a den that'sjust like the Brady house the home waspurchased last in 1973 for a hugeginormous sum of $61,000 and today itstill boasts the its disco aged decor soyour dream home includes a rock wallfireplace wood panels and floralwallpaper you can buy it for a cool 1.88five million that's a bargain huh whatabout me that seems like a lot of moneyfor that house yeah you have to remodelthe whole thing so yeah okay so we werelast week we we talked to it's kind of alittle bit out the mortgage loan processwe don't have very much time this weekto talk about it but basically there'ssix phases of of the process of gettinga mortgage the first phase is themortgage pre-approval where the borrowertalks to the loan officer a loan officergives the borrower an actual loan amountand sale price that they can that theycan afford that that the bank willapprove second second phase is houseshopping with the realtor the fund phasethe third phase is doing a completemortgage loan application includinggetting disclosures such as the loanestimate and other documents the fourthphase is loan processing which is moredocumentation the fifth phase isunderwriting which means getting thefinal approval by an actual underwriterand the the sixth phase which is whichcan be fun or can be stressful here'sthe loan closing phase so that's umthat's that's that's a pretty simpledescription and we are going to do aseries a six part series where we'regoing to go over each step one at a timeand we'll probably bring that to younext weeknow if you enjoy listening to the showwe would love it if you let us knowI'm chime in like our facebook page atlocking it in and if you want to reachus in person youcan call up two five three two two sixsix four five four after the show afterthe show please yes all right so we arein the studio with Leah knits and she'sa home stager and we're gonna hear allabout how to make your home morebeautiful for sale when we come back[Music]pairen walker fairway independentmortgage Corporation provides nationalsprings and hometown service for youwhen you purchase a refinance your dreamhome investment property or vacationhome contact during today at two fivethree two two six six four five four orapply online at parent walker at fairwayMC calm fairway we serve people fairwayindependent roberts corporation and mlsnumber two two eight nine as an EqualHousing lender hello and M pal s two twosix eight nine zero this is my offer toenter into agreement not all customerswill qualify broke my footing balletrehearsal for leaving me alone when Iwanted to be alone and now as a grown upI'm thankful for being able to take careof you my dear mom for having the chanceto take you to the park for reading 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lockingit in with Devon pare and we are in thestudio with the admits and via your homestager so first of all can you welcometo the showcan you tell us a little bit aboutyourself sure I have about 20 years ofproject management experience andstarted out in constructionadministration back in the day ofWashington Mutual when Washington Mutualwas around we all kind of know whathappened thereI was building Bank branches and I lovedmy job loved my company and things wentsideways in 2008 with the market and Iended up doing consultation and workedat Microsoft on contract worked at Cityof Seattle did a whole bunch ofdifferent contracting learned a lot ofdifferent things but took my projectmanagement more in an IT direction and Ihave missed real estate have missed alittle bit of the construction world andhave always kind of thought about HomeStaging but was afraid to take that leapit's a little bit scary to have your ownbusiness and not have some sort ofsafety net underneath you but the timewas right for me to go ahead and startmy own business and so I did and once Istarted I realized I live in KitsapCounty and looking at the homes inKitsap County there are a lot of reallyhigh priced real estate on the waterthat have not been updated in yearsand I I found it a little bit tricky totry and figure out what I wanted to doto stage them and not knowing the rightanswers and trying to research to findthose answers I was getting opinions notanswers and realized that probably goingand getting some sort of training andcertification would be the best way togo about figuring out how to stage homesso okay so so you got so you have acertification yeah I got certified and Iwent through the Home Staging resourcecertification which is a three weektraining program but there's so muchjam-packed in there I was doing 8 to 10hours a dayit took me actually four weeks to getthrough it there's a lot of homework alot of information in there and I foundit just amazing I can't believe how muchknowledge you have now I really I meanit's just amazing speaking with youearlier this week yeah you did this allin four weeks yeah well you know youknew and I have a lot of experience justlife experience plus you know having hadthe construction background that reallymakes a big difference and when I wasdoing project management originally Iwas doing the purchasing of furnitureand fixtures and I was on a designreview board and so I did