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Home Staging: How to Remove Smells in Your Home, Not Mask Them | Allstate Insurance

Did you know that odors inside a property can influence a homebuyer's decision withjust one sniff?That’s why it’s important to get rid of the sources of bad odor, rather than simplymasking the smell with a scent.Tori here from ToriToth.com, to help you create a home that buyers, or anyone for that matter,will find irresistible.As a home stager, I've seen my share of “stinky homes.”From pets to smoke, odor is caused by bacteria that attaches to ceilings, walls, carpetsand draperies.Most homeowners don’t even realize the odor exists because their nose has become immuneto the smell.Here are three common household offenders.1. Pet OdorsIf you have a furry friend living with you,chances are your pet has had an accident or two.Pet odor tops the list as one of the worst-smelling offenses inside a home.That’s why it’s important to scoop out litter boxes daily and, if possible, removethe litter box from the main living area.If your pet has had an accident on the floor, make sure to steam clean carpets, tile andhardwood floors.For difficult stains, consider replacing the floors.While your house is on the market, make sure to bathe and brush your pets regularly.Vacuum at least once a week to help reduce the amount of pet hair inside the property.2. Kitchen OdorsAvoid last night’s dinner odor hauntingthe air.When cooking, turn on the cooktop fan or open a window.You can also consider leaving out some ground coffee or vinegar in a bowl when you're makinga meal to absorb some of the smell.After cooking, make sure to immediately empty the trash and dispose of it outside to helpprevent lingering odors.Wipe down hard surfaces, like countertops, after use.Wash draperies and other fabrics around the kitchen every few weeks, too.Make sure to remove smelly or spoiled food from the fridge and freezer at least once a week.Use a box of baking soda to help absorb odors in the refrigerator and wipe down shelveswhen needed.Appliances throughout the house should also be cleaned once a month, including theoven, dishwasher and washing machine.3. Cigarette SmokeCigarette smoke can be hard to remove.Smoke can stick to a lot of surfaces — even light bulbs.Start by replacing light bulbs, scrubbing the walls and even repainting a room.It's also important to wipe down hard surfaces and wash fabrics like curtains, throws andpillows.You may also want to have upholstered furniture and carpets professionally cleaned as well.While your home is on the market, try leaving a bowl of vinegar out — except during showings— to help prevent the odor from returning.If you’re not sure whether your home smells, recruit a family member, friend or home stagingexpert to take a sniff.It’s important to find the source of the smell, take care of it, then infuse new simplescents — like citrus, vanilla or pine — into the home that pleasing the senses.Happy selling!

Watch as home staging expert Tori Toth suggests some ways to help remove unpleasant odors in your home before your next open house.

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