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Home Staging Business Advice: Filling Your Social Media Calendar

[Music][Applause]hi guys I thought this is kind of quiettoday in our group I would give you alittle tip for how to fill your socialmedia calendar with tips that are gonnabe relevant to your audience one thingthat a lot of people don't realize isyou can actually set up Google to doautomatic searches for you on thingsthat you're interested in hearing aboutso think of things that your audiencewould want to hear about obviously thetopic of Home Staging that's probablyone of them tips for selling your housemortgage rates what's happening in yourlocal real estate Marcus you can type inthe words real estate and whatever yourcity are and create an alert for that sothe way you do this is you go to theGoogle website so you go to google.comor Google CA if you're in Canada forwardslash alerts and in there you can typein whatever subject you want and thenyou're gonna click on the little downarrow that says show options and you canselect just hearing about actual newsversus articles blogs and everythingelse and having Google selected for youyou can make it specific to a specificregion that you're in there's a lot ofdifferent options there for customizingit to fit your needs so this is a greatway to get some topics that you don'tnecessarily have to create yourself keepin mind you always want to make surethat you're doing some of your ownregular opinions and posts whether it'sabout items that you find when you'reshopping or stage ins you've done orblog articles that you've written butthis is a great way by how by sharingsome other information from some otherresources it's a great way to engageyour audience with the topics andinformation that's relevant to them andkeep your social media calendar filledup without you always having to think ofwhat should I share today what's nextthis is a great way to get a little bitof ahead of the game so I hope you enjoythat tip and I hope you enjoy the restof your day[Music]you[Music]

Shauna Lynn provides her best tips for creating content and filling your social media calendar to help you to promote your home staging business.

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