have a lot ofbackground experience before I gotstarted one of the things that the ownerof HSR says is you know a lot of homestagers actually started out when theywere like five years old wanting torearrange the furniture in their bedroomI get really to that yeah and continuingto rearrange furniture throughout Ithink a lot of Realtors started that waytoo and you know that's true with me andactually my daughter does the same thingso it just once I did the classes Irealized how much I didn't know and itreally shocked me as well but I couldn'tget enough you know the more that I tookthe classes the more I wanted to learnso and it's just fascinating to go outto different homes I'd like to go to theopen houses and take a look at what'sthere and what I'd like to change andyou know it it's just I could spend allday every day doing stay tuned mm-hmmWow so what exactly does a what doesexactly the role of a home stager umwell in a nutshell it's making your homea place where buyers aspire to live soyou don't want to put a lot of moneyinto it you don't want to do a full-onremodel it'susing limited funds practical creativityand extraordinary expertise toprofessionally prepare home to sell soit becomes infinitely more attractive topotential buyers and sells quickly formore money okayokay so basically makes your house lookpretty so when the buyer comes in theysee their house and and not whoever'sliving there right yeah itdepersonalized is what the person has itcan be hard for the homeowner that ownsthe home currently but if you take awaythe pictures and some of their personalitems it makes it a lot easier forpeople that are walking through to beable to picture their own belongings inthe home and to be able to actually seethe architecture that's there the greataspects of the home now does it make awhole lot of difference like if that somy buyer goes in there and the home isstaged or the home is not staged howdoes that how does that make adifference well if the home is stagedyou know so fast it's nothing gonna sellfaster I do have a higher amount towrite a higher amount so over 97% ofbuyers agents say that staging has atleast some effect on the buyers view ofthe home and they say that nine out often buyers actually look online firstand it makes a huge difference in thephotos that are posted online I meanthis is more of a digital world thesedays photos are very important you gotbad photos it's not interesting you knowyou can say that there are some photosout there these days that are taken withwell I would assume with your cell phoneyou don't necessarily represent the homewell so professional photos actually domake a big difference and there'sthere's a case in point actually on ahome that I just went and visited andgave some professional pointers to andthey did take new photos and post it andthe house looks a thousand times betterthe original photos made it look reallyreally darkand I think that it probably detracted alot of buyers because it looked like itwasn't a welcoming space and now withthe new photos up I just saw ityesterday with the new photos and itlooks like a home that I think anybodywould want to own it's a gorgeous homeyou know alright it would be interestingto find out like after after doing thatyou know to talk to the agent and findout how many if they suddenly got a lotmore calls or yeah I know that they willbut I don't know gave them all theadvice they needed huh[Music]so almost 1/3 29% of sellers agentsbelieve the staging increased the valueof the home six to twenty percent sothis is this is statistics from theNational Association of Realtors this isthe newest from 2017 so Steve staging iskind of a newer thing not all realtor'sbelieve in it a little bit out of hgtvand then when the market crashed in 2008and homes were not selling as much a lotmore people were going to staging and itreally does make a big difference itdoes hide some of the flaws in the homeso I would say that staging a home isreally really important if you want tobe able to get more money for your homeand be able to sell it faster be able todraw in more it's great for marketingit's the way to gohow much more money can you get bystaging your on say at $300,000 homeabout $20,000 or yes I mean typicallynot not every time obviously buttypically depends on the home yeah so Imean look at my stats because there'snew stats on that that are actuallyhigher than what I had priorreally yeah it seems to be it increasesevery time they take a new surveya new survey it increases so it's justamazing is that because there's moredata more people staging so we're notjust getting better and better I thinkit's getting better and better I thinkthat there are more people that aretrained so the staging is getting betterI think that more people are looking forhomes that are staged I think morepeople are looking online and that makesa big difference so in a 2018 HSR surveyof over 4200 homes85% of the staged homes sold for 6 to 25percent more than unstaged homes whichis here so this is a 5 percent potentialdoes that mean that you need to stage aobviously you need to stage amillion-dollar home but what about a$200,000 home it's you know under fivehundred thousand it's not worth it butit really any priced home can benefitfrom staging it'll help it sell fasterand it's gonna help it sell for a littlebit more so in a lot of cases it'llcover the cost of the realtor and it'llcover the cost of staging first how muchis a realtor about 67% of the sale priceyeah a six six percentage is prettystandard yeah so that's a lot of moneyyeah but and you know it does make adifference sometimes even in a reallysmall house I've seen kitchens and theyhave an eating area and you can'timagine getting any kind of a table inthere but I've been in two homes and Ican tell it was staged and you can seethere's a table there and it worksobviously now the table they used but ityou know it gives you a sense of how thespace does work you you get a betterfeel for the space yeah and there aredifferent things that we can do we walkinto a stagers you know we look for allsorts of things if the cabinetry isolder and hasn't beenwe can recommend painting it you knowpainting out white and putting new blingon it to open it that can make a hugedifference just in the look itself itcan make it look refreshed putting inthe peel-and-stick floor tiles can makea big difference in the flooring andit's not real expensive to do either oneof those but it can add a lot of valuejust in doing those two things andthat's not adding just pillows you knowso that's not things that a lot ofpeople think of for staging but it issomething that we actually look for soyou look at the whole house and theexterior and everything we do we look atthe exterior we start at the exteriorand walk through the inside okay so Ihave just a really quick question we'regetting low on time in this segment buthow many how many 6x6 seconds does ittake for that like that first impressionwhen the wire buyer walks in and I'massuming there's only so much time orwhen they go up to the the front door sowhere are the stats on that so I believethat information is like 10 seconds toview it and just decide whether or notthey actually want to even walk in Imean when you drive up to a home youknow whether or not you even areinterested just by viewing the outsideif it looks like a dump you probablydon't want to look at the inside itmakes a difference yes definitely but itmay not be a jump but it may just be anordinary boring house yes and we willcontinue our conversation with Leahknits when we come back[Music][Music]pairen walker fairway independentmortgage Corporation provides nationalstrength and hometown service for youwhen you purchase a refinance your dreamhome investment property or vacationhome contact bearing today at two fivethree two two six six four five four orapply online at parent walker at fairwayMC calm fairway we serve people fairwayindependent mortgage corporation and mlsnumber two two eight nine as an EqualHousing lenderhello NFL s two two six eight nine zerothis is my offer to enter into agreementnot all customers will qualify it onlytakes a minute to find out if you mayhave prediabetesand you can do it at do I haveprediabetes org but you're probably notgoing to nope I'm sure you've got aperfectly good excusekids work hmm I get it you're busy sowhat better time than now let's beginraise one finger if you're a man ladiesnone yetoh count in your head if you're drivingnow three more fingers for everyone oversixty two over fifty one over 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AmericanStroke Association and the Ad Councilyou're listening to locking it in withDevon pair and we are talking to lienit's and we're talking about HomeStaging so Lea tell us how does thiswork so you hire the realtor first ahome stager works how does this happenso I prefer that the sellers the homesellers be a hundred percent sure thatthey're ready to sell their home andgenerally a good indication for me isthat they've hired their realtor sothat's really key and I can either behired by the realtor or by the homeseller either way but I definitely wantto be working directly with the homeseller I want to get there by off andstaging can go two different ways Ithink it can either be vacant homestaging where there's just nothing leftin the home the homeowner has alreadycompletely moved out with all of theirbelongings or they can still be livingthere and have all of their own ownbelongings in the home still so itdepends on which one it is on how wetackle that either way I would sit downand discuss with the homeowner exactlywhat their expectations and goals areand I would be talking with the realtoras well especially the realtor I wouldtalk with more on the vacant because thethe realtor is usually more involved onvacant home staging for owner occupiedthe homeowner is extremely involvedthey're still living in the space and wewant to use the items that they own andlove I don't want to move things aroundin a way that they're not going to likeand they're gonna want to undo becausethat's not they still have to live thereyeah they still have to live there andit's not going to be worth it foranybody if they're gonna be movingeverything back around if I make changesso I sit down and have a longconversation with them about exactlywhat it is they want and what theyexpect for results and then we do awalk-through I do a walk-through firsttake inventory of exactly whatbelongings they have in the home andthen we come back and I asked thehomeowner to walk through with me bothhomeowners if there are two and we startat the outside and so you're likewalking up like you're a buyer yeah likea buyer and if they need to have mulchadded because it just looks like it'sdirt in the front yard and maybe someweeds and you know it's not looking aspretty as it could maybe add some plantsfor a pop of color there are cases wherethe neighbor's yard is you want to hideit a little bit because it's not asappealing adventures so if you have achain-link fence even you can use someof those bamboo screens and you zip tiesto hide a little bit I want you to stagemy house even though I'm not selling itso actually in the title that's mycompany the redesign part comes in so alot of people after they have their homestaged and they sell it then they decidethat they like the look of staging andthey want that same look in their newhome and so I do actually offer thatservice as wellexcellent I did not know that but you'rewelcome to come over okayI was just wondering though if someonehas their home staged and then decideswell it's kind of nice this way maybe Idon't want to move that does actuallyhappen and because of that I I don'taccept the cost out of the closing coststo be paid so we paid upfront I need tobe paid upfront because there are somepeople that are so wowed by the stagingthat they decide that they want to staythere I see that on an HDTV - yeah samething yeah and then there are otheroptions that I can offer as well becauseI do get discounts at a lot of differentgreat stores like pottery barn and Pierone so that's where you get the thestaging materials so for some of it yesand if the homeowners are wanting to getnew furniture for the new home thatthey're gonna be moving into I can helpthem pick out some new items and we canuse that for the staging of their oldhome until their old home sells and thenthey can take it with them into theirnew home so there's a lot of differentoptions that we can offer for thestaging so how would they get thefurniture in there if they didn't haveany so if they didn't have well theyjust had a vacant home then I go aheadand provide I use rental furniture forthe big pieces where do you get therental furniture like buddy's so itdepends I live in Kitsap County and so Iuse errands and rent-a-center and inTacoma I don't have an agreement withbuddies as of yet but I do need to goand check them out I haven't I justexpanded my service area to Tacoma so Ineed to go and check them out and have aconversation with them I do try and seeif I can get the best deal for mycustomers and I don't have any kind ofmarkup on the rentals so which isamazing yes so I have it set up so thateither the customers can go in and signthe contract or I can do it so it'sseamless either way it's gonna be thesame cost for the rentals theaccessories are mine though and there'sa rental fee on that as well and thenthere's a cost for my time tooall right so when you're staging a homeI I wonder does it does it have anyeffect on the appraisal yes it actuallydoes help in a lot of cases with theappraisal I mean if you can considergoing into a home that especially ifit's owner-occupied and it's notnecessarily it's too cluttered yeah ifit's too cluttered I don't want to Idon't want to use derogatory terms butif it's too cluttered and it's reallyhard to personalize yeah and you reallycan't see the architecture and maybethere are some smells like we haven't wehaven't talked about that yet but ifthere areyeah the carpet maybe hasn't beencleaned or but that really it doesn'taffect value so much it's just justbecause the appraiser will compare thehouse up to the comparables of a nicerhouse never to a nicer house just to thesame quality house so if the house lookslike it's a higher quality house thanthe right perception it's not it isperception that's that's what it is it'sa perception of the appraiser yeah sostaging you can improve the value byperceptions so one of the other thingsthat we do recommend with staging iseither having I've actually seen a lotof cases lately where the carpet needsto be it's got a lot of wrinkles in itit needs to be straight like stretchy restretched and a lot of people don't knowthe carpet can be restricting nowadaysit can't be like it used to be but itstill can be stretched a little bit yeahyeah and so there's also I don't knowabout Tacoma but I know in the Kitsaparea there's actually a carpet companythat has remnants so that you can getreally good value yeah they'll be worthgoing to gets up for that yeah forcarpet that it's nice-looking carpet fornot a lot of money and they still padand you know they have the installersand everything so it doesn't cost a lotespecially if you've got really badstained carpet you know if if cleaningisn't gonna necessarily get out thestains or the smell I recommend thatthey go in and just replace italtogether because it's not gonna bethat much money so there's a lot oflittle things that they can do to helpwith that and then when the appraisercomes in you know if there's new carpetin there or if it's been researched oryou know if the stains are gone becauseit's been cleaned that is gonna make adifference and if there's a lot lessclutter less furniture in there so theycan actually see what's in there youknow I think also it gives the illusionof but you've better cared for it and soyou have the sense that it may be it'sin better shape whether it is or not Ithink that that's it's really importantbecause even if you're not consciouslythinking of it that that perception willbe there yeahyeah definitely yeah and another itemthat we always recommend too is to havefresh paint which you know if you've gota hold chip pain or if it's if it'smarked up you know but it does make adifference it makes it feel worn itdoesn't know do you recommend just whitepaint or colored different color youknow it kind of depends on the home andhow much light it has in it the gray iskind of light light gray is prettycommon right now but white is actuallyit's very tricky to decorate with whitebut it actually is a trend right nowokayI've always kind of perceived as butlacking personalities you know it's justlike a stock color it is so you have tobe really careful you have to make surethat you've got a lot of gooddecorations going on or it's gonna bereally really bland and feel too sterileso you got to make sure that you've gota lot of art on the walls you've got alot of color in your decorations you'vegot some greenery in there the throwpillows and throw blankets make a bigdifference as well because that bringsin a lot of color we recommend that yougo with more of a single colored couchso that you can add a lot of colorthrough the pillows and you can changethat throughout the years so if you wantto go with like the color the Pantonecolor of the year with your throws andwith your pillows then you can changethat out every year without it being tooexpensive their difference betweensummertime staging and wintertimestaging a lot of people like to stagefor the holidays so the winter timeobviously has a lot more holidays weactually do offer a service to be ableto go in and do holiday staging so ifsomebody wants if they're gonna have abig holiday party and they want us tocome in and decorate for that holidayparty we can do that as well so it's noteven necessarily to sell the home butit's staging just for apartment and putup the greenery and lights and yeah andto get that going so so yes what abouton the exterior of the homeon the exterior it's probably the sameyear-round isn't itwell you're set for when it does thewintertime there's no Sun so it's kindof dark most of the day it's not connectyou're not gonna be putting in the sameplants you know it's I don't I wouldn'tbe putting in as many plants but I wouldstill do the mulch because that still isgonna make it look a lot nicer you canstill do the painting in the front ifthe deck needs to be painted you canstill put out anti-skid yeah you can putout the anti-skid if you've got somesort of especially the wooden stairsthose can get really really slick duringthe winter so you want to make sure thatyou've got an anti-skid on those thereare some plants though that are great toput in planners for the winter kaleactually adds a lot of color and that'sfun for the winter so but you want tomake sure there's somebody there towater it if you've got plants thatyou're putting outside you don't want tohave dead plants out front when you'retrying to sell your own you don't wantto ever have dead plants in front ofyour oh yeah yeah really yeah oh say ohuh I I have I have one question I'vealways wondered when I went in towardhomes is the temperature you would thinkyou'd want to keep it at some sort oflike a neutral temperature not cold orwarm I personally keep my house at rightaround 70 degrees and so I think thatthat's probably a good point to try andkeep it out we recommend that peoplekeep on the electricity the water andthe heat when they're selling their homeeven if it's vacant you don't want toturn those things off you need to keepthose yeah I agreeyeah okay so if you have comments onthis or other topics you can reach us onour facebook page at locking it in ifyou wish to contact us directly you cancall to five three two two six six fournine four and we just saw five four ohsix four five four and we really do wantto hear from you and we want your inputtopics suggestions or if you want to bea guest please let usand we're talking to lien it's in thestudio and we're talking about HomeStaging[Music]pairen walker fairway independentmortgage Corporation provides nationalstrength and hometown service for youwhen you purchase a refinance your dreamhome investment property or vacationhome contact bearing today at two fivethree two two six six four five four orapply online at parent walker at fairwayMC calm fairway we serve people fairwayas dependent Walker's corporation andMLS number two two eight nine as anEqual Housing lenderhello NFL s two two six eight nine zerothis is wrong offer to enter intoagreement not all customers will qualifysergeant Jabari right in the Army I wastrained as a combat lifesaver in 2012had an accident and became paralyzed Iwas used to working in health carenahama supposed to help people and I'min a wheelchair now it really severelyimpacted my confidence Jim aren't hey'veprogram Paralyzed Veterans of Americapaid helps veterans rebuild lives withvaluable careers we assess the skillsspilled the resumes and help with theinterviewing skills to be able to find acareer that our veterans are looking forPBA took what I was doing in themilitary and helped me translate thatmeaningful employment in the civiliansector hooking up with him help toempower me babe really concentrates onthe one-on-one relationships unlikeother programs that measures success byplacements alone pave places greateremphasis on quality jobs and continuedsupport our partner for life guaranteeto learn more visit PVA org a publicservice message from Paralyzed Veteransof America I rescued toast from ashelter in 2011 I loved toes becauseshe's no lazy diva toast does whatevershe wants obviously she's sleeping rightnowshe's so loving she is so comfortingwhen I walked into the shelter I knewright then that she was special toastInstagram star and shelter pet amazingadoption story start in shelters startyours today visit the shelter petproject org to find a pet near youbrought to you by Maddie's fund theHumane Society of the United States andthe Ad Council welcome back you'relistening to locking it in with Devonpear and we are in the studio with Liamit's and she's a home stager and we'rehaving a really fun conversation reallycreative today so now do you did you doyou have any any stories you told us astory earlier about a home where it madea difference is that though did you havedid you have another example yeahthere's always stories there are a few Idon't want to be too specific but youalways want to talk to your home stageror your Realtor before you makedecisions on carpet or painting colorspeople never do that yes and peoplegenerally do not and it's always wrongeven if it's cheap color is a big bigthing so there's there's one house thatis super cute out there that the ownerdecided to go with it's almost achocolate brown carpet and then shechose a kind of a dark sky blue colorwall for the interior it does not matchand the two don't go together and itfeels just really dark on the inside butthe layout it's kind of an open conceptRambler and it's really really cutethere's a lot that could be done with itand I think it's deterring a lot ofbuyers I think that there would be a lotmore people interested in it if theright color choices had been made and Idon't think the cost would have been anydifferent so I think it's kind ofunfortunate and there's there's anotherone where I had a realtor asked that Icome in and do the staging to hide anyof the flaws and this is an older homethat I don't think it had been paintedin more than 20 years and so Irecommended on the exterior that - Ithink both but the interior was more theissue that I was trying to know I knowin certain areas and apparently it wasmy job to cover that up with stagingwhich you know you know thank you somuch exactly there's only so much youcan do and I was given an extremely lowbudget you know what is it to me even athrow rug over that other rug probablyright well there wasn't even a rug a lotof it was hardwood so and the hard wordsweren't bad it was more the walls thatwere what is a typical budget for HomeStaging so about 1% 1.5 percent yes itdepends on the home so for an averagehome middle-class I would say usuallythey say rule of thumb is 1 to 3% butwhat I'm finding in this area 1% isusually one to one and a half is usuallywhat it takes if it's gonna be on thewater and higher and you might want togo for the 3% and do the bespokefurniture go for things that peoplearen't gonna find elsewhere they're notgonna be able to go to Pottery Barn andfind that furniture you know you want tofind things that are a little bit morespecial and these are things that againthe homeowner would be able to take withthem other places if they wanted to orwe can go and get rental furniture fromsomewhere special but that's gonna costa lot more than going to errands howmuch what is the return on that at 1 to3% that the newer statistics are showing6 to 25% 25% Olivia Corey return yeahyeahyou know there's no guarantee I can't Ican't go into a home and say it's gonnasell in one week and you're gonna get25% back there's a lot of other factorsin there's a lot of other factors and sowhat we say is there's three essentialkeys for selling your home and the firstone of course is gonna be marketing onthe inside which is staging so if you'vegot it staged well again we go back tosaying that almost everybody is lookingonline so if you've got the good stagingyou've got the good photographs peopleare gonna be drawn to looking at yourhouse if you don't have staging and thephotographs are not don't represent wellthere's a lot of people that are gonnaskip not even coming into your house totake a look at least they'll make itlike at the bottom of the list rightyeah exactly so if you're not drawing inpeople to take a look at it you're notgonna sell itnumber two is marketing to the public soyou want to make sure that your Realtoris is marketing it well which you knowthe realtor's know how to do that ifyou've got the right realtor you'regonna not have a problem with that andthen number three is the pricing pricingit right and again that's the realtorthat you're working with you want tomake sure that you're comfortable withthe realtor but you gotta listen to yourrealtor on the pricing this is very veryimportant yeah you don't want to go withyou high up a price because I see overthis over again the houses that are toohigh priced are sitting there for monthson end and then they're lowered it's atleast 1% per month ultimately they endup selling it for so much less yes somuch less yes so if they're priced rightand staged they're gonna sell so fastit's gonna make your head spin andyou'll probably be in a multiple offersituations so you want to go with thosethree keys so speaking of multipleoffers what if we're yeah right nowwe're kind of in a multiple offer sortof market so if you have a if you havean environment and like it was where yougo you have you list a house on Thursdayand it's sold by Saturday is therereally any point to doing the stagingin that kind of environment if it's avacant house and there's no staging toit it's probably gonna sell for lesseven with multiple offers so you know ifit's gonna feel more warm and cozy andhave the staging in there it's gonnafeel like it's more of a value and sothe staging would probably not even costvery much because if you have to rentsomething is only like a couple dayswell the rentals are for a full monthokay because we have to do a full monthcrunch hold ya the contract is for afull month and so there are actuallythat's a big question that come into ownstore that joins a week-to-week rightbut our creamin server so a lot ofpeople come back and say well can we geta discount because it's sold in threedays well that's great that it's sold inthree days that means we did our jobright right yes so it's still for a fullmonth unfortunately that's what ourcontract is for we do actually docontracts the stagers do and thecontract states for a full month and wedo recommend that you keep the stagingin there for the appraisal you know allthe ways just in case something happensyeah just because it's a pending saleyou know God forbid something happened Iactually 60% of those don't go throughor only 60% closed yeah I had one whereI was gonna have to go out and stagebecause it was about to sell and the daybefore the guy went to sell or went tosign the papers he had a heart attackand passed away oh no you just neverknow I mean he was he was for sure goingto buy this home but you just never knowwhat what about buyers sellers I meanthat that just refused to stage what isthere something they can do to help themsell their home if they refuse to stageI can still go in and do a consultationand give them recommendations and evenif they take 50% of the recommendationsit's gonna help I can't I can't forcethem obviously the consultation I thinkwould be in valuefor anyone who's thinking about sellingtheir home yeah I think it does help itdoesn't cost very much we can go in andwe end up walking through it takes abouttwo hours make a lot of differentrecommendations and we leave with a fullstaging plan in the hands of thehomeowner so they can then do whateverthey want to do on their own or they canchoose if they're feeling overwhelmed ifthey want to hire us to go ahead andcome back and do the staging with themwe can do that but it gives them ideasof what can be done two quick questionsbefore we go off the air real soonstaging an open house and staging amodel home I try to stage so that itlooks like a model home but staging amodel home is done differently we do itper square foot instead of by the costof the rentals and accessories and bytimes so it the fee structure is set updifferently but the look should end upbeing nearly the same so I think it'smore practical though for in ourdiscussion is open houses so do you dosomething different with the open housethey then you normally wouldno because really the staging is for thepictures and for the open house I meanthere are little tips and tricks that Idon't want to give them all away butabsolutely one example is that we willtake towels and put them in the laundryroom and we will fold dryer sheets intothose towels to give it that fresh cleanscent in the laundry room but there's alot of different tips and tricks that weuse to draw people in and to make thingslook or smell better in the home okayokay so so now if if you're staging oneof my listings do you do you have aseparate plan that you thought you wouldgive me for when I have an open house todo something different or is that Iwould say you call me and let me knowthereyou know house and I would come in andmake sure that everything okay greatthank you very much we've been speakingwith Leah knits and on locking todaywith Devon pair we'll see you next weekthank you[Music][Music]you[Music]

August 8, 2018 Lockin’ it In welcomes to the show Leah Nitz, of Constructive Consulting, LLC Home Staging & Redesign. We’ll chat about the fun and creative topic of Home Staging.

